These dance performances made the audience cry.

Watch the Performances that Brought Tears to Audiences' Eyes

It's been two years since Ouranitsa has posted a performance video to YouTube.  As a grand re-entrance to the YouTube world, she has decided to post the two most recent public performances from the past year.  You can watch them in sequence here (October 2014's "Glitter in the Air" at Mariza's Shimmytastic Boogaloo) and here (March 2015's "I Was Here" at Art of the Belly).  Enjoy!


Barakaat Presents KIN, an Epic Tale of Conflict and Redemption Told Through Bellydance!

Although Ouranitsa will be running front-of-the-house duties and not gracing the stage for this performance, you cannot miss this once-in-a-lifetime event never before seen in the Baltimore area!  For tickets and more info (there are only a few matinee tickets left!) click here

Thank you!
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