Change is coming!
February 2016 will be my last month as Board President.  I remember writing the article for our first newsletter in 2013.  I have been in this position for a full three years now, and I pass the reigns off to others.  It has been an amazing experience to be the president of such a needed organization.  In this time I have been to conferences (including in San Francisco!), watched the board and meetings morph into something new, and communicated with many new people.  I have been humbled by the many calls and emails I have gotten from people who are simply looking for help, from the people I have driven to meetings, and the people who have been willing to tell me their stories.  As a Master of Social Work Student I have had the opportunity to learn how a Board of Directors and organization works from the inside out.  Thank you all for everything you have given me.  I am a better person from this experience.

Caroline Bond
NAMI High Country President
*If you are interested in learning more about being on the board, please respond to this email.
Those who have signed up to board election candidates so far:
Laura Anne Middlesteadt – running for vice president
Alison Loew – running for treasurer
Justin Mikel
Murray Hawkinson
Genevieve Austin
Joe Veler
Brandi Granoff
Kate Mena
Kyle Keeter
VOTING WILL BE MONDAY, MARCH 7 at 7pm at our monthly meeting.  You must be present to vote.
 Monday, February 1
7:00 pm
Ed Rothstein
Peer Support Specialist Information

Ed Rothstein is a Peer Support Specialist at Daymark Recovery in Boone.  He graduated with a degree in Physical Education from San Francisco State University.  In Tennessee, he was the president of the Consumers’ Association and directed a Peer Support Center.  He hopes to develop a Peer Support Center in Boone.
In our meeting, he will talk about his job as a Peer Support Specialist.  He will also talk about what he would like to see happen in Boone with a center where people can go to socialize and connect.  He believes lived experience in mental health, such as what Peers offer, is invaluable.

Our meetings are in the Watauga County Public Library conference room.  Watauga County Public Library in downtown Boone is located at 140 Queen Street, behind Mast General Store.  If you get there before 7pm you will be able to go in the main door.  After that we will enter and exit through the side door. 


National Alliance on Mental Illness, High Country Chapter

828-278-9293 (message only, please leave a message so we can call you back!)

PO Box 2343
Boone, NC 28607