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When you are working overhead—on a roof, a ladder, or a scaffold—look out for anyone who may be working below. Most of us would feel pretty bad if we dropped a tool or debris that caused an injury to someone else. Why take a chance? This week we'll look at a few ways you can prevent this from happening. 


When cleaning up scraps or debris while working aloft, don’t throw anything over the edge. All debris should be dropped through a chute, or craned down to the ground in a barrel or other trash container.

Play it safe with your tools and materials when working above ground. Shortcuts often result in incidents that can hurt you and your fellow workers. 

IRWIN Four Aces Safety Culture The Ace of the Month for September is…
Believing that it is truly possible to be injury free, while maintaining a positive and proactive attitude toward safety is essential to accomplishing our goals while working and performing safely.

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Our mission is to promote safety as your first thought every morning.

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