Emergency Management Planning
Part of our fire management plan is that we practice fire evacuations on a regular basis. Today we conducted one of those. We have a system where if a educator finds a fire calling care they have to call the evacuation. This is so we will have them at a variety of times.

As a Child Care Centre in a bush fire area we are required to close on CODE RED days. We will be advised by Department of Education and Training if a CODE RED day is happening 24 hours prior to the day. This is when we will issue and announcement to all parent/families that attend on that day effect that we will be close. You will have to arrange alternative care for that day.
NOTE: It is important that family contact details are kept up to date in the event that you need to be contacted in an emergency situation. Please ensure that if  your address, phone number or emergency contacts have changed to update them with the Mandy ASAP.


There is no better way to be involved with your child's care and education then to join the committee of management. We invite you all to join our Annual General Meeting at The Beechworth Hibernian pub in the back room on the Monday 21st of October.  
Joining the Committee provides you an opportunity to express your selves. It allows you participation in the decision making process creating your sense of belonging. Not forgetting the fun and friendships created with in the group.

The transitioning process seems to be going well. This is allowing the children all to have some form of transition before moving in to their new rooms for 2020. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to discuss with the room leaders Kimberley, Lourdes, Jules or Mandy


Focus Child Forms
Each term we put out focus child forms. This is to allow home interests to be incorporated into our programs. It is also a great way for you to provide feedback to the educators in your child's room. In return the educators will send you a reply at the end of the planning cycle. This gives you feedback on what areas the program has focused on and where they are heading to next.

Please call us in the morning if your child wont be attending for the day. We have waiting list to fill the position.
We also need to know if your child is ill.

Remember your child must stay away 24 hours after vomiting, high fevers and diarrhea. This is also for viral infections diagnosed by a doctor. This is to protect the other child, families and educators.
Thank you for you cooperation

Please make sure you sign in and out each day. If you forget your PIN please ask an educator they have a list available to help.

Keeping on top of fees
Please make sure you keep your child care fees up to date. We are a small community based child care centre and are unable to carry any debt.


Visit from our elderly community
Last week we had "Club Connection" join us for lunch in the Preschool room.  By doing this the children, gain a sense of community which plays an important role in the development of their feelings of belonging and security. The elderly gain supportive relationships between the service and the children as well as connecting other organisations and services in our local community. This is a fantastic way for us to build connection to our community members. 
Sun Smart
Our sun smart policy states that we are require to wear a Hats, apply sun screen and play in the shade when the UV level reaches 3 or higher. This is now the case.
We are reminding all families to pack a sum smart hat. (wide brim) Provide sun screen if you require an alternative. 
Please make sure your child's hat still fits as they may have grown from last year. 
Choose clothing that covers as much skin as possible. The best styles are tops with collars, and sleeves of at least three quarter-length, pants or skirts of at least three-quarter-length. Singlets and shoulder showing garments are not adequate protection.
Our new tables. we are so happy to have new tables. This is thanks to our amazing committee  who have worked extremely hard and obtained a number of lucrative grants. 

Please make sure all belongings including clothing, hats, drink bottles, baby bottle, and dummies are clearly named. 

What coming up?
  • AGM Monday 21st October. 
  • Booking confirmation or changes need to be returned by the 18th October 2019. If forms are later we cannot guarantee your child's position in 2020.
  • Public Holiday Melbourne cup Tuesday 5th November the centre is closed


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