September 14th, 2015
Dear Friends:

I often speak on the community-like nature of the Jazz Scene and its unifying properties among musicians and jazz-people.  This week I realized how much of a international community it was.  I had been invited by my old friend Joris Teepe to come to Groningen, Netherlands to be a  guest professor for the week.  Joris is the Artistic Director at the Prins Claus Conservatory and designed the program.  The critical focus of the program is making a connection to New York City culturally and otherwise for the students.  Joris, who holds passports from both Holland and the US, has done much to foster a strong educational bond between the two countries.  Each week a new musician from New York gets to present their ideas to the students and to have impact.  This includes ensemble coaching, composition class, harmony and theory, listening skills, repertoire and also private coaching.

As part of the Masters program, students then get to come to New York for several months to live and experience the city.  I don't really know of any other conservatory that takes this approach, or values the jazz culture of New York City as much.

The facility is flawless - pristine classrooms with excellent pianos and equipment.  An amazing concert hall and a really nice cafeteria for social hanging and meals.  The students were international - I met Russian, Greek, French, Iranian and many other cultures who all came to Groningen to study jazz music.  All of the students had a very high level of competence in their respective instruments, were highly respectful of what was being taught, interactive and intellectually curious.  I made good friend this week and look forward to coming back in the Spring when I do my second semester.

What was equally encouraging was the extent to which Smalls (and Mezzrow for that matter) were known to the students.  So many told me how much they valued the live stream and the archive.  Many told me that they transcribe solos directly from the archive to study and site various performances that they think are important.  It made me realize that SmallsLIVE will be a true educational tool for an international body of serious minded jazz students.  An exciting prospect!

I wish everyone the best!  As always, there's some fantastic shows coming up this week - peruse our schedule and come out and support a show.


NOW: A cover paid at Mezzrow also gets you admission to Smalls.
Mezzrow proudly endorses Steinway pianos

Monday - 9/14
David Hazeltine & Piero Odorici

               Pianist David Hazeltine is a hard-bop swinger with a crystalline touch.  No-nonsense swinging jazz here.  Joining him is saxophonist Piero Odorici.

John Merrill ( no cover ) @ 7:30 PM
David Hazeltine sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM

Sacha Perry "after-hours" @ 12 AM

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Tuesday - 9/15
John Dokes with
Steve Einerson & John Webber

Vocalist John Dokes has a deep baritone voice and a true swinging blues feeling.  Come out to discover this great singer.  With him is Steve Einerson on piano and John Webber on bass.

John Dokes sets @ 7:30 PM & 9 PM
"Polite Jam Session" at 10:30 PM

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Wednesday, Thursday - 9/16-17
Uri Caine & Mark Helias

Pianist Uri Caine is a modernist with a wide-ranging musical imagination and an engaging jazz feeling.  Join him for an evening of jazz piano duo in our austere Music Room.  With him is the exceptional bassist Mark Helias.

9/16 - Lafayette Harris Solo Piano @ 7:30 PM
9/17 - Spike Wilner Solo Piano  @ 7:30 PM

Uri Caine sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM
9/16 - Sarah Slonim "after-hours" @ 12 AM
9/17 - Jon Davis "after-hours" @ 12 AM

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Friday, Saturday - 9/18- 9/19 
Gary Smulyan
Adam Birnbaum & Yasushi Nakamura

Baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan is a long-time and hard swinging veteran of the New York jazz scene. He makes an appearence here at Mezzrow for a two nights of jazz trio with pianist Adam Birnbaum and bassist Yasushi Nakamura. 

9/18 - Ehud Asherie  @ 7:30 PM
9/19 - Spike Wilner @ 7:30 PM
Joe Temperley sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM

9/18 - Johnny O'Neal "after-hours" @ 12 AM
9/19 - Anthony Wonsey "after-hours" @ 12:30 AM

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Sunday - 9/20
Joe Magnarelli Trio

Trumpetist Joe Magnarelli is one of the most beloved voices on his instrument these days.  He plays with a soulful lyricism and great swing.  Join him for an evening of trio in our music room with Anthony Wonsey and David Wong.

Pasquale Grasso Solo Guitar @ 7:30 PM
Joe Magnarelli sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM

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(a selection of featured shows)

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Monday - 9/14
Steve Ash Trio

Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
  w. Steve Ash - Piano, Paul Gill - Bass, Peter Van Nostrand - Drums
Monday - 9/14
Ari Hoenig Nonet
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

   w. Darren Barrett - Trumpet, Will Vinson - Alto Sax, Adam Larson - Tenor Sax, Eden Bareket - Baritone Sax, Ryan Keberle - Trombone, Glenn Zaleski - Piano, Noam Wiesenberg - Bass, Ari Hoenig - Drums



Tuesday - 9/15
Theo Hill Quintet
 Sets at 9:30 PM & 11:00 PM

w. Dayna Stephens - Tenor Sax, Myron Walden - Tenor Sax, Theo Hill - Piano, Yasushi Nakamura - Bass,
Rodney Green - Drums



Wednesday & Thursday - 9/16-17
Lage Lund Quartet

Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
 w. Lage Lund - Guitar, Sullivan Fortner - Piano, Matt Brewer - Bass, Tyshawn Sorey - Drums
Wednesday - 9/16
Vitaly Golovnev Quintet
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12:00 AM
 w. Andrew Gould - Alto Sax, Vitaly Golovnev - Trumpet, Behn Gillece - Vibraphone, Mike Karn - Bass,
Aaron Kimmel - Drums
Thursday - 9/17
The Ken Fowser Quintet
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

  w. Ken Fowser - Tenor Sax, Paul Gill - Bass, Steve Einerson - Piano, Josh Bruneau - Trumpet,
Jason Tiemann - Drums


Friday - 9/18
The Richie Vitale Quintet
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM

$20 for this show
  w. Richie Vitale - Trumpet, Frank Basile - Baritone Sax, Paul Gill - Bass, Louis Rainone - Piano,
Clifford Barbaro - Drums
Friday & Saturday - 9/18-19
The Joe Farnsworth Quintet

Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM
$20 for this show
  w. Peter Bernstein - Guitar, Taber Gable - Piano, Nat Reeves - Bass, Joe Farnsworth - Drums,
Mike DiRubbo - Alto Sax, John Webber - Bass
Saturday - 9/19
The Lou Rainone Quintet + 1
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM

$20 for this show
    w. Dorian Devins - Vocalist, Richie Vitale - Trumpet, Larry Farrell - Trombone, Louis Rainone - Piano, Tom Dicarlo - Bass, Taro Okamoto - Drums


Sunday - 9/20
The OM/shalOM Project

Sets at 4:30 PM & 6 PM
w.  David Liebman - Tenor Sax, Uri Caine - Piano, Jay Anderson - Bass, Michael Stephans - Drums
Sunday - 9/20
Falkner Evans Quintet

Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
w.  Marc Mommaas - Tenor Sax, Ron Horton - Trumpet, Falkner Evans - Piano, Belden Bullock - Bass,
Matt Wilson - Drums
Sunday - 9/20
The Behn Gillece Quartet

Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM
w.  Behn Gillece - Vibraphone, Nate Radley - Guitar, Ugonna Okegwo - Bass, Jason Tiemann - Drums


Monday - 9/14, 1 AM to close
After-hours with Jonathan Barber


Tuesday - 9/15, 7:30 PM
The Ehud Asherie Trio

Tuesday - 9/15, 12:30 AM to close 
After-hours with Kyle Poole & Friends

Wednesday - 9/16, 1:30 AM to close 
After-hours Jam Session with Sanah Kadoura


Thursday - 9/17, 1:30 AM to close 
After-hours Jam Session


Friday - 9/18, 4:30 PM to 7 PM
Afternoon Jam Session with Ai Murakami Trio


Friday - 9/18, 1:15 AM
After-hours with Tivon Pennicott

Saturday - 9/19, 4 PM to 7 PM
Afternoon Jam Session w/ Jonathan Thomas

Saturday - 9/19, 1:30 AM to close
After-hours with Stacy Dillard

Sunday - 9/20, 1 PM to 3 PM
Marion Cowings Vocal Masterclass

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