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Fast Break Aug 2013
140 Players Or Less
@verbalcommits is breaking tons of news, and keeping you informed via our twitter stream with handy links back to our player profile pages. 

Home Court Advantage
Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to click our feedback buttons and send us a correction.  You're the best 6th man a site could ask for!

New Jerseys

We recently updated the look of our site, finally ditching the unintentionally ironic retro look for something a bit cleaner and more modern.  While we're still not modern compared to Baylor's neon jerseys, hopefully our new black jerseys will impress some recruits. 

Pull-up Jumpers

As part of our updates to the site, we also changed some functionality.  We updated the news to give you a preview in an overlay as you mouse-over the headline, saving you a click to pull up the same information.  You'll notice similar functionality when you look at our depth charts, where the player info is also now displayed in an overlay rather than directly on the chart itself.

Saber Metrics

We were thrilled to assist the talented Dan Hanner, who leads Real GM's college basketball coverage, as he was doing some analysis on star ratings in preparation for his pre-season rankings.  Dan was able to confirm the value of recruiting ratings, and draw some interesting conclusions about their effectiveness as a performance predictor.  Dan's follow-up piece on player development by star rating was fascinating as well.

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