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July 1st, 2013

Hello My Friends:

I dislike the term "club owner". When people introduce me as the "club owner" I smile politely but am always a bit embarrassed.  I mean, how can anyone "own" Smalls?  There's nothing to own.  Smalls is an organic process - a natural reaction of multitudinous humans interacting harmoniously with manifold musicians.  I prefer to think of myself as "caretaker"  and I'm extremely grateful to have a dedicated team of talented people working with me every night, staff and artists both.  Smalls is a symbiosis.

With that said, I'm very pleased by the reaction I got to the Smalls Jazz Club Musician's Revenue Sharing Project.  I received many encouraging emails with excellent comments and suggestions, many of which we'll be putting into practice.  To reiterate: - we intend to make our live video feed free (with a valid email registration) and make our ever growing library of audio and video available for a subscription.  The revenue from subscriptions will be shared fairly by all the musicians in the archive based on how many minutes their shows get listend to.  All musicians on a date get credit for a listen.  In this way we can reward popular sidemen who are on a large number of dates.  We hope to create a revenue stream for all the Smalls artists and have a positive effect on their personal economics.  We also hope to subsidize the expense of running the club and to even create a charitable foundation for musicians in need.  As I said, a symbiosis.

I've been working closely with my friend Dennis Jeter, who is programming the new site for me to my specs.  It's been fun to redesign the site and to think about things like metrics (how we measure how many minutes are listened to) and how to formalize the automatic payouts to the artists.  As the project progresses I am getting more and more excited.  As I mentioned, we are about to launch our crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds to finish building out the site, upgrade our cameras and recording equipment and - most importantly, replace our Steinway piano which, although a noble beast, is on it's last legs and needs desperately to be replaced.  I know everyone and their grandmother is doing crowd funding but we are going to try and offer some unique gifts for the donor levels and even a private concert.  I'll officially announce everything next week.  I welcome your comments at

This Week At Smalls

On Monday we have a great double bill starting with a truly great artists - pianist Jon Davis.  He'll be in with his excellent trio for his CD release.  If you haven't yet heard Jon, please take this opportunity to hear this excellent veteran pianist.  Following Jon is Ari Hoenig and his quartet featuring the effervescent Tivon Pennicott and bassist Johannes Weidenmuller and the fantastic Aaron Goldberg on piano.

On Tuesday I'll be playing with my drumless trio with Yotam Silberstein & Paul Gill.  Following us is the Smalls Legacy Band featuring Frank Lacy, Josh Evans, Stacy Dillard & Theo Hill.  This is a top-notch exciting band and please come out and hear it.

On Wednesday we have a couple of musicians who I met back at SUNY Purchase - Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece.  Now their celebrating another in a series of CD releases for the Positone Label.  With them is pianist Steve Einerson, bassist Paul Gill and the amazing Joe Strasser on drums.  Following Ken and Behn for our "Round Midnight" Concert  is Sean Nowell and his group he calls "The Kung-Fu Masters".  Should be an interesting show with Baba Israel doing spoken word and a band with Brad Mason, Alan Ferber, Art Hirahara, Michael O'Brien and Marko Djordjevic.  The whole date will be free on our live cam if you'd rather stay home.

On the 4th of July, Thursday, we won't open until 9PM.  At 9:30 PM we have one of my truly favorite pianists and people - Pete Malinverni.  He's coming in with a great trio featuring Ugonna Okegwo and the legendary Eliot Zigmund.  Please check out the insightful interview with Pete Malinverni on our SmallsLIVE Interview Blog conducted by Spencer Murphy - CLICK  Following Pete is Carlos Abadie and his excellent quintet to play a show and host a session.  If you're feeling patriotic, come to Smalls and celebrate the true American artform - Jazz music.

This weekend all the bands are led by drummers.  Friday and Saturday at 10:30 PM I'm psyched to have an old friend and one of the best drummers around Joe Farnsworth is leading a trio with David Kikoski on piano and Gerald Cannon on bass.  This is definitely going to be a high energy event.  Friday night at 7:30 PM is Sylvia Cuenca  and her quartet with Bruce Williams on alto, Rick Germanson on piano and Chris Berger on bass.  Saturday at 7:30 PM is Jeff Williams celebrating his CD release.  With Jeff is Duane Eubanks, John O'Gallagher, Phil Robson & John Hebert.

Sunday we have Marion Cowings masterclass at 1PM.  Leonid Volskiy is performing trio for our showcase at 4:30 PM with Chris Haney & Phil Stewart.  At 7:30 PM we are featuring vocalist Nancy Harms who will be performing duets with pianist Romain Collin.

As always, I appreciate your support of this club and of this music.  I urge you to do good deeds and I wish for your well being.

Best Regards,

Spike Wilner


 The Jon Davis Trio CD Release

7:30 PM to 9:45 PM

Jon Davis - Piano
Joris Tepee - Bass
Shinnouske Takahashi - Drums


The Ken Fowser/Behn Gillece Quintet


9:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Ken Fowser - Tenor Sax
Behn Gillece - Vibes
Steve Einerson - Piano
Paul Gill - Bass
Joe Strasser - Drums



The Sylvia Cuenca Quartet

7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Bruce Williams - A. Sax
Rick Germanson - Piano
Chris Berger - Bass
Sylvia Cuenca - Drums


The Ari Hoenig Quartet

10:00 PM to 12:30 AM

Tivon Pennicott - T.Sax
Aaron Goldberg - Piano
Johannes Weidenmuller - Bass
Ari Hoenig - Drums

'Round Midnight with:

Sean Nowell and
The Kung-Fu Masters:
Acoustic Kung-Fu

12:30 AM to close

Baba Israel - Poet
Brad Mason - Trumpet
Sean Nowell - Tenor Sax
Alan Ferber - Trombone
Art Hirahara - Piano
Michael O'Brien - Bass
Marko Djordjevic - Dr.

The Jeff Williams Quintet's

CD Release
Celebration of
"The Listener"

7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Duane Eubanks - Trumpet
John O'Gallagher - A.Sx
Phil Robson - Guitar
John Hebert - Bass
Jeff Williams - Drums


The Smalls Legacy Band

10:00 PM to 12:30 AM

Josh Evans - Trumpet
Stacy Dillard - T. Sax
Frank Lacy - Trombone
Theo Hill - Piano
Rashaan Carter - Bass
Chris Beck - Drums



The Pete Malinverni Trio

9:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Pete Malinverni - Piano
Ugonna Okegwo - Bass
Eliot Zigmund - Drums
7/5 & 7/6

The Joe Farnsworth Trio

10:30 PMto 1:00 AM

David Kikoski - Piano
Gerald Cannon - Bass
Joe Farnsworth - Drums

Vocalist Nancy Harms

7:30 PM to 9:45 PM

Nancy Harms - Vocals
Romain Collin - Piano

Mon, "Afterhours" -
Spencer Murphy Jam

Tues, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM -
Spike Wilner Trio

Tues, 10PM to 12:30 AM -
Smalls Legacy Band (featuring Frank Lacy, Josh Evans, Theo Hill & Stacy Dillard)

Tues, "Afterhours" -
Kyle Poole "Next Generation" Jam

Wed, 6PM to 8:45 PM -
Michela Lerman Tap Jam
Thur, 5PM to 8:45 PM -
Sam Raderman Afternoon Jam

Fri, 4PM to 7PM -
Paquale Grasso Afternoon Jam

Sat, 4PM to 7PM -
The Dwayne Clemons Quintet

Sun, 10PM to 11:30 PM  - 
The Legendary Johnny O'Neal

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The Chicago Reader on Harold Mabern:  Live at Smalls
"[Harold Mabern carries] the torch of soul-streaked hard bop like few other living jazzmen...on the new Live at Smalls, where he’s backed by Webber and Farnsworth, Mabern kills it—he draws on his Memphis roots in songs such as Fats Domino’s “I’m Walking” and Wes Montgomery’s “Road Song,” driving the music with tough funkiness and soloing with dead-on concision." - Peter Margasak

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Monday, July 1st

7:30 PM to 9:45 PM - The Jon Davis Trio CD Release
Jon Davis - Piano , Joris Teepe - Bass , Shinnousuke Takahashi - Drums

10:00 PM to 12:30 AM - The Ari Hoenig Quartet
Tivon Pennicott - Tenor Sax , Johannes Weidenmuller - Bass , Aaron Goldberg - Piano , Ari Hoenig - Drums ,

12:30 AM to close - Afterhours with: Ben Solomon
Rashaan Carter - Bass , Davis Whitfield - Piano , Kush Abadey - Drums , Ben Solomon - Tenor Sax ,

Tuesday, July 2nd

7:30 PM to 9:45 PM - Spike Wilner Trio
Spike Wilner - Piano, Yotam Silberstein - Guitar, Paul Gill - Bass

10:00 PM to 12:30 AM (two sets) - The Smalls Legacy Band
Stacy Dillard - Tenor Sax , Josh Evans - Trumpet , Theo Hill - Piano , Rashaan Carter - Bass , Frank Lacy - Trombone , Chris Beck - Drums

12:30 AM to close - The Next Generation Sessions hosted by Kyle Poole and Friends
Kyle Poole - Drums ,

Wednesday, July 3rd

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM - Tap Dance Jam! Hosted by Michela Lerman
Michela Marino Lerman - Tap Dancer ,

9:30 PM to 12:00 AM - Behn Gillece & Ken Fowser CD Release
Ken Fowser - Tenor Sax , Behn Gillece - Vibraphone , Steve Einerson - Piano , Paul Gill - Bass , Joe Strasser - Drums

12:30 AM to Close - Sean Nowell and The Kung-Fu Masters: Acoustic Kung-Fu
Sean Nowell - Tenor Sax , Art Hirahara - Piano , Alan Ferber - Trombone , Marko Djordjevic - Drums , Michael O'Brien - Bass , Brad Mason - Trumpet , Baba Israel - Poet

Thursday, July 4th

9:30 PM to 12:00 AM - The Pete Malinverni Group
Pete Malinverni - Piano , Ugonna Okegwo - Bass , Eliot Zigmund - Drums

Midnight to Close - "Round Midnight" with: The Carlos Abadie Quintet
Carlos Abadie - Trumpet ,

Friday, July 5th

7:30 PM to 10:00 PM - The Sylvia Cuenca Quartet
Bruce Williams - Alto Sax , Rick Germanson - Piano , Chris Berger - Bass , Sylvia Cuenca - Drums ,

4:00 PM to 7:00 PM ($10 cover/musicians free) - Happy Hour Jam Session with: Pasquale Grasso
Pasquale Grasso - Guitar ,

10:30 PM to 1:00 AM - The Joe Farnsworth Trio
Joe Farnsworth - Drums , Dave Kikoski - Piano , Gerald Cannon - Bass

1:15 AM to close - Afterhours with: The Jeremy Manasia Trio
Jeremy Manasia - Piano ,

Saturday, July 6th

4:00 PM to 7:00 PM - The "Early Bird" Session hosted by Dwayne Clemons & Sasha Perry
Jimmy Wormworth - Drums , Sacha Perry - Piano , Dwayne Clemons - Trumpet , Josh Benko - Alto Sax , Murray Wall - Bass

7:30 PM to 10:00 PM - The Jeff Williams Group CD release celebration of 'The Listener'.
Duane Eubanks - Trumpet , John O'Gallagher - Alto Sax , Phil Robson - Guitar , John Hebert - Bass , Jeff Williams - Drums ,

10:30 PM to 1:00 AM - The Joe Farnsworth Trio
Joe Farnsworth - Drums , Dave Kikoski - Piano , Gerald Cannon - Bass

1:15 AM to close - Afterhours with: Eric Wyatt
Eric Wyatt - Tenor Sax ,

Sunday, July 7th

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM - Vocal Masterclass with Marion Cowings $20 entry - $40 to participate
Marion Cowings - Vocalist

4:30 PM to 7:00 PM - The Smalls Showcase Presents: The Leonid Volskiy Trio
Leo Volskiy - Piano , Chris Haney - Bass , Phil Stewart - Drums

7:30 PM to 9:45 PM - Vocalist Nancy Harms
Romain Collin - Piano , Nancy Harms - Vocalist ,

10:00 PM to 11:30 PM - The Legendary Johnny O'Neal
Johnny O'Neal - Piano ,

12:00 AM to close - "Round Midnight" with: The Sarah Slonim Trio
Sarah Slonim - Piano , George Delancy - Bass , Lawrence Leathers - Drums

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