Mission Possible Update, November 2013
Thankful for friends at Camp!
What are teen campers thankful for? Chris, who has been going to BBC for 5 years, and attended the November Teen Connect says:
Camp is the ONLY place I can express how I actually feel and my religion. I love camp, I don't know what I'd do without it!

Check out Chris in action at camp!
Thankful for this beautiful place God created for us!
Looking for that very special Christmas present? Give camp for Christmas!

Please click here to read a letter from Campaign Co-Chairs Chad Yoder and Matt Maxham.

Greetings Camp Friends,

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to challenge you to consider what "thankfulness" means to you. Is the thanks your cup of tea, or the giving, or both?

Chad Yoder is the Pavilion Project Campaign Co-Chair. Here are some of his thoughts on "thanks-giving":

Fundraising is a funny thing.  A need arises out of the blue or a vision is put into action, both of which require a capital investment.  So where does this money come from?  A single donor?  A few select individuals?  Or a village ready and willing to raise a barn? 

Why do I help raise money for BBC?

PASSION!  I can’t remember a time that I’ve been so excited about a project and I think that my passion makes all the difference.  It get’s others excited for both BBC and for me.  People want to help BBC build a new pavi, but they also want to support me in my efforts because they see how important this project is to me.

I am pleased to announce that we have surpassed $1,200,000 in committed dollars to the campaign so far.  This is only possible from a wide variety of gifts and we are thankful for gifts of all sizes.  Like the gift from the Clemens Family Corporation (shown in the picture), and the gift from the donor who decided she no longer needs her social security check!  This empowers me to keep pressing forward with the Mission Possible campaign with energy and PASSION!

Click here for Chad's entire story.

Wishing each of you a Thanks-giving full of gratitude,

Campaign Communications
(aka Beth Goshow)

Can you help?

Please support the campaign by donating today!

In addition to financial support, we can also use your time! Since we have met the required minimum, groundbreaking will begin in August, 2014.

What are your plans for next fall? PIan a visit and enjoy the beautiful foliage and volunteer for a day of work!
We need money.  

We need skilled laborers.  

We need prayer and encouragement.

Can you help?
Give $ Now!
If you can give time please email Brandon.

If you can pray, please email Naomi.
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