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Children's Health:

We have had a number of Gastro cases over the past months. Some children are mildly ill where others have been very sick and have ended up in hospital.
It is very important that your child stays away from the centre for 24 hours, i.e. the whole next day. Any loose stools or vomiting anytime during that day then they cannot be at the centre the next day.
I know you have to lose a day/s at work/study however our priority is the health and wellbeing of not only your child but also other children/families in the centre, as it has a ripple affect. It also affects our educators and in an industry that struggles to find relief staff
it can affect the running of the centre.
We are very aware of our hygiene practices and we always wash hands, all toys and equipment to help prevent the spread of any infection. This also covers illnesses like severe colds or Hand Foot and Mouth.

This Regulation and Centre POLICY also covers high temperatures as children need to be closely monitored and conjunctivitis.
We alert families of what is around the centre by signs on the front door and lists on room doors.
At the moment we have had: Colds, croup, headlice, conjunctivitis, Hand Foot and Mouth and gastro.
Please let us know if you child is unwell and not coming in.

A reminder of the new Guidelines that 'Cough and cold medication will not be administered to a child under six (6) years of age as per advice from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
What's coming up:
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FEE INCREASE: 1st July by $3.00 to $110 per day.
Centre Budget being prepared

School Holidays: If your child is not attending childcare please let us know as we often have children looking for extra days.

We wish JULES 'bon voyage' as she is off on an adventure to the USA. We will see her again in September. Have a great time Jules 
Cathy's last day should be 28th June.
Mandy will  officially be Coordinator from 24th June with Cathy working with Mandy for a weeks handover.
We have had interviews for a new Diploma trained educator and a decision will be made soon. Other positions of Room Team Leader and Second in Charge will follow.
Pie and Lamington drive raised $600.
Thank you everyone that ordered.
I hope you enjoyed them.

Woolworths Earn and Learn: remember to get your stickers every time you shop at Woolworths. (We have also collected stickers from customers who don't want them). All stickers will have to be back by late June early July as they have to be put onto the sticker sheets. We send them in and then are told how much we can claim at Modern Teaching Aides for toys and equipment. So keep collecting

When signing in your child with your PIN it is a 5 step process
1) find your child's name
2) put in PIN
4) estimated time of departure (if signing in)

If you do not confirm then the sign in is not registered.

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