September 21st, 2015
Dear Friends:

I've been thinking about my friend and teacher the late great Harry Whitaker, who's birthday was this weekend.  He would have been 73 this year.  Harry was a ubiquitous figure on the scene and touched the lives of so many musicians.  He was a great pianist from the true Detroit tradition of jazz playing which included Hank Jones, Tommy Flanagan and Barry Harris.  Harry had that sound - that unmistakable Detroit touch but with something different, something askew.

Harry was a complex man and in many ways a loner.  He described himself as a "lone-wolf".  But he gave so much from his heart to so many people.  As a youngster, I met Harry at Arturo's Coal Oven Pizza, where he played and it was his steady gig until the end of his life.  He became my mentor and then my dear friend and personal advisor.   He would give me advice on everything in life - girls, business but mostly music.  He was a great and intuitive teacher.  I was having problems integrating my left hand with my right hand - it was throwing off my timing.  He said; "next time you play, sit on that left hand and just play right!".  The next night at Smalls I sat in to play and did as he said - I literally sat on my left hand and played my entire solo with just my right.  Afterwards, Harry, who was seated at the bar, came running to the bandstand laughing and waving his hands in the air - "you see!!  you got it!!" - I had played something that sounded good.  He had opened my mind.

Harry's approach to jazz was like Zen.  He was the master of spontaneity.  He firmly believed in having zero preparation before playing a set of music - to just find material that you "owned" and to let yourself surrender to the moment.  Whatever happened, happened - that was jazz, real jazz.  Harry's band was called "Moment To Moment" and it aptly described his music and his playing.  Harry was free.  Harry was creative.  Harry was completely open.

Mr. Whitaker - we miss you!  The scene hasn't been the same since you left but your memory will remain with us as will your indelible imprint on our music, minds and hearts.  It's been my blessing to have known you in my life.

Quite a lot of great music at both clubs this week.  Please peruse our schedule below and come out and support a show.  Bounce back and forth, east to west and west to east again - the corners of 7th ave and 10th street are alive with jazz music!



NOW: A cover paid at Mezzrow also gets you admission to Smalls.
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Monday - 9/21
Joel Frahm with
Spike Wilner & Neal Miner

              Tenor saxophonist Joel Frahm plays with incessant creativity and humor and passion and joy.  Come out to hear him for a night of jazz trio in Mezzrow's special Music Room.  With him is pianist Spike Wilner and bassist Neal Miner.

Guitarist JC Stylles (no cover) @ 7:30 PM
Joel Frahm sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM

Sacha Perry "after-hours" @ 12 AM

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Tuesday - 9/22
Evan Christopher & Ehud Asherie

Evan Christopher plays the clarinet with authority and with great swining joy.  His shows at Mezzrow are always an event and a pleasure to be at.  With him is the swining Ehud Asherie on piano for an evening of duets in Mezzrow's Music Room.

Evan Christopher sets @ 7:30 PM & 9 PM
Mezzrow "Polite" Jam Session @ 10:30 PM

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Wednesday, Thursday - 9/23-24
Toshiko Akiyoshi & Steve Whipple

Pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi is a true jazz legend.  She rarely performs duo in New York City but will be coming in for two evenings in Mezzrow's austere Music Room.  Don't miss this very special event!

9/23 - Lafayette Harris (no cover) @ 7:30 PM
9/24 - Spike Wilner (no cover) @ 7:30 PM
Toshiko Akiyoshi sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM
9/23 - "after-hours" w/ Sarah Slonim @ 12 AM
9/24 - "after-hours" w/ Jon Davis @ 12 AM

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Friday, Saturday - 9/25-26
Mike LeDonne & Bob Cranshaw

Pianist Mike LeDonne is a veteran player with a driving swing and complete knowledge of the tradtion of this music.  With him is a true jazz legend, the amazing Bob Cranshaw on bass for two evenings of jazz duet.

9/25 - Ehud Asherie ( No cover ) @ 7:30 PM
9/26 - Spike Wilner ( No cover ) @ 7:30 PM
Mike LeDonne sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM
9/25- Johnny O'Neal "after-hours" @ 12:30 AM
9/26 - Anthony Wonsey "after-hours" @ 12:30 AM

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Sunday - 9/27
Mezzrow Classical Salon

The Mezzrow Classical Salon under the direction of pianist David Oei. Violin and Piano Recital featuring violinist Kinga Augustyn. 

Mezzrow Classical Salon @ 5 PM

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Sunday - 9/27
Scott Wendholt with
David Berkman & Ugonna Okegwo

Trumpetist Scott Wendholt is a true veteran of the jazz scene.  A modern thinking player with consumate technique and feeling.  He comes to Mezzrow with pianist David Berkman and bassist Ugonna Okegwo for an evening of jazz trio.

Saul Rubin Solo Guitar @ 7:30 PM
Scott Wendholt Sets @ 9:30 PM & 11 PM

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(a selection of featured shows)

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Monday - 9/21
Jon Davis Trio

Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
  w. Jon Davis - Piano, Ugonna Okegwo - Bass, Jochen Rueckert - Drums
Monday - 9/21
Ari Hoenig Quartet
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

   w. Tivon Pennicott - Tenor Sax, Eden Ladin - Piano, Orlando Le Fleming - Bass, Ari Hoenig - Drums


Tuesday - 9/22
Josh Evans "Hope & Despair"
Sets at 9:30 PM & 11 PM

w. Josh Evans - Trumpet, Abraham Burton - Tenor Sax, David Bryant - Piano, Rashaan Carter - Bass, Eric McPherson - Drums


Wednesday, Thursday - 9/23-24
Taylor Eigsti Trio + Special Guests
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM

  w. Taylor Eigsti - Piano, Harish Raghavan - Bass, Obed Calvaire - Drums


Wednesday - 9/23
Adam Larson Quartet
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12:00 AM
 w. Adam Larson - Tenor Sax, Fabian Almazan - Piano, Joshua Crumbly - Bass, Rudy Royston - Drums


Thursday - 9/24
J.D. Allen Quartet
Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM

  w. Darius Jones - Alto Sax, J.D. Allen - Tenor Sax, Joseph Lepore - Bass, Rudy Royston - Drums


Friday - 9/25
Tardo Hammer Trio
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM

$20 for this show
  w. Tardo Hammer - Piano, Lee Hudson - Bass,
Jimmy Wormworth - Drums
Friday, Saturday - 9/25-26
Mike DiRubbo Quintet

Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM
$20 for this show
  w. Ugonna Okegwo - Bass, Mike DiRubbo - Alto Sax, Rudy Royston - Drums, Josh Evans - Trumpet, Brian Charette - Organ
Saturday - 9/26
Sean Smith Quartet
Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM

$20 for this show
    w. John Ellis - Tenor Sax, Nate Radley - Guitar, Sean Smith - Bass, Russ Meissner - Drums
Sunday - 9/27
George Gee Orchestra

Sets at 4:30 PM & 6 PM
w.  Willard Dyson - Drums, Paul Nedzela - Baritone Sax, Alex Norris - Trumpet, Marcus McLaurine - Bass, Steve Einerson - Piano, Hilary Gardner - Vocalist, Ed Pazant - Alto Sax, Mike Sailor - Trumpet,
Robert Edwards - Trombone
Sunday - 9/27
Sole-ful Sunday Tap Show
with Michela Lerman

Sets at 7:30 PM & 9 PM
w.  Michela Lerman - Tap Dancer
Sunday - 9/27
Sacha Perry Trio

Sets at 10:30 PM & 12 AM
w.  Sacha Perry - Piano


Monday - 9/21, 1 AM to close
Afterhours with Jonathan Michel


Tuesday - 9/22, 12:30 AM to close 
After-hours Jam Session
with The Corey Wallace DUBtet

Wednesday - 9/23, 1:30 AM to close 
Afterhours Jam Session with Sanah Kadoura


Thursday - 9/24, 1:30 AM to close 
After-hours Jam Session


Friday - 9/25, 4:30 PM to 7 PM
Afternoon open jam session
with Tuomo Uusitalo Trio


Friday - 9/25, 1:15 AM
Friday Afterhours with The Anthony Wonsey Trio

Saturday - 9/26, 4 PM to 7 PM
Saturday Afternoon Open Jam Session
With : Ben Meigners Trio

Saturday - 9/26, 1:30 AM to close
Afterhours with Philip Harper

Sunday - 9/27, 1 PM to 3 PM
Marion Cowings Vocal Masterclass

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