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Construction Equipment used on construction jobs often creates dangerous conditions. This week, Safety Daily examines a few situations which should be watched for at all times.
  • Any moving equipment such as skip loaders, back hoes, trenchers, cranes, hi-lifts, trucks, you name it, should be respected and avoided. Do not just assume that the operator sees you. You could wind up injured or worse. In addition, do not depend on hearing a horn or an alarm to warn you that moving equipment is near. You may not be able to hear the equipment's alarm over other construction noise.
  • When you see that equipment is traveling backwards, keep out of the way and stand clear until the operator has completed his maneuver. Never cut across the path behind any unit while it is backing. You could easily trip and full under the equipment. For the same reason you should never ride on the running boards, steps or drawbar or any equipment, even for a short distance.
IRWIN Four Aces Safety Culture The Ace of the Month for April is…
Assessing and accepting the consequences of our decisions, while making those decisions in the best interests of the employees and entire organization, ensure we remain true to our values.

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Our mission is to promote safety as your first thought every morning.

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