Emergency Management Planning
 This year our EMP was required to be completed by 1 September rather than November as in previous years. This ensures that we have all of our plans in place prior to the commencement of the Fire season. As a Child Care Centre in a bush fire area we are required to close on CODE RED days. We will be advised by Department of Education and Training if a CODE RED day is happening 24 hours prior to the day. This is when we will issue and announcement to all parent/families that attend on that day effect that we will be close. You will have to arrange alternative care for that day.
NOTE: It is important that family contact details are kept up to date in the event that you need to be contacted in an emergency situation. Please ensure that if  your address, phone number or emergency contacts have changed to update them with the Mandy ASAP.


Camp Quality Puppet show
The entire centre sat in the Pre-school room and listened and watched an amazing show.
The puppet show helps to answer some of the difficult questions students might have about cancer, dispels common myths and teaches the children how to be supportive and understanding of other children living with cancer.
The puppets provide a fun and interactive way to build awareness for any child affected by cancer, whether they are living with cancer themselves or has a friend or family member with cancer.
This program helps services to create supportive environments to open up to common myths and misconceptions about cancer in an age appropriate way.
The students enjoyed engaging with the puppets and shared a fun filled time during the program.

Father's day Evening

It was so nice to see so many special people in our little children's lives share a light supper, laughter and engage in play together. This is what makes lasting memories. 


Keeping on top of fees
Please make sure you keep your child care fees up to date.We are a small community based child care centre and are unable to carry any debt.

Visit from our elderly community
We were very spoil to have some of the elderly come and visit us on the 3rd of September. We are going to make this a regular visit. The children enjoy interacting and the elderly love seeing the joy of the children.
Sun Smart
Our sun smart policy states that we are require to wear a Hats, apply sun screen and play in the shade when the UV level reaches 3 or higher. This is now the case.
We are reminding all families to pack a sum smart hat. (wide brim) Provide sun screen if you require an alternative. 

What coming up?
  • Football week 23rd to 26th September Wear football colours
  • Centre Closed 27th September For Grand final day Public Holiday
  • AGM 21st October. 
  • October we will be send out expression of interest for next year.


Please call us in the morning if your child wont be attending for the day. We have waiting list to fill the position.

We also need to know if your child is ill.

Remember your child must stay away 24 hours after vomiting, high fevers and diarrhea. This is also for viral infections diagnosed by a doctor. This is to protect the other child, families and educators.
Thank you for you cooperation
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