Mission Possible Update, August, 2013

Benefit Auction

One way you can help is to attend the annual benefit auction happening here at camp September 28, 2013.  There's even a snowmobile raffle happening - you can buy tickets here.

We've had good response to the free gift deadline!

if you gave by Aug 19 and didn't get your free gifts, write
Resource Development Team (RDT)

The RDT is a group of people who have committed to various roles in helping with the Pavilion Project.

The team consists of:
Amber Bergey
Brandon Bergey
Will Bergey
Katie Gehman
Beth Goshow
Denise Hershey
Greg Jenne
Austin Landes
Phil Lapp
Matt Maxham
Brenda Metzler
Naomi Moyer
Seth Shaw
Mark Vincent
Chad Yoder

Please click here to read a letter from Campaign Co-Chairs Chad Yoder and Matt Maxham.

Greetings Camp Friends,

Welcome to Update #2 for Mission Possible: The Pavilion Project!

This month we will share the story of a camper, from the perspective of a BBC staff member. This is really for those of you who have never been to camp when there are campers there. They are amazing, honest, beautiful children of God who need BBC in their lives. Read below!!

The Bible and Bella

     It is the first week of camp when I meet Bella.  She smiles at me with a mouth full of colorful braces, long blonde hair and distinct freckles that decorate her fragile pale skin. 
     This is her fourth summer at Bethany Birches Camp and this year she’s staying for two weeks she tells me with excitement. She is not at all nervous about being away from home for twice as long; rather she can’t seem to get out of the house enough.  She immediately agreed that without camp her life would be very different; she would spend her summers sad and bored.
     Bella likes it at camp so much that she plans to come to camp for as many summers as she can. “I think it’s eighteen,” she explains. Then she will become a counselor because she wants to be there for other campers like herself. “I want to help them, like if they get in fights and help them with their problems” she says matter-of-factly, as if she’s considered this for a long time.
    I ask her if she’s learned a lot about God here. She says yes and begins to share how “that book that you guys have,” (yes, the Bible!) has taught her many things.
    She’s learned to be nice and to not be mean. She proceeded to give me a scenario where if someone were to call her a bad name she would calmly ask them not to, explain how it wasn’t right and how it made her feel. “I like to come to camp because I discover new things all the time.”
    Camp has given her the opportunity to experience the world outside her four walls - whether it be as simple as getting to do her favorite activity - swim- for days on end, or be inspired to the profound potential of the ways the she can exhibit the love she reads about in the Bible to those around her.
Have you seen this amazing mural, painted by Alyssa Coffin (aka Pepper) this summer? Not only does BBC nurture the relationships of young people with God, it also encourages, supports and promotes the gifts that God has given them! Awesome job, Pepper!

Can you help?

Please support the campaign by donating today!
We need money.  We need skilled laborers.  We need prayer and encouragement.
For all of us, 
Beth "Flo" Goshow
Campaign Communications

If you need more information about the project, please see:
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If you can pray, please email Naomi.
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