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Beechworth Community Childcare Centre

Dear Parents,



We would like to ask for your co-operation in an import matter.


One of the children at Beechworth Community Child Care Centre is receiving medical treatment, which puts them at risk if they develop chicken pox or measles. The risk for this child can be reduced by receiving a special injection as soon as possible after coming to contact with these illnesses.


It is very important therefore, that you let us know immediately if your child develops chicken pox or measles, so the child at risk receives the protective injection at the earliest opportunity. This protection lasts for a few weeks only, and must be repeated every time they come into contact with these illnesses.


Your child is at no risk whatsoever from this situation. However, the health and wellbeing of one of their classmates does depend on your help and cooperation.


With many thanks,


Picking up your child especially when everyone is outside.
We have had a few instances where we think we have a missing child when in fact they have seen their parent or grandparent, run inside and left the centre.
PLEASE make sure you speak to a room educator outside and let them know your child is leaving. Also tell any of your contacts (grandparents, friends, relatives) to do the same.

ALSO please keep a check on older siblings. They cannot take your child from the room or playground. Remind them that most of the toys and equipment are preschool size not school size.     
What's coming up:

Saturday 29th June: Farewell for Cathy.  4-6pm at Bridge Rd Brewers (see Facebook or door notices for information)

School Holidays: let us know if your child will be away as we often have children looking for extra days
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