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As part of the new Child Care Subsidy changes the exact time of your child’s arrival and departure has to be submitted with the attendances starting in January 2019.
So to ensure we are ready we will be implementing a Digital Sign In/Out system with a tablet. You will sign in/out using a PIN NUMBER which we will give you. We will also give you instructions and training. We will begin trialling this very soon.
If we do not go digital we would have to manually fill in the times in and out every day for every child, so admin time would be lost to complete other duties.

2019 Enrolment Confirmation Letters: Letters are on their way. With the numbers of children within the centre and families wanting to change days, it has been a difficult process. We have had to increase the numbers in the Preschool room to its capacity of 30, so some children may not go up to the preschool or toddler room immediately. Things often change; children drop days or move away.
Enrolment form: a new 2019 enrolment form will go out with your confirmation letter. It has to be filled in and returned before your child starts in 2019. Please attach the current Child History Statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register as per Victorian Government Legislation “No Jab, No Play” and Federal Government Legislation of “No Jab No Pay” 
STAFFING: Each year some educators change rooms. We have educators move with children they know to a new room e.g. babies to toddlers and toddlers to preschool room to help with the transition. We are attempting to have some visits to the new rooms this year. It allows continuity for the children and helps them settle in a new room with new routines and new educators. In 2019 it is the Team Leaders turn to change rooms. Jules will move to Babies, Lourdes will move to Toddlers and Mandy will move to Preschool. The Assistant Educators will remain in the current rooms


CAKE STALL: We raised  $510. Thank you everyone who contributed by working on the stall or donating cakes/produce/flowers.

TOY CATALOGUES: Some great ideas for the family and friends. The centre will receive between 10-25 cents in every dollar to spend on toys and equipment from Modern Teaching Aids.

CHRISTMAS HAMPER RAFFLE: every year the last fundraiser of the year is the Christmas Hamper Raffle. We ask families to donate some food, wine, business vouchers, chocolates, Christmas nick-nacks, and decorations to our basket. It will be drawn at the Children's Christmas Party. Raffle tickets are in your family pockets $1 a ticket.

COOK BOOKS: we still have some cook books available to buy for $15. The recipes have been supplied by families and staff at the centre. There are some simple yummy recipes.

Our SUNSMART POLICY is now being enforced.
All children and Educators need a named SunSmart hat e.g., bucket or wide brimmed hat (no baseball/peaked cap), a named drink bottle and appropriate clothing i.e. clothing with short or long sleeves, no singlets or shoe string shoulder straps.
We only have a few spare hats but if all in use, children may have to either play under the shade or remain inside. NO HAT NO PLAY
UV levels are displayed outside the staff room and above the Children's Sign in book
Drink bottles need to go home every night to be washed as mould does grow in the lids/straws
We supply sunscreen however if your child has an allergy please supply their own sun screen



Friday 30th: CFA visit

Wednesday 12th: Children's Christmas Party 6pm at the centre
Thursday 20th: Last day for Children
Friday 21st: Centre closed Clean-up Day. Office open until 3pm
Centre closed until Tuesday 8th January 2019

A reminder to all families that we have a number of families within the centre that do not want pictures of their children on the internet; including social media/Facebook/Twitter.
When sharing photos with others please ensure they are not group photos
With the bush fire season on its way, in the case of a CODE RED DAY, the centre will be directed by the Department of Education and Training to close. No children or educators are permitted at the centre.
Please read the information sheet in your family pocket.
We have updated our Emergency Management plan. If you would like to read it please see Cathy or Mandy

What do you need to do before the end of the year?
Here is a list of things that have to be done by the end of the year
  • RSVP to Christmas Party by Monday 10th December
  • Inform educators of your child’s last day in care for 2018. WE close on Thursday 20th December
  • Inform educators of your child’s first day back in 2019. We will open on Tuesday 8th January 2019
  • When you receive your 2019 confirmation letter, fill in new 2019 Enrolment form. This must be filled in before your child starts in 2019
  • All fees up to date by the last day of care or contact Cathy or Mandy
  • Check the lost property for clothes, toys and drink bottles
  • Return any borrowed clothes
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