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Beechworth Community Childcare Centre

TO: Committee/Families /Children and Educators

I started in Early Childhood Education in 1978, as a student at Kindergarten Teachers College then as a Kindergarten Assistant then Kindergarten Teacher in Rutherglen. I have had several positions that have required me to lead, support, mentor, listen, act, advocate, teach, care and make hard decisions that could affect others.

My career as an Early Childhood educator has culminated in working at Beechworth Community Child Care Centre. It has been a privilege.

When I started here 15 years ago, I came with a lot of knowledge, but I didn’t know everything.

My time here has taught me many lessons. Not only admin and basic financial knowledge (thanks to finance guru Howard) but also honed my skills as a leader, a listener, a fixer, a teacher, a motivator, a stabilizer and a friend.

We have at Bcccc seen a lot of ups and downs, financial highs and lows, the early childhood changes, the successes and the failures.

The most stressful time was when it poured rain one Christmas/New year and we flooded. I still remember the telephone call from Sandra, standing in the Christmas shop in Bright. I learnt the resilience and can-do attitude of the Educators and how they, the committee led by Danni and the Indigo Shire staff reacted. Within a week we had found a new home, packed up, moved in and set up at the Memorial Hall and opened on time. This alone showed to me the loyalty, commitment and dedication everyone showed to Bcccc.

I have not done this in isolation. I have had support from the numerous Committees of Management with their amazing skills and insights. Thank you to the families who have donated their time at working bees, fixing equipment and just saying encouraging and positive things.

The children are continually make me smile. There have been the challenges but overall, we have had groups of children that come into the centre eager to learn and play and be part of the community. They look to the educators to know who they are, what they like and don’t like, role model, listen, nurture and comfort. They tell us stories some true, some not and some showing their imagination and their sense of adventure. I’ll miss those stories.

Most importantly I thank the dedicated educators that turn up every day, form relationships with parents, children and each other, they teach, nurture, plan, observe, care and do a difficult job with a laugh and smile on their face. I could not have done my job without them. We have an amazing, dedicated team and I know I leave this position in good hands, as Mandy and her new team will continue the dedication to all and ensure they continue to provide quality care and education for all of our children.

I want to acknowledge my family, Mark and Emily. They have not only supported me, listened to my whines and vents but also became couriers, workers, counsellors, I could continue my list. My love and gratitude to them.

So now starts the new chapter, adventure in my life.

I hope to reconnect with old friends, make a start on the jungle that is our garden, walk, learn new skills, and find a part-time job. We may travel but I know I will be a grandparent.

I have a lot to look forward to and a lot to give.

So, I say my heartfelt thankyou to everyone. Thank you to past and present educators, past and present committee of management members, families and especially children with their amazing personalities and stories.

Thank you everyone for the kind words and gifts. This will stay with me for a long time

Thank you

With Cathy leaving and Mandy taking over as Coordinator we have to employed new educators and changed some roles of current educators.
Lourdes Lucani has taken on the role as 2IC along with her Educational Leader and Toddler room leader role.
Kimberley Jensen will become the Team Leader of the Preschool room
We welcome Beth Weber to our permanent team in the Toddlers room.
With Jules away Dannielle has stepped up to Team Leader with our usual relief educators in the babies room
It's a brand new team. New ideas and energies. 

REMEMBER when signing in to put an expected time of departure, so your child is ready to go and it helps with organising educators at the end of the day.
Some children will bring a toy from home to help them settle into the centre.
Some children bring toys in from home to show their friends.
Some children bring toys in from home to share with others.
We do not have a policy on it however in the preschool room the toys can be played with and shared and then go in the child's locker or in our special box for Show and Tell. It is the responsibility of the child to look after it. Sometimes things get broken or lost. Please talk to your child about looking after their special toy and what could happen to it. 

EARN and LEARN. The Woolworths Earn and Learn sticker promotion has finished. Please bring in all your stickers so we can go through the process of accessing new toys and equipment. Thanks everyone who has collected the stickers.
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