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Welcome to our new board members!  Murray Hawkinson, Brandi Granoff, Kyle Keeter, and Kate Lightfoot.  Hopefully you will be able to meet them soon!

Make sure you are using

Suicide contagion is a real thing. The way we talk about suicide can be a contributing factor to more suicides, so make sure you do your part by being aware of safe messaging guidelines.
  • DO encourage society to welcome, accept and support LGBT individuals.
  • DO encourage help seeking behavior. Provide resources. 
  • DO emphasize how important family support and acceptance is. 
  • DO NOT include details of death in your post titles
  • DO NOT describe the method used, as research has shown that detailed descriptions of method can lead to imitation in vulnerable individuals.
  • DO NOT say the suicide was caused by events that occurred shortly before the person died. Suicide is a complex behavior. Saying it was caused by one specific thing can increase contagion in those who have experienced similar things. 
  • DO NOT normalize suicide by presenting it as a reasonable act. Simplifying suicide in this way misleads people into believing that suicide is a normal and common response to stressful life situations, when this is not the case. 
  • DO NOT idealize those who have died by suicide or make them into a celebrity, as this may encourage those who identify with the deceased to emulate them.
Suicide is preventable and it is all of our responsibility to make sure we are advocating in safe and effective ways. 

If you have a friend you are concerned about YOU CAN CALL THE LIFELINE AND THEY WILL HELP YOU! YES THEY WILL HELP YOU, THE PERSON TRYING TO HELP THEIR FRIEND! So give them a call. 1-877-273-8255. (In and around Boone you can also call 828-264-HELP)
*IMPORTANT* If a person is thinking about suicide, ask them if they have a plan. If they have a plan and access to that plan, they are at high risk for making an attempt. If they are not willing to work with you to get them help, you may have to call the police to keep them safe. This sucks, but it is better to have an angry friend than a dead one. *IMPORTANT*
This article is from the website
This website was started by our March speaker – Elisabeth Cavallaro.  
Next Meeting
NOTE: If Watauga County Schools are out we will NOT meet.
Monday, March 2 at 7pm
Suicide Safety Plans
Elisabeth Cavallaro

Elisabeth Cavallaro is the Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator at Appalachian State University. Before moving to Boone, she worked for the Florida Youth Suicide Prevention Project. She is the creator of the website

She will be discussing safety plans.  A safety plan consists of triggers, distractions/coping skills, people to contact, and places to go, all written down on a piece of paper. Having a plan before you are actually suicidal makes it so that when you have those thoughts, you already know what to do. Ms. Cavallaro will facilitate group discussion and help anyone interested devise his or her own safety plan.

Check our Elisabeth’s website at

Our meetings are in the Watauga County Public Library conference room.  Watauga County Public Library in downtown Boone is located at 140 Queen Street, behind Mast General Store.  If you get there before 7pm you will be able to go in the main door.  After that we will enter and exit through the side door. 

Fun, silly activities to do ~ on a rainy, blue, gray, or a bright spectacularly sunny day:
By: Genevieve Austin

1) Drink a cup of hot tea while sitting in the rain allowing oneself to get wet
2) (What's becoming my personal favorite;-) Blow bubbles!  Blow bubbles in the rain, in the middle of crying, into the fog, for a cat, a dog, a child, a bird, a chair. ;-D  
3) Try to find a real, focused "reflection" inside one of your bubbles before it pops.
4) Walk ~ in the rain, in the mud, through water with or without boots (but I suggest having some dry clothes/shoes nearby)
5) Draw. Doodle. 
6) Make a flute out of a straw (My brother can do this and makes straw flutes that can actually make varying sounds - a little like tones;-)
7) Learn a new origami design.  Make an origami fortune teller/cootie catcher - whatever you know it as.
8) Make water balloons and toss them up where the splash will get you wet when they land.
9) Browse through your music selection and pick your "happiest, brightest, silliest, or just purely favorite songs"
10) Dance ~ to or with or without music
11) Make funny faces in a mirror. Notice how amazingly versatile your face and its expressions are/can be
12) Imagine whatever makes you smile, note it, feed it.
13) Watch squirrels
14) Feed some creature ~ fish in a pond, birds, a cat, dog.  Watch them enjoy their food.
15) Write.

National Alliance on Mental Illness, High Country Chapter

828-278-9293 (message only, please leave a message so we can call you back!)

PO Box 2343
Boone, NC 28607

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