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December 30th, 2013

“All formations are impermanent.  Whatever is subject to origination is subject to cessation” – Buddha, The Dhammapada
My friends, we suddenly and unexpectedly lost an esteemed and valued member of our musical community.  Dwayne Burno, one of the true greats of the bass, passed away suddenly on Friday at the young age of 44.  This has sent a resounding shock worldwide - musicians and friends have been literally dumbstruck.  How could this be?  How could this happen?  Dwayne struggled with his health in recent years.  He had issues with his kidneys but what did him in was his heart.  Dwayne spent the last two weeks in the hospital with pneumonia.  Amazingly, he played at Smalls with Peter Bernstein’s group on Wednesday and Thursday of this week – right after being released, he wouldn’t think about missing the gig.  Peter invited me to sit in with the group for the last tune of the night on Thursday and the feel of the band was incredible.  With Billy Drummond and Steve Nelson, this was a mature band.  It was swinging hard.  As I comped from the piano, I looked at him and saw Dwayne’s familiar face and smile – he knew it felt good.  No body could lay down a groove like Dwayne Burno.  After the show on Thursday, we sat together outside of the club and talked about his health.  He mentioned his concerns about his heart.  There’s no way I could have know that it would be the last time I would ever see him.  Stunning.
Since his first gigs in New York City, Dwayne established himself at the very highest echelon of the jazz scene.  His professional credentials are legendary – Betty Carter, Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Henderson, Roy Hargrove, etc, etc.  His playing was extraordinary – he was committed to the music in a way that is rarely seen.  It didn’t matter who called him or what the money was – if he believed in the gig he would be there.  He had the extraordinary ability to play any bass that he was given.  It didn’t matter, he would make it his own.  He knew every tune and would challenge you with his harmonies – he would impose his changes and you had better have the ears to follow.  Above everything, though, Dwayne was a humble man.  A true, pure spirit, full of music and personified everything that was good in a Jazz musician â€“ swing, groove, spirit & soul.  Losing Dwayne Burno at such a young age is a loss that we will not be able to rectify anytime soon.  He was a unique and powerful, steadfast force on our scene and friend to everyone that knew him.  I am crying as I write this.  It’s just not fair or understandable.   As with all loss, all one can do is embrace the power of the moment – the here and now.  Take heed, Jazz soldiers, do not waste one precious moment.  Time passes swiftly and opportunity is lost.  Live now, live now, live now!  Rest in peace dear Dwayne Burno.
Many people have been asking me about sending money to his wife and family.  You may donate directly to the family through the Jazz Foundation of America, which had been helping Dwayne with his medical expenses.

You can make donations online here: JAZZ FOUNDATION OF AMERICA  or mail a check in honor of Dwayne Burno to The Jazz Foundation of America · 322 West 48th Street, 6th Floor · New York, NY 10036 · (212)245-3999

This Week At Smalls:
We begin our week with a trio concert from tenor saxophonist Chris Speed.  He’ll be coming in with drummer David King (from The Bad Plus) and Chris Tordini on bass.  At 10PM is drummer Ari Hoenig and his quintet with Gilad Hekselman, Tivon Pennicott, Eden Ladin & Noam Weisenberg.  Afterhours is the domain of Spencer Murphy.
This is New Year’s Eve.  Unfortunately, our 9PM to 12:00 AM slot has been sold out in advance.  However, we will do general admission for our afterhours show – so if you’re around, swing by and have a drink with us and toast the New Year.  We pray it will be a good one.
Wed & Thur:
This Wednesday and Thursday we are really lucky to have a rare appearance from vocalist and pianist Dena Derose.  Dena is a true and marvelous talent.  She lives in Europe now most of the time so if you haven’t heard her or had the chance to hear her recently we suggest coming out for this one.  She’s bringing in an all-star group which features Jeremy Pelt, Gary Smulyan, Martin Wind & Matt Wilson.
Fri & Sat:
This weekend we feature another expatriate, trumpetist John Marshall and his quintet for the 10:30 PM slot, which showcases the hard bopping work of Grant Stewart on tenor, Tardo Hammer on piano, Clovis Nicolas on bass and the legendary Jimmy Wormworth on drums.  The 7:30 PM concert on Friday features the great Richie Vitale and his quintet with Frank Basile, Lou Rainone, Yoshi Waki & Clifford Barbaro.  On Saturday, the 7:30 PM show is a rare appearance from tenor saxophonist Dan Block and his quartet with Steve Ash, Lee Hudson & Tom Melito.
This Sunday from 4PM to 7PM we are hosting a variety show called “The Siren’s Den” and the host is our lovely waitress Rebecca Quinn Robertson.  She’ll be bringing in a slew of her compadres to sing, dance and what have you.  As always, at 10PM we have the great Johnny O’Neal and at 12 AM the fantastic Bruce Harris.
As always, I urge you to do good deeds and be compassionate to others and yourself.  Thank you for your support of this music and the club.  Hope to see you at Smalls.


Mon. 12/30

 Chris Speed Trio

7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Chris Speed - Tenor Sax
Chris Tordini - Bass
Dave King - Drums
 Wed. & Thurs.
1/1 & 1/2

 Dena DeRose Trio
feat. Gary Smulyan & Jeremy Pelt (1/2)

9:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Jeremy Pelt - Trumpet
Gary Smulyan - B. Sax
Dena DeRose - Piano
Martin Wind - Bass
Matt Wilson - Drums
Fri. 1/3

Richie Vitale Quintet

7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Richie Vitale - Trumpet
Frank Basile - B. Sax
Louis Rainone - Piano
Yoshi Waki - Bass
Clifford Barbaro - Drums
Mon. 12/30

Ari Hoenig Quintet

10:00 PM to 12:30 AM

Tivon Pennicott - T.Sax
Gilad Hekselman - Gtr
Eden Ladin - Piano
Noam Wiesenberg - Bass
Ari Hoenig - Drums
Fri. & Sat.
1/3 & 1/4

 John Marshall Quintet

10:30 PM to 1:00 AM

John Marshall - Trumpet
Grant Stewart - T. Sax
Tardo Hammer - Piano
Clovis Nicolas - Bass
Jimmy Wormworth - Drums
Sat. 1/4

 Dan Block Quartet

7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Dan Block - Tenor Sax
Steve Ash - Piano
Lee Hudson - Bass
Tom Melito - Drums
Tues. 12/31

Smalls Jazz Club New Year's Eve Celebration feat.
Milton Suggs

9 - 12

General Admission at Midnight

Lennie Cuje - Vibraphone
Milton Suggs - Vocals
Marion Cowings - Vocals
Joe Magnarelli - Trumpet
Ned Goold - Tenor Sax
Saul Rubin - Guitar
Spike Wilner - Piano
Jon Roche - Bass
Clifford Barbaro - Drums
Sun. 1/5

The Siren's Den

4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Hosted by Rebecca Quinn Robertson

Mon, "Afterhours" -
Spencer Murphy Jam

Tues, 7:30 PM to 9:45 PM -
Spike Wilner Trio

Tues, "Afterhours" -
Kyle Poole "Next Generation" Jam

Wed, 6:00PM to 9:00 PM -
Michela Lerman Tap Jam
Thur, 6:00PM to 9:00PM

The "Early Bird" with:

Fri, 4PM to 7PM -
OPEN Afternoon Jam ($10 for non-musicians)

Sat, 4PM to 7PM -
OPEN Afternoon Jam ($10 for non-musicians)

Sun, 1PM to 3:000 PM
Marion Cowings Vocal Masterclass ($40 to participate)

Sun, 10PM to 11:30 PM  - 
The Legendary Johnny O'Neal



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Monday December 30
7:30 PM to 10:00 PM - The Chris Speed Trio
Chris Speed - Tenor Sax , Chris Tordini - Bass , Dave King - Drums 

10:00 PM to 12:30 AM - The Ari Hoenig Quintet
Ari Hoenig - Drums , Gilad Hekselman - Guitar , Orlando Le Fleming - Bass , Shai Maestro - Piano , Tivon Pennicott - Tenor Sax 

12:30 AM to close - Afterhours with: Spencer Murphy
Spencer Murphy - Bass , 

Tuesday December 31
SOLD OUT! We will do general admission at midnight. - Smalls Jazz Club New Years Eve wih the SmallsLIVE Allstars featuring Milton Suggs, vocals
Lennie Cuje - Vibraphone , Milton Suggs - Vocalist , Marion Cowings - Vocalist , Joe Magnarelli - Trumpet ,Ned Goold - Tenor Sax , Saul Rubin - Guitar , Spike Wilner - Piano , Jon Roche - Bass , Clifford Barbaro - Drums 

1:00 AM to close - Afterhours with: The Theo Hill Trio
Theo Hill - Piano , Alexander Claffy - Bass , Kyle Poole - Drums 

Wednesday January 01
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM - Tap Dance Jam! Hosted by Michela Lerman ($10 cover/Musicians free)
Michela Marino Lerman - Tap Dancer , 

9:30 PM to 12:00 AM - Dena DeRose Trio feat. Gary Smulyan
Gary Smulyan - Baritone Sax , Dena DeRose - Piano , Martin Wind - Bass , Matt Wilson - Drums 

1:00 AM to close - Afterhours with: The Craig Wuepper Trio and "Earsight"
Paul Odeh - Piano , Adam Cote - Bass , Craig Wuepper - Drums , 

Thursday January 02
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM - The "Early Bird" Session hosted by: The Dwayne Clemons Quintet 
Jimmy Wormworth - Drums , Sacha Perry - Piano , Dwayne Clemons - Trumpet , Josh Benko - Alto Sax ,Murray Wall - Bass 

9:30 PM to 12:00 AM - The Dena DeRose Trio feat. Jeremy Pelt
Jeremy Pelt - Trumpet , Dena DeRose - Piano , Matt Wilson - Drums , Martin Wind - Bass 

Midnight to Close - "Round Midnight" with: The Carlos Abadie Quintet
Carlos Abadie - Trumpet , 

Friday January 03
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM ($10 for non-musicians) - FRIDAY AFTERNOON OPEN JAM SESSION

7:30 PM to 10:00 PM - The Richie Vitale Quintet
Richie Vitale - Trumpet , Frank Basile - Baritone Sax , Louis Rainone - Piano , Yoshi Waki - Bass , Clifford Barbaro - Drums 

10:30 PM to 1:00 AM - The John Marshall Quintet
John Marshall - Trumpet , Grant Stewart - Tenor Sax , Tardo Hammer - Piano , Clovis Nicolas - Bass ,Jimmy Wormworth - Drums 

1:00 AM to close - Afterhours with: The Anthony Wonsey Trio
Anthony Wonsey - Piano , 

Saturday January 04
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM ($10 for non-musicians) - SATURDAY AFTERNOON OPEN JAM SESSION

7:30 PM to 10:00 PM - The Dan Block Quartet
Dan Block - Tenor Sax , Steve Ash - Piano , Lee Hudson - Bass , Tom Melito - Drums 

10:30 PM to 1:00 AM - The John Marshall Quintet
John Marshall - Trumpet , Grant Stewart - Tenor Sax , Tardo Hammer - Piano , Clovis Nicolas - Bass ,Jimmy Wormworth - Drums 

1:00 AM to close - Afterhours with: Philip Harper
Philip Harper - Trumpet , 

Sunday January 05
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM - Vocal Masterclass with Marion Cowings $20 entry - $40 to participate
Marion Cowings - Vocalist 

4:30 PM to 7:00 PM - The Siren's Den hosted by: Rebecca Quinn Robertson

7:30 PM to 9:45 PM - Sunday Evening Jazz Vocalist Lezlie Harrison

Lezlie Harrison - Vocalist , Saul Rubin - Guitar 
10:00 PM to 11:30 PM - The Legendary Johnny O'Neal 
Johnny O'Neal - Piano , Paul Sikivie - Bass , Charles Goold - Drums 

Midnight to close - Round Midnight with: The Bruce Harris Quintet
Peter Van Nostrand - Drums , Bruce Harris - Trumpet , 
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