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As part of the new Child Care Subsidy changes the exact time of your child’s arrival and departure has to be submitted with the attendances starting in January 2019.
So to ensure we are ready we will be implementing a Digital Sign In/Out system with a tablet.

  • You will sign in/out using your PIN NUMBER which we have given you. Please give each person who you have nominated to pick up your child their PIN No.
  • If you forget we have a list
  • If your child has an extra day they will not be on the tablet. Sign IN/OUT on the blank Sign/Out sheet. We will add it manually
  • Ask the Educators if you need help
  • REMEMBER it is new. We will have a few problems but with practice we will be right by January 2019
2018 is coming to an end. 
We would like to wish everybody a very happy Christmas.

Enjoy time with family and friends, or holidays away or relaxing at home
Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in 2019

Thank you to the Committee of Management for their leadership and hard work.
Thank you to the Educators for their dedication to the children/families and the centre by providing quality care and education

Thank you to those that have volunteered their time and skills in fundraising, gardening, maintenance, sewing, fixing toys and equipment. 
Thank you to those that have donated toys/books and clothing.

All contributions, big and small, are greatly appreciated

What do you need to do before the end of the year?
  • Inform educators of your child’s last day in care for 2018. WE close on Thursday 20th December
  • Inform educators of your child’s first day back in 2019. We will open on Tuesday 8th January 2019
  • When you receive your 2019 confirmation letter, fill in new 2019 Enrolment form  with Immunisation certificate. This must be filled in before your child starts in 2019
  • All fees up to date by the last day of care or contact Cathy or Mandy
  • Check the lost property for clothes, toys and drink bottles
  • Return any borrowed clothes

Wednesday 12th: Children's Christmas Party
6pm at the centre

Please RSVP numbers. (List above sign in sheets)

We will provide FOOD. Sausages in bread, sandwiches, dried fruit, biscuits and cheese, fresh fruit.

We are attempting to be more sustainable so please
bring a drink bottle for your children.

Father Christmas will come at 6.45pm and he will give each child a gift.

ALL raffle tickets and money to be returned by party time.

The Christmas Hamper Raffle will be drawn by Father Christmas and then we will pack up and head home.

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