May 11th, 2015
Dear Friends:

I'm sorry for the brevity of this week's newsletter - I got caught and have run out of time.   I want to mention that we have an amazing week of music ahead of us at both clubs.  At Mezzrow we are excited to have the master Ron Carter returning again with pianist Ethan Iverson.  This is their second time back at the club.  The last time was quite an event - an amazing musical experience in our intimate listening room.  Ron and Ethan will be here Thursday through Saturday.  We've also been having the legendary Johnny O'Neal grace us with an Friday night after-hours show that starts at Midnight.  Tonight is the wonderful Joanna Wallfisch and pianist Dan Tepfer and then on Tuesday and Wednesday is the fantastic bassist Nikki Parrott with my favorite pianist Rossano Sportiello.  Good times at Mezzrow.  Mezzrow's been chugging along, now in our 9th month, it feels like we've been here forever.  Everyone has been really happy with our brand new Steinway.  Also, don't forget that we have a reciprocity deal with Smalls - if you pay a cover at Mezzrow you can have a pass to Smalls for the same evening.  Check out both of our clubs on one ticket price.

Speaking of Smalls - some great shows this week as well.  Really looking forward to having my friend Jimmy Greene return to the club with his quartet.  We also have our regular maestro on Mondays Ari Hoenig, a fantastic 9 piece band led by Lucas Pino on Tuesday, Eli Digibri with Aaron Goldberg on Wednesday, Nasar Abadey and his group coming up from Washington DC this Friday and on Sunday afternoon Eyal Vilna and his big band - not to mention all of the other groups that fit in there in the schedule.

The new SmallsLIVE website really coming along and we hope to have it launched within the next 6 weeks or so (fingers crossed).

I wish everyone the best - enjoy this beautiful weather and come by and see us at Smalls and Mezzrow.


NOW: A cover paid at Mezzrow also gets you admission to Smalls.
Mezzrow proudly endorses Steinway pianos

Monday - 5/11
Joanna Wallfisch & Dan Tepfer

Vocalist Joanna Wallfisch and Pianist Dan Tepfer share a deep musical bond that reflects in their seemless interplay and effortless reading of eachother's minds.  Join them for an evening of duets in the austere music room at Mezzrow.

John Merrill Solo Guitar @ 7:30 PM
Duo sets @ 9 PM and 10:30 PM

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Tuesday, Wednesday - 5/12-13
Nicki Parrott & Rossano Sportiello

Bassist Nicki Parrott has had a wide ranging career working with artists as diverse as Les Paul to Randy Brecker.  Nicki comes in with the wonderful and swinging pianist Rossano Sportiello for two evenings of joyful repas.

Tue - Doors open @ 7 PM
Tue - Duo sets @ 8 PM & 9:30 PM
Mezzrow "polite jam session" @ 11 PM
Wed - Happy Hour Solo Piano @ 7:30 PM
Wed - Duo sets @ 9 PM & 10:30 PM

Mezzrow "polite jam session" @ 11:30 PM

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 Thursday to Saturday - 5/14-16
Ethan Iverson & Ron Carter

Pianist Ethan Iverson and bass legend Ron Carter return to Mezzrow.  The first time these guys were here it was a musical event of rare beauty and joy, we expect nothing less than the same this time around.

 Happy Hour Solo Piano @ 7:30 PM
Duo sets @ 9 PM & 10:30 PM

Thu - Jon Davis Solo Piano @ 11:30 PM
Fri - Afterhours w. Johnny O'Neal 12:00AM
Sat - Afterhours piano 12:00 AM

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Sunday - 5/17
Freddie Bryant with
Jonny King, Dezron Douglas

Guitarist Freddie Bryant has a soft touch and a lyrical singing sound.  With him is the excellent Jonny King on piano and the hard swinging Dezron Douglas on bass.

Pasquale Grasso Solo Guitar @ 7:30 PM
Duo sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM

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(a selection of featured shows)

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Monday - 5/11
Kenneth Salters Haven
CD Release party

Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
  w. Wayne Tucker - Trumpet, Myron Walden - Tenor Sax, Tivon Pennicott - Tenor Sax, Brad Whiteley - Piano,
Aki Ishiguro - Guitar, Spencer Murphy - Bass,
Kenneth Salters - Drums
Monday - 5/11
Ari Hoenig Quartet
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

w. Gilad Hekselman - Guitar, Shai Maestro - Piano, Orlando Le Fleming - Bass, Ari Hoenig - Drums
Tuesday - 5/12
Lucas Pino No Net Nonet
 Sets at 9:30 PM & 11 PM

w. Matthew Jodrell - Trumpet, Lucas Pino - Tenor, Chris Pattishall - Piano, Jimmy Macbride - Drums, Alex LoRe - Alto, Rafal Sarnecki - Guitar, Nick Finzer - Trombone, Dave Baron - Bass, Andrew Gutauskas - Bari Sax
Wednesday - 5/13
Eli Degibri Quartet
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
 w. Eli Degibri - Tenor Sax, Aaron Goldberg - Piano, Omer Avital - Bass, Obed Calvaire - Drums
Wednesday - 5/13
The Mitch Marcus Band
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM
 w. Mitch Marcus - Tenor Sax, Evan Francis - Alto Sax, Jeff Miles - Guitar, Peter Brendler - Bass,
Jesse Simson - Drums
Thursday - 5/14
Josh Bruneau Band
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM

w. Jovan Alexandre - Tenor Sax, Josh Bruneau - Trumpet, Taber Gable - Piano, Matt Dwonzsyk - Bass,
Jason Tiemann - Drums
Thursday - 5/14
The Tivon Pennicott Band
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

  w. Tivon Pennicott - Tenor Sax, Yasushi Nakamura - Bass, Joey Saylor - Drums
Friday - 5/15
Nasar Abadey & SUPERNOVA
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
$20 for this show
w. Josh Evans - Trumpet, Abraham Burton - Tenor Sax, Allyn Johnson - Piano, James King - Bass, Nasar Abadey - Drums
Friday, Saturday - 5/15-16
Jimmy Greene Band
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

$20 for this show
 w. Jimmy Greene - Tenor Sax,Taber Gable - Piano, Luke Sellick - Bass, Jonathan Barber - Drums
Saturday - 5/16
The Neal Kirkwood Quintet
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
 w. Ron Horton - Trumpet, Jimmy Cozier - Alto Sax, Neal Kirkwood - Piano, Lindsey Horner - Bass,
Lieven Venken - Drums
Sunday - 5/17
The Eyal Vilner Bag Band
Sets at 4:30 PM & 6 PM
 w. Joel Frahm - Tenor Sax, John Mosca - Trombone, Dan Block - Clarinet, Eyal Vilner - Alto Sax, Charenee Wade - Vocalist, Freddie Hendrix - Trumpet, Tadataka Unno - Piano, Asaf Yuria - Tenor Sax, Wayne Tucker - Trumpet, Andrew Gould - Alto Sax, Vitaly Golovnev - Trumpet, Tamir Shmerling - Bass, Eden Bareket - Baritone Sax, Bryan Davis - Trumpet, Eric Miller - Trombone, Eran Fink - Drums, Ron Wilkins - Trombone




Sunday - 5/17
The Lezlie Harrison Quartet
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
w. Lezlie Harrison - Vocalist, Saul Rubin - Guitar, Ben Paterson - Piano, Brandon Lewis - Drums
Sunday - 5/17
The JC Stylles Quartet
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

w. Troy Roberts - Tenor Sax, JC Stylles - Guitar, Pat Bianchi - Organ, Lawrence Leathers - Drums


Monday - 5/11, 1 AM to close
Afterhours with Jonathan Barber


Tuesday - 5/12, 12:30 AM to close 
The Spike Wilner Trio


Tuesday - 5/12, 12:30 AM to close 
The Next Generation Sessions with Alexander Claffy

Wednesday - 5/13, 1:30 AM to close 
Afterhours Jam Session with Sanah Kadoura


Thursday - 5/14, 1:30 AM to close 
Afterhours Jam Session


Friday - 5/15, 4:30 PM to 7 PM
Friday afternoon open jam session With The Corey Wallace DUBtet


Friday - 5/15, 1:15 AM
Friday Afterhours With :
Tony Hewitt & Champian Fulton Project

Saturday - 5/16, 4 PM to 7 PM
Saturday Afternoon Open Jam Session
With : Tuomo Uusitalo Trio

Saturday - 5/16, 1:30 AM to close
Afterhours with Stacy Dillard

Sunday - 5/17, 1 PM to 3 PM
Vocal Masterclass with Marion Cowings 
$20 entry, $40 to participate

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