Safety Daily: Our mission is to promote safety as your first thought every morning. Rise and shine!
Safety Daily by IRWIN Industries. Rise and shine!
Your safety thought for this morning is…
  • Let’s face it, it’s always easier to do a job with the right tool. Not having or not using the proper tool can cause injury and reduce productivity. Misuse can also be expensive if a tool is damaged or mars the part being worked on. An improper tool is more likely to cause such damage. Why don’t we always remember?

    A knife is not a screwdriver!

    The design of a knife doesn’t provide enough leverage for tightening a screw properly. The knife blade will probably break as well, if you use it as a screwdriver—and you risk a slip that could cut your finger or hand. By the way, when you do use a screwdriver, never hold the work piece in your other hand. If the tool slips, you could be painfully stabbed.

    Tools don’t take care of themselves. Keep them sharp and in good repair. Let your tools do the work they were designed to do. Tools are meant to make your job easier. Use the right one and they will! Use your tools like a professional!
IRWIN Four Aces Safety Culture The Ace of the Month for January is…
Believing that it is truly possible to be injury free while maintaining a positive and proactive ATTITUDE toward safety is essential to accomplishing our goals while working and performing safely.

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Our mission is to promote safety as your first thought every morning.

Rise and shine!

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