March 2nd, 2015
Dear Friends:

"The Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene" - that's the actual full title of the New York City branch that investigates all bars and restaurants and doles out the fines, the "A"'s and "B"s etc.  I understand the health part but the "mental hygiene" never made sense to me until the other night.

It was a packed house at Smalls for Ken Salters group.  Of course, it's only when a business is in full swing do they send the inspectors - never when it's convenient.  Our most pressing issue has been Minnow, the jazz cat that lives in our club and defends us from mice and large water-bugs.  We have a pretty good system down with grabbing her and skirting her out the back way as soon as we see an inspector show up.  This time, we weren't so lucky as there she was sitting in Mitch's lap just as he arrived.  This was a new guy, someone we hadn't seen at Smalls before.  He came down the steps and just stood there for a second - kind of bewildered.  It definitely wasn't what he was expecting to see - a jazz club in full swing, a cat, folks everywhere.  Mitch tossed the cat and started to explain but the guy didn't really seem to notice her.  He walked in.  Looking at the band and the crowd, he turned and said; "wow, they're playing real instruments!" - Mitch smiled, maybe we had a chance.  We took him behind the bar and showed him our thermometers, hand wash signs, all the things we knew had to be there but he hardly seemed interested.  Then Tivon Pennicott started to take a solo on the tenor and the guy just stood there and smiled.  He was in utter disbelief!  He took it all in, like it was some kind of dream and just smiled.  A real music lover.  After about 15 minutes, he came back from behind the bar and went to Mitch.  "You guys pass, I love this place!" - and then handed us our "A", a clean bill of health - the scene is clean, as they say.  It seems that in this case our "mental hygiene" was grade-A, what could be better for the mentality than a nice does of real jazz music, a great crowd and a good vibe?  Cat?  What, cat?



NOW: A cover paid at Mezzrow also gets you admission to Smalls.
Mezzrow proudly endorses Steinway pianos

 Monday - 3/2
Mezzrow will be closed this evening

    • Mezzrow will be closed Monday night for some renovations.  Please try us tomorrow evening.

Tuesday - 3/3
Vocalist Vanessa Perea

Vocalist Vanessa Perea has a deep and sultry voice with spot-on intonation and a wonderful jazz feeling.  With her is pianist Ben Paterson and bassist Dylan Shamat.

 Happy Hour Solo Piano @ 7 PM
Duo sets @ 8 PM & 9:30 PM

Mezzrow "polite jam session" @ 10:30 PM

To advance purchase a reserved seat click:

Wednesday - 3/4
Pete Malinverni & Ben Allison

Pianist Pete Malinverni is a long-time force on the jazz scene and also a beloved educator.  His playing is melodic and eclectic but always with a great jazz feeling.  Joining him tonight is bassist Ben Allison for an evening of duets.

Thursday - 3/5
Pete Malinverni & Rich Perry

Joining Pete Malinverni is the wonderful tenor saxophonist Rich Perry for an evening of duets.

 Happy Hour Solo Piano @ 7:30 PM
Duo sets @ 9 PM & 10:30 PM

Wed-Mezzrow "polite jam session" @ 11:30 PM
Thu-Jon Davis Solo Piano @ 11:30 PM

To advance purchase a reserved seat click:

Friday & Saturday - 3/6-7
Hod O'Brien & Daryl Johns
  • Hod O'Brien is an unsung hero of the piano.  Steeped in the be-bop tradtion, his lines are sparkling and melodic.  Join us for this rare appearance at Mezzrow in duet with the bass prodigy Daryl Johns.

    Solo Piano Happy Hour @ 7:15 PM
    Duo sets @ 9 PM & 10:30 PM
    Fri - After Hours with Johnny O'Neal @ 12 AM

    To advance purchase a reserved seat click:

Sunday - 3/8
Jeremy Pelt & Champian Fulton
  • Jeremy Pelt is a lyrical master of the trumpet with a great swinging feeling and reverence for the American Songbook.  With him is the pianist/vocalist Champian Fulton.

    Pasquale Grasso Solo Guitar @ 7:30 PM
    Duo sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM

    To advance purchase a reserved seat click:

(a selection of featured shows)

For our full schedule please go to

Monday - 3/2
The Jon Davis Trio

Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
w. Jon Davis - Piano, Yasushi Nakamura - Bass, Gene Jackson - Drums

Jon Davis is a harmonic master and inventive improvisor.  Come and discover this veteran artist.
Monday - 3/2
Julian Shore Quartet

Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM
w. Julian Shore - Piano, Gilad Hekselman - Guitar, Aidan Carroll - Bass, Jochen Rueckert - Drums

Pianist Julian Shore returns to Smalls with a band that features the amazing Gilad Hekselman on the guitar.
Tuesday - 3/3
Smalls Legacy Band
Feat. Frank Lacy

Sets at 9:30 PM & 11 PM

w. Frank Lacy - Trombone, Stacy Dillard - Tenor Sax, Josh Evans - Trumpet, Theo Hill - Piano,
Ameen Saleem - Bass, Kush Abadey - Drums

Frank Lacy is a classic and so is this hard hitting group.  Don't miss the Smalls Legacy Sextet.
Wednesday - 3/4
Chet Doxas Band
Sets at 8 PM & 9:30 PM
w. Chet Doxas - Tenor Sax, Matt Stevens - Guitar, Zack Lober - Bass, Eric Doob - Drums

Canadian tenor saxophonist Chet Doxas is a force to be reckoned with.  A modern thinking improvisor with a fluid technique.
Wednesday - 3/4
LSCQ Quintet

Sets at 11 PM & 12:30 AM
  w. Sharel Cassity - Alto Sax, Lauren Sevian - Baritone Sax, Theo Hill - Piano, Yasushi Nakamura - Bass,
Kush Abadey - Drums

Sharel Cassity has become one of the most in-demand artists currently playing.  She has a fiery approach and an amazing groove.  With her is the virtuostic Lauren Sevian on the baritone.
Thursday - 3/5
Yotam Silberstein Quartet
Sets at 8 PM & 9:30 PM

w. Yotam Silberstein - Guitar, Shai Maestro - Piano,
Pablo Menares - Bass, Jochen Rueckert - Drums

Israeli guitarist Yotam Silberstein has a soulful and melodic approach to improvising.  He is an original with a true jazz feeling.
Thursday - 3/5
The Carlos Abadie Quintet
Sets at 11 PM & 12:30 AM
w. Carlos Abadie - Trumpet, Peter Zak - Piano, Clovis Nicolas - Bass, Luca Santaniello - Drums

Carlos Abadie is a no-nonsense veteran of this music and has an excellent hard bopping quintet.
Friday - 3/6
Ralph Lalama & "Bop-Juice"
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
$20 for this show
w. Ralph Lalama - Tenor Sax, David Wong - Bass,
Clifford Barbaro - Drums

Ralph Lalama and his long-time trio "Bopjuice" return to the Smalls stage. With him is the drum legend Cliff Barbaro.
Friday,Saturday - 3/6-7
Alex Norris Organ Quartet
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

$20 for this show
 w. Alex Norris - Trumpet, Troy Roberts - Tenor Sax, Pat Bianchi - Organ, Brian Floody - Drums

Alex Norris may be the most under-rated trumpet player on the scene.  He has a brilliant concept and a fantastic feel.  With him is organist Pat Bianchi and the ever-swinging Brian Floody on drums.
Saturday - 3/7
Alex Hoffman Quartet
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM

$20 for this show
 w. Alex Hoffman - Tenor Sax, Emanuele Basentini - Guitar, Neal Miner - Bass, Keith Balla - Drums

Alex Hoffman is steeped in the tradition of be-bop and plays with a fluid grace.  Come out to hear this excellent quartet.
Sunday - 3/8
Marianne Solivan Big Band

Sets at 4:30 PM & 6 PM
w. Marianne Solivan - Vocalist, Mike Sailor - Trumpet, Andy Graish - Trumpet, Todd Bashore - Alto Sax, Alex Terrier - Alto Sax, Stacy Dillard - Tenor Sax,  Carl Maraghi - Baritone Sax, Peter Nelson - Trombone, David Gibson - Trombone, John Chin - Piano, Neal Caine - Bass,
Chris Smith - Drums

Vocalist Marianne Solivan makes her big band debut for this Sunday afternoon matinee.
Sunday - 3/8
The Flail
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

w. Dan Blankinship - Trumpet, Stephan Moutot - Tenor Sax, Brian Marsella - Piano, Reid Taylor - Bass,
Charles Goold - Drums

The Flail is a highly creative collective of musicians that play a unique book of originals.  Pianist Brian Marsella is particularly brilliant.


Monday - 3/2, 1 AM to close
Afterhours with Jonathan Barber Quartet


Tuesday - 3/3, 7:30 PM to close 
The Ehud Asherie Trio

Tuesday - 3/3 12:30 AM to close 
The Next Generation Sessions with Kyle Poole


Friday -3/6, 4:30 PM to 7 PM
Friday afternoon open jam session With :
Sanah Kadoura Trio

Saturday - 3/7, 4 PM to 7 PM
Saturday Afternoon Open Jam Session
: Tuomo Uusitalo Trio

Saturday -3/7, 1:30 AM to close
Afterhours with Eryc Wyatt Quartet

Sunday - 3/8, 1 PM to 3 PM
Vocal Masterclass with Marion Cowings 
$20 entry, $40 to participate

Sunday - 3/8, 7:30 PM to 10 PM
The Tap Dance Jam

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