Dear Musicians:

You are receiving this because I've already sent you an email to this address with a link for the new SmallsLIVE website, which will be the archive revenue share website.  If you have already clicked the link and got your password (ie. registered) then there are some instructions at the very bottom for how to use the site and get at your content.  If you didn't get the email with the link or can't find it - email me back and I'll resend it.

If you have not yet clicked the link - please go ahead and do so.  I promise it's not going to fuck up your computer or do anything bad.  It's going to take you to the new site and ask you to choose a password.  However, once you've chosen a password, if you want to log back into the site use:   

DONT CLICK THE LINK AGAIN - I think this is causing some confusion.  Once the site is launched it will be  I hoping to launch the site within another week or so, but I wanted to make sure that all the musicians involved have their accounts and are cool with everything.

If you've encountered any problem with the registration (and I've already gotten a few) - EMAIL ME! at  Please - the only way we can get all the bugs out of the new system is if you cats can communicate any issues you might find.

You may see some data in your "metrics" page.  Please don't be confused by that because it's still part of the testing process.  When we go live, all the data will be cleared and started from scratch.  Everything will start from zero.

ALSO - please take the time to read the "legal" section and click that you agree.  You can download this as a document if you want to share it with your lawyer or something.  It is synopsized on the left.  This legal agreement is the result of about two years of work which included "town hall" style meetings with musicians, meetings with the Local 802 and several other meetings to try and create the fairest, most musician-friendly agreement we could come up with.  These are YOUR recordings to do as you wish - check it out.  I'm open to further comments here as well.  But this agreement was created to protect your content and the relationship with the club, etc.

This is a revenue sharing project and everyone who has played at Smalls and is in the archive will get PAID.  Our new motto: "SmallsLIVE - everyone gets paid!" - I really believe that even a modest success with this system will have a big impact on your economy and the club's economy.  It's win-win and we can all make this work.

Finally - if you know some cats that have not yet been invited, it is most-likely that I don't have their current email.  You can tell sidemen or anyone you know who's played at Smalls to email me with their current email and I will send them the link.

I appreciate everyone's cooperation with this project.  Please forgive me if I send another couple of emails before the launch.  I just want to make sure everything's cool.



After logging into SmallsLIVE - you'll see your name in the upper right-hand corner with a little "down arrow" - click that and a drop-down menu will appear.  Choose "Artist Dashboard"


All Artists that perform at Smalls will have access to their Artist Dashboard.  It is from this part of the site that Artists will be able to access their public profiles (bios, photos) as well as their shows.   Artist tagged, as “leaders” will have the right to download those shows for their personal use as well as edit (tag) who was on a show and to give other artists “leader” status for those gigs.
Dashboard –
This page gives you information about how much attention your media has gotten for the current month in both “minutes” and “plays”.  It is the “minutes” that determines your payout ratio at the end of a pay period.  It also shows you your “most viewed events (video)” and “most listened to events (audio)”.   It will also show you any upcoming events that have you tagged on it.  If you are the “leader” than you can edit the event.
Metrics –
This page gives you information performance information on your media as well as the entire Archive as a whole.  You’ll see your top 10 performing events (in rank of popularity), the current payout date and the your history of payouts from the launch of the site.
My Events –
From this page you can see all of the events that you have been “tagged” on as either a “leader” or “sideperson”.  There are a series of filters you can apply at the top of the page in order to view your data (i.e. Only the shows that you are a “leader”, or only the video, etc).
If you are the “leader” of a gig then you will be able to click the “Event Details/Edit” button.  This will take you to the specific page for that event.  As a “leader” you will have the right to download from this page the video or audio (if they exist).  From this page you will also be able to tag other artists to the show.  This is important because if there is a musician who was on a show but not tagged to the date then they will not get credit when that show is viewed.  It is important to review your shows and make sure your sidepeople got tagged for your shows.   You may also choose to tag your sidepersons as “leaders” – everyone on a show can be a “leader”.   By conveying “leader” status to a musician will give them the right to edit and download the show.  It also gives them an ownership in the master of the recording (see the legal agreement).
“Leaders” may also choose to make a certain show either “Published” or “Private”.  If a show is “Public” it will be available to SmallsLIVE subscribers and will get credit as people listen to or view the show.  If it is “private” then it will only be available to the musicians who are tagged on that show and will not generate any revenue.  If you make any changes to this page be sure to click “Save Event” at the bottom of the page to lock in the changes or they will be lost.
Edit Public Profile
It is from this page that you can edit your bio, photo, instrument played, your personal website, etc.  This is the profile that the public will see if they search you in the archive.
This is the SmallsLIVE Artist Agreement, which pertains to your participation in the revenue share.  It is synopsized on the left and you can download a copy for your personal records or use.  You must click the “I Agree” button before we can begin including you in the payouts from the revenue share.
Copyright © 2015 SmallsLIVE, All rights reserved.

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