July 14th, 2014

Hello My Friends:

In the excitement of putting Mezzrow together, our new baby jazz club, I haven't spoken much about the other big project that has been taking much of our time this year - the launch of our new SmallsLIVE site and the musician revenue sharing project.  If you're getting this email then you are most likely registered for the free use of our live stream.  Streaming and archiving the performances at Smalls has been my main prerogative since I started managing the club in 2007.  As we stand now, we have more than 9000 recordings in our archive in both audio and video and represent nearly 1000 jazz musicians.  Our goal is to create a live streaming subscription platform where our fans can access this ever growing library of music.  Our goal is also to create a fair revenue sharing system whereby the artists that perform here are 50/50 partners with SmallsLIVE.  Our goal is to generate revenue through subscriptions to the library and to fairly distribute the royalties to the artists.  David Byrne is an advocate for a new revenue sharing model that is exactly in line with the direction we're going.  Here's a link to a great interview with David Byrne about this very model ---> CLICK

We've come a long way in making this happen.  Earlier this year I made a good partner - my friend Nate Aune, who runs his own website development company.    Between Nate and his company and me and my SmallsLIVE staff (who I really need to credit for their hard work - they work here in this office and really bust their butts.  Let me mention their names - Mike Bond, Una Stade, Michael Sansevere, Michelle Watt and Steve Brickman) we have been designing the site together.  Some of the biggest challenges we've faced in the last two months has been how to tackle the issues with copyright laws and licensing fees.  This has involved some extensive research and the consultation with two top copyright lawyers - Mr. Steve Gordon and Mr. Jonny King (who is a master jazz pianist in his own right).  At this stage we think we have a handle on the legal issues involved and have formulated a strategy on how to really go forward with our project.

When the SmallsLIVE site is finally launched it will be a nexus for live jazz performance and hundreds of hours of archived jazz music - exclusively available only from our site.  Furthermore, it will be a platform for each artists that has played at Smalls to mange their own content, license material of their choice, sell their own music and create an on-line following of fans who have already watched them perform via our live stream.  We are also beginning to move into the educational realm and will be doing live masterclasses from the club with the intention of building an extensive jazz education library.  I am also very excited to announce that SmallsLIVE has made an agreement with Joel Chriss who is a highly esteemed promoter.  We will be booking "SmallsLIVE Presents:" concerts at jazz festivals world-wide.  This will give us the opportunity to send Smalls musicians on the road for performances.

We are also interested in making new partnerships in order to make SmallsLIVE a reality.  We are very close to completion of the site but could use a financial partner to help us get through the expenses of our first year until revenue is generated.  Anyone interested in speaking with me further on this matter please contact me directly.  You can respond directly to this email.

As usual I thank you for your support for this music and of Smalls Jazz Club.  I hope to see you in person down here.  This particular week looks unbelievable and the feeling in the club has been electric as of late.  Don't miss it!

Best Regards,



(a selection of featured shows)

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Monday - 7/14
John Chin Trio
CD release "Undercover"

Sets at 7:30 PM & 9:00 PM
Start your week off right by catching the John Chin Trio at Smalls for the release of their newest CD, "Undercover." Chin - a fixture in the NYC jazz scene since 1998 - is an extraordinary pianist who has an ear for infectious melodies. With talented Orlando Le Fleming on bass and Dan Reiser on drums, you don't want to miss this!
Moday - 7/14
Curtis Lundy Trio

Sets at 10:15 PM & 11:45 PM

Curtis Lundy really knows how to make the music swing, just ask one of the countless legends he has played with during his 35 years on the scene. Tonight he is joined by the fabulous Orrin Evans on piano and Ralph Peterson on drums. See A true master at work!
Tuesday - 7/15
The Mike Hashim Trio
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM

Mike Hashim is a veteran saxophonist who plays with great passion and uninhibited exuberance.  This trio, with Smalls own Spike Wilner on piano and Murray Wall on bass, has an extensive repertoire of tunes under that belt that will have your toes tapping. 
Wednesday - 7/16
The Harold Mabern Trio
Sets at 9:30 PM & 11 PM
Harold Mabern is one of jazz's most lasting and endearing pianists - a once unsung hero of the 60s hardbop scene. Watching Mabern play the piano, his zeal for the music is evident. With Essiet Essiet on bass and Joe Farnsworth on drums, this trio is a delight.
Wednesday - 7/16
"Round Midnight" with:
Nick Finzer Quintet

Set at 12:30 AM 

It is a absolute pleasure to hear Nick Finzer play trombone. Drawing from numerous influences, he is a young player and composer with one foot in the past and the other foot leading forward.  His Quintet for the "Round Midnight" set features Lucas Pino on tenor sax, Alex Wintz on guitar, Chris Ziemba on piano, Dave Baron on bass, and Jimmy Macbride on drums.
Thursday - 7/17
 Scott Feiner & Pandeiro Jazz

Sets at 9:30 PM & 11 PM

Seeing Scott Feiner & Pandeiro Jazz is a truly unique experience. Feiner plays the tiny pandeiro drum like a full-fledged drum kit,  fluidly weaving his way between jazz, brazilian, and contemporary grooves with the help of the very talented Mike Moreno on guitar and Sam Yahel on piano.
Friday - 7/18
Vocalist David Basse
with special guests

Sets at 5 PM & 6:30 AM
$20 for this show.

If there is one person that most accurately embodies the Kansas City jazz sound and scene, it is David Basse. Carrying on a tradition started by Charlie Parker, Count Basie, and Jay McShann, Basse is a vocalist with some serious soul. Come check out Basse with special guests and his all-star cast: Stacy Dillard on tenor sax, Curtis Lundy on bass, Neal Smith on drums.
Friday - 7/18
The Bob DeVos Quartet :

Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
$20 for this show.

Bob Devos is a guitarist that possesses both a fat tone and technical precision. His quartet, featuring the exceptional Ralph Bowen on tenor sax, Dan Kostelnik on organ, and Steve Johns on drums, blend blues, rhythm and blues, and bop. Come check them out.
Friday & Saturday - 7/18 & 7/19
 Winard Harper & Jeliposse

Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 PM
$20 for this show.

Deeply rooted in the African tradition of the drums, this one of a kind showman is  a must see.  Don't miss this opportunity to watch one of jazz's most celebrated contemporary drummers, Winard Harper, and his large group of incredibly talented musicians perform at Smalls both Friday and Saturday.  
Saturday - 7/19
Tommy Cambell's "Vocal Eyes"
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM

The leader, Tommy Cambell,is an exciting and authentic drummer that has established himself as a leading member of a new generation of jazz masters. The group, "Vocal Eyes," has deep roots in jazz spanning from traditional to complex. The group consists of vocalists Mies Griffith and Lisa Gary, pianist Helio Alves, guitarist Ben Sher, and bassist Kenny Davis. 
Sunday - 7/20
"Round Midnight" With :
The Bruce Harris Quintet

Set at 12:30 AM

Eke out some last minute weekend enjoyment by catching the exceptional Bruce Harris Quintet's "Round Midnight" set. Bruce Harris is a dynamite trumpet player with some serious chops. His quintet features Andy Faber on tenor sax, Grant Stewart on tenor sax, Michael Weiss on piano, and Peter Van Nostrand on drums.  

Mon, "Afterhours" -
Spencer Murphy Jam

Tues, 7:30PM to 10PM -
Spike Wilner & Friends

Tues, "Afterhours" -
Kyle Poole "Next Generation" Jam

Wed, 6:30PM to 9PM -
Michela Lerman Tap Jam
Thur, 6:30PM to 9PM

The "Early Bird" with Dwayne Clemons

Fri, 4:30PM to 7PM -
Open Jam Session (all levels welcome)

Sat, 4:30 PM to 7PM -
Saturday Afternoon With Joel Press Quartet

Sun, 1PM to 3PM
Marion Cowings Vocal Masterclass
($40 to participate)

Sun, 10PM to 11:30PM  - 
The Legendary Johnny O'Neal


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