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It has come to our attention that some children are getting close to or over 42 absences in a year (financial year).Please read the piece below from the Child Care Provider Handbook.


Initial 42 days absence

Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy are payable for up to 42 absence days for a child in a financial year, in relation to sessions of care where an individual still incurs a genuine fee liability to pay for the care. A reason does not need to be provided for a child's initial 42 days of absence.

Additional absence days

Once 42 absence days have occurred in a financial year, Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy can only be paid for any additional absences where they are taken for a reason defined in the Family Assistance Law. These reasons can include any of the following:

  • §  the child, the individual who cares for the child, the individual's partner or another person with whom the child lives is ill
  • §  the child is attending preschool
  • §  alternative arrangements have been made on a pupil-free day
  • §  the child has not been immunised against a particular infectious disease, the absence occurs during an immunisation grace period and a medical practitioner has certified that exposure to the infectious disease would pose a health risk to the child
  • §  the absence is because the child is spending time with a person other than the individual who is their usual carer as required by a court order or a parenting plan
  • §  the service is closed as a direct result of a period of local emergency
  • §  the child cannot attend because of a local emergency (for example, because they are unable to travel to the service), during the period of the emergency or up to 28 days afterwards
  • §  the individual who cares for the child has decided the child should not attend the service for up to seven days immediately following the end of a period of local emergency.

In shared care arrangements (where separated parents both claim Child Care Subsidy for the child's care), the allocation of 42 absences relates to the child, not to each individual claimant.

If you are over the 42 days full fee will be charged i.e. no Child Care Subsidy paid unless you fit into one of the above categories with evidence eg medical certificate etc. 

On July 1st absences restart at zero (0)

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PIE AND LAMINGTON DRIVE in June.(from Heiners Bakery in Myrtleford).

They are able to be frozen. They make a great quick meal with some veggies.

Order forms will come out soon 


The preschool room is also looking for boxes e.g. shoe, biscuit, teabag, cereal, small boxes for art and craft. (Remember if you take home a lovely creation after a while you can deconstruct it and bring the whole boxes back to be reused)
The Preschool room is looking for a 'Lazy Susan' for our art table


The cooler weather has arrived. On cold days a NAMED jacket and beanie/hat is needed. Outdoor play is an important part of the program for children’s health, wellbeing and development.
Although the hot weather has left, your child still needs a named drink bottle so they can access water when they need it. This is part of the National Quality Framework, Nutrition Policy and our Active Play Policy


Saturday 11th May 10am to 11am
Come with your child/children for a lovely time to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Its good opportunity to have a bit of a play, meet new people and have some lovely morning tea.
Please RSVP by Thursday 9th May (List above sign in folder)

Hope to see you on Saturday

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