Mission Possible Update, October 2013
Annual Benefit Auction = Huge Success
Annual Benefit Auction: Coffee and doughnuts anyone?
Annual Benefit Auction: campers gathered to help!
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Resource Development Team (RDT)

The RDT is a group of people who have committed to various roles in helping with the Pavilion Project.

The team consists of:
Amber Bergey
Brandon Bergey
Will Bergey
Katie Gehman
Beth Goshow
Denise Hershey
Greg Jenne
Austin Landes
Phil Lapp
Matt Maxham
Brenda Metzler
Naomi Moyer
Seth Shaw
Mark Vincent
Chad Yoder

Please click here to read a letter from Campaign Co-Chairs Chad Yoder and Matt Maxham.

Greetings Camp Friends,

I'm writing with a bit of an update on Mission Possible: The Pavilion Project and the recent Annual Benefit Auction.

We have passed the $1,100,000 mark in the campaign!  YEE HA!  This number is not only significant because it's LARGE but also because it's the number the BBC Board of Directors needed to reach before agreeing to move ahead with plans for construction.  Unless new complications, information or problems come our way, we're planning for an August 2014 start date!

Speaking of start date, there was a golden shovel sold at the auction for $1100.  The winner of that bid was promised the opportunity of digging the first hole when it's time.  Guess who won it... a camper parent.  Guess who he thinks is going to be digging the hole... his daughter who's been a camper for MANY years!  In fact, she spoke at the auction about the impact camp has had in her life.  
I should highlight that the auction grossed $60,000!  I ran the numbers this week before our auction committee's annual celebration dinner and found that the revenue from the auction was about $40,025.  Glenn and Diane Moyer agreed to match every dollar from $20,000 to $40,000.  We knew that setting the match between $20K and $40K would create motivation and also present a struggle to get the whole match.  I can't even quite believe we got there!  

Congrats to all those who gave so generously toward the auction.  May you feel the blessing of giving and be inspired to give all you have toward God.  As I work alongside our resource development team to raise money on a large scale, I continue to be aware of the words of Jesus... that giving something up for the sake of God allows us to gain it (also in this statement).  In a sense, it's impossible to actually possess our wealth.  It's only in giving it away that we realize how wealthy we are.

All the best for a restful and rejuvenating weekend,

Executive Director
(aka Brandon Bergey)

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