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Let’s face it, it’s always easier to do a job with the right tool. Not having or not using the proper tool can cause injury and reduce productivity. Misuse can also be expensive if a tool is damaged or mars the part being worked on. An improper tool is more likely to cause such damage. Why don’t we always remember?

Tools are not indestructible.

A hammer and wrench, or wrench and cheater bar, can’t take the place of an impact gun or a long handled wrench. The use of a cheater bar, or hammering on the wrench, can cause the wrench to break. Also, if you are on the end of the cheater bar, you are likely to be thrown. If a wrench breaks while being struck, it will go flying and the hammer may go unchecked. So keep in mind what, or who, these objects are going to hit, causing injury or damage. If a fastener won’t turn, don’t resort to brute force. Try penetrating oil first. Maybe a little heat will help. If force is needed, use an impact gun or other special tool. And remember too, conventional socket wrenches may break if used on impact tools—use impact sockets instead.

Tools don’t take care of themselves. Keep them sharp and in good repair. Let your tools do the work they were designed to do. Tools are meant to make your job easier. Use the right one and they will! Use your tools like a professional!
IRWIN Four Aces Safety Culture The Ace of the Month for March is…
Having a consistent bias for action, applied toward following procedures, assessing and eliminating hazards, and intervening to prevent incidents, is at the core of this Ace.

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Our mission is to promote safety as your first thought every morning.

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