Beechworth Community Childcare Centre

We have had many illnesses this month including

  • High fevers
  • Bronchitis
  • Bronchiolitis
  • Had lice (Remember your child can be treated and then return the same day)
  • Slapped Cheek
Please remember our centre policy is 24 hours from the last fever (High Temperature), vomit or diarrhea. This is to protect the health and safety of other children and their families. As well as our fantastic Educators and their families.

Please remember we need your co-operation in an important matter.
One of the children at Beechworth Community Child Care Centre is receiving medical treatment, which puts them at risk if they develop chicken pox or measles. The risk for this child can be reduced by receiving a special injection as soon as possible after coming to contact with these illnesses.
It is very important therefore, that you let us know immediately if your child develops chicken pox or measles or comes into contact with theses illnesses, so the child at risk receives the protective injection at the earliest opportunity. This protection lasts for a few weeks only, and must be repeated every time they come into contact with these illnesses.
Your child is at no risk whatsoever from this situation. However, the health and wellbeing of one of their classmates does depend on your help and cooperation.




Thank yo to everyone who collected  the Earn and Learn stickers for us this year. It was an amazing effort. We registered 3661 stickers. 
We have made a purchase of some aboriginal resources and some new bibs.

You may have noticed that part of the car park is fenced off. The big tree next to the park is deemed unsafe. Please don't park in or near this tree.

We have also had some tree work done in our yard. A very pesky tree that caused issues with allergies and asthma in the past has been removed.
Just a reminder all Children need to be in a properly fitted child restraint whilst in a moving car.

 Reminder about home toys

We ask that children leave their toys at home and to only bring in special comforters if required. As we have had a few problems recently with home toys.

Odd Jobs

I have quiet a few odd jobs that need to be done. Please see Mandy or the list on each room door
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