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January 12, 2023

Dyanne Frazier, member of University Baptist in Portales, has gone to Kenya the past 13 years to participate in mission endeavors there. Recently, she presented Pleasant Hill Baptist Church with an opportunity to participate in a project to drill a water well for a community there that will be used by the entire village. Pleasant Hill is interested in participating, but wants to also invite other Tri-Area churches to join them. Below are the details of the proposed project.

Jamii Outreach Ministries Kenya is registered under the Societies Act and its primary mandate is to carry out community-based projects in Kenya. They have a project in the sprawling slums of Kibera where they offer quality education in line with the current Competence Based Curriculum (CBC), as well as a daily feeding program. Their goal as an Organization is to provide quality education and better living standards for the less fortunate and orphaned children.

They have a farm located in Nyandarua County, one of the semi-arid areas of Kenya. The main activities carried out in this area are cattle rearing and subsistence farming. The annual rainfall in the area is approximately 500mm, which is too low to support the people as well as livestock. The main source of water in the area is man-made water pans which are shared with the animals as well. The area is prone to droughts, and there is no stable source of water.

Their desire is to drill a borehole in this area to enable them supply clean drinking water to the surrounding community. They also plan to use some of the water in an agricultural project to increase food security in the area and also supply the produce to some of their partners such as Jamii Orphanage Nakuru.


They have been able to do the initial survey which established the point where they are to drill. The depth of the borehole is estimated to be 200 meters. The pricing of the drilling process as well as fitting of a pump and general development was estimated as follows:


1. Drilling and general development of the well at 200 meters - $14,240

2. Authorization permits and county council permits - $1,200

3. Supply and equipping of pump set - $5,000

TOTAL - $20,440
This is a rough estimate of the capital required to initiate the project. When the drilling is done they will use the water to improve the living standards of the people in the region. They also hope to use it as an income generating activity to help boost their work in empowering the needy and orphaned children in Nairobi and Nakuru as well as across the country as they grow.

If your church is interested in helping fund this project, contact our DOM, Dave McFadden, at 575-607-5495. He will let Dyanne know of your interest.

FBC San Jon ordained three men this past Sunday, January 8th, during their morning service. After announcements and a time of singing, Pastor Michael Erwin brought a message from Exodus 18:17-27, which describes how Moses followed the advice of his father-in-law, Jethro. The key verse that Pastor Michael emphasized was verse 17: "Moses' father-in-law said to him, 'What you are doing is not good.'" Pastor Michael pointed out that with San Jon having no deacons since the loss of Deacon Paul Gibson last fall, it was not good for him, as pastor, to try to do as Moses was doing - going it alone. This is why the church needed new deacons.


After the message, Pastor Michael introduced the three men who were being ordained: Nathan Wallace, Brad Bryant, and Rance Ford. He had the men answer some questions of commitment, to which they answered, "Yes, with the Lord's help." He then turned to the congregation and asked if they would support the men in their assuming their responsibilities, to which the congregation answered, "Yes, with the Lord's help."

Following these commitment questions, Pastor Michael invited members of the congregation to come and gather around the three men as he prayed a prayer of dedication for them.


The service was brought to a conclusion with a closing prayer and a time of allowing the congregation to congratulate their new Deacons. They are pictured below with their pastor. From left to right are Pastor Michael Erwin, Brad Bryant, Nathan Wallace, and Rance Ford.


If your church has not already signed up, make sure that you sign up for MinistrySafe by JANUARY 31, 2023 to have the first year’s annual fee waved. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to have access to this excellent training and valuable information for your church and ministries.

Please note: the annual fee is free for the first year. There is a small fee for each training video, and any background checks are a separate service.


The agenda for this meeting will be technology. We will have the Clovis schools music tech Matthew Wolfe here to help teach us some great hands-on lessons about sound systems, lighting, and Audio/Video systems. Roy Martin, Worship Pastor at Parkland Baptist in Clovis, will help us on technical learning on worship programs, video production, and conversion for worship.
                          Matthew Wolfe                                Roy Martin

We hope to see you for a great “hands-on” conference! The training will be at Parkland Baptist in Clovis and will begin at 10 a.m. and conclude with lunch, provided by Tri-Area Baptist Association.

The deadline to register is Thursday, February 2nd.

Registration for this event is now open. Click 
HERE to register your group.

This past Tuesday, January 10th, the Advisory Team for Cristo es la Puerta met at FBC Portales. When this new work was begun four years ago, the team would meet monthly. Last year, they moved to meeting every other week, and this year, will meet quarterly. The idea is to allow the new church to make more and more of their own decisions apart from the Advisory Team.

Representatives from FBC Portales, Emmanuel Farmington, Pleasant Hill Baptist church, Tri-Area Baptist Association, Foundations of Faith Dairy Ministry and the BCNM came together to meet with the pastor of La Puerta, Arturo Villa. Ricardo Rivera, with the BCNM, joined the meeting via Zoom, while his new Hispanic Associate, Mario Navarro (pictured below) drove up from Hobbs to be at the meeting.

Mario will be assigned the area of New Mexico along the Eastern side of the state up to Clovis and across the southern part of the state to Silver City. So he will be our primary contact with the BCNM People Groups Team in Tri-Area.

The group looked over reports from November and December. They then discussed how things were progressing with training the church treasurer and the congregation on handling finances. Ricardo will complete the training he has started with the church, with Mario's assistance.

Pastor Arturo then reported about a block party he is hoping to hold at Lindsey Park in Portales to reach out to Spanish speaking individuals. He hopes to use the bouncy games provided by Tri-Area, serve a meal, have live  music with the help of sister church, Iglesia Bethel in Portales, and present the gospel. The last such event took place before the start of the school year and resulted in three new converts, who were baptized soon after.

The next meeting of the Advisory Team will be on Tuesday, April 11th.
Thursday, February 16th, from 6-8 p.m.


Michael & Kari MacKenzie

Dr. Michael MacKenzie is the executive director of Marble Retreat in Marble, Colorado (learn more about Marble Retreat by clicking HERE to go to their website). Mike has been a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) for 26 years. Kari has been a Psychotherapist for 17 years. Both have completed their Doctorate of Ministry degrees, specializing in Counseling Christian Leaders. They both also have a Master of Arts in counseling and have completed doctoral work in Marriage and Family therapy, as well as completing an MDiv equivalency.

Prior to joining Marble Retreat full-time, they owned and operated MacKenzie Counseling Services for 8 years where they counseled individuals and couples and specialized in working with those in ministry. They have a great passion to see healing and restoration brought to those in Christian service.

Mike and Kari are the proud parents of two sons, Dylan and Easton.

This webinar will be offered through Zoom, so participants can log in from home to participate. In fact, the BCNM is going to partner with us in promoting this event, so there should be ministers and ministry couples from all over New Mexico who join us. We are extremely blessed to have Dr. MacKenzie meet with us and lead us in what promises to be a tremendously valuable learning experience. The "Don't Blow Up Your Ministry" webinar will be based on Dr. MacKenzie's book by the same name, which was given to all our ministers at the annual meeting this year.

This webinar will be Thursday, February 16th, from 6 to 8 p.m. via Zoom.

There is no cost. However, interested couples are asked to register for the webinar by the the end of Friday, February 10th. 

On Monday, February 13th, all couples who have registered will be emailed a link for you to use to join us for the webinar via Zoom. You will also receive a link to an inventory that the MacKenzies are asking participants to complete before the webinar.

Registration for this event is now open. Couples or individuals wanting to register may do so by clicking 

The Tri-Area Executive Board met this past Monday, January 9th, at 1:30 p.m. at Sandia Baptist Church in Clovis. Those participating in the meeting were Wayne Boydstun, Mike Howard, Beau Lamb, Dave McFadden, Jim Peabody, and Elaine Williford. Sheila Owen, Gordon Runyan, and Steve Smith joined the meeting by Zoom. Tyler Hicks could not attend because he was attending a conference in Lubbock and Steve Kulback could not attend because he had jury duty.

The meeting began with Beau Lamb leading the group in a devotion and prayer. Afterward, the  board elected the moderator and vice-moderator for the new year. Though he was absent from the meeting, Steve Kulback was elected as moderator and Beau Lam as vice-moderator. It was pointed out that if Steve declined (which he did when asked later by our DOM) that Beau would then assume the moderator role, to which he agreed. A vice-moderator will be elected at the next quarterly meeting.

The group then looked over and approved the minutes of the last meeting and the financial report. They then heard reports related to the Newsletter, the Website, Church Planting, and the Church Partnerships for Revitalization initiative. 

The Board then considered the estimated cost for upcoming training events in Tri-Area: the Worship Bootcamp Media Training; the "Don't Blow Up Your Ministry webinar; the Tri-Area Preaching Workshop; the VBS & Children's Ministry Workshop; the Tri-Area DNOW; the Tri-Area Young Lives Ablaze; the Church Financial Workshop; and the Tri-Area Annual Meeting.

The group next heard a report about the New Work and Small Church Fund and what churches remain pastorless in our association.

The Board instituted a policy requiring a letter of recommendation from a pastor before a person will be listed on the supply preacher list. They also approved a recommendation regarding the maintenance of our ministry trailers. Before the meeting concluded, the Board was given a Personnel Handbook and job descriptions developed by the staff to look over to consider adopting at the next meeting. Sheila Owen led in a prayer to conclude the meeting. The next meeting for the Executive Board will be on Monday, April 3rd.

The Tri-Area Preaching Workshop will be held at FBC Melrose on Saturday, February 25th, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., with lunch provided by Tri-Area Baptist Association. It will be led again by Dr. Joe Bunce.

Those wanting to participate, simply need to text Dave and tell him so, at 575-607-5495.
Click HERE to register for this year's conference.

In this free six-week class, you’ll meet with other pastors, walk through this proven money plan together, and have the space to talk about issues that affect church leaders today. An experienced Ramsey Solutions team member will lead the group and offer support every step of the way.

What’s Included in Your Free Experience:

1. Six weeks of content on the proven plan—learning how to handle money God's ways.
2. Access to the premium version of EveryDollar (valued at $79.99).
3. A lasting online community with other pastors through Facebook.
4. Exclusive mentorship with a Ramsey Solutions team member.

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Dave and Donna worshiped with FBC San Jon this past Sunday. They had been invited by Pastor Michael Erwin to attend the Deacon ordination service on Sunday morning. As reported above, the church ordained three new Deacons: Brad Bryant, Nathan Wallace, and Rance Ford.

On Monday, Dave met with Executive Board members who could at Cotton Patch for lunch. Then, at 1:30 p.m., he joined with them and the board members who participated through Zoom for their quarterly meeting. On Tuesday afternoon, Dave attended the Advisory Team meeting at FBC Portales for Cristo es la Puerta. On Tuesday evening, Dave attended the County Commission meeting in Portales, where the commissioners were considering adoption of the Sanctuary for the Unborn ordinance.

The rest of Dave's week involved meeting pastors and ministry leaders one-on-one, working on the weekly newsletter, doing some updates on the association website and doing promotions for upcoming Tri-Area training events.
Click HERE to check out the Good Books section of our website. We also have a Spanish version called Buenos Libros which you can check out by clicking HERE.
The book of the week this week is The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzero and is recommended by David Aguirre, Associate Pastor at FBC Portales. It is listed in the Good Books section of the Tri-Area website under the category of Pastoral Ministry.


Do you feel too overwhelmed to enjoy life, unable to sort out the demands on your time? Are you doing your best work as a leader, yet not making an impact? Have you ever felt stuck, powerless to change your environment?

In The Emotionally Healthy Leader, bestselling author Peter Scazzero shows leaders how to develop a deep, inner life with Christ, examining its profound implications for surviving stress, planning and decision making, building teams, creating healthy culture, influencing others, and much more.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader contains:

  • Concise assessments for leaders and teams to measure their leadership health
  • Practical, proven strategies that have been developed over a 28-year period spent both in the local church and in equipping leaders around the world
  • Helpful applications of how to face your shadow, lead out of your marriage or singleness, slow down, and embrace endings for new beginnings

Going beyond simply offering a quick fix or new technique, The Emotionally Healthy Leader gets to the core, beneath-the-surface issues of uniquely Christian leadership. This book is more than just a book you will read; it is a resource you will come back to over and over again.

HERE if you want to purchase this book from Amazon. Other book sellers may have it available, too.

For December 2022

Please make any checks payable to the Tri-Area Baptist Association and mail them to 1100 W. Mañana Blvd, Clovis, New Mexico 88101.
Have an event coming up at your church? Email us at: or sending us a text message at 575-714-7788.
January 2023 -
13-14th - Family Mission Retreat at Sivells
16th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon

February 2023 -
4th - Worship Bootcamp Audio/Video workshop
7th - Portales Area Ministers fellowship at Noon
8th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
16th - Don't Blow Up Your Ministry Webinar
20th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
23rd - Capitol Prayer Gathering
25th - Preaching Workshop
27th - Youth Ministry Summit Albuquerque
27 - 28th - State Evangelism Conference

March 2023 -
4th - VBS/Children's Ministry Training FBC Portales
7th - Portales Area Ministers fellowship at Noon
8th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
20th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
31st - Tri-Area DNOW

April 2023 -
1st - Tri-Area DNOW
3rd - Tri-Area Executive Board meeting
4th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
12th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
17th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
22nd - Tri-Area Young Lives Ablaze

May 2023 - 
2nd - Portales Area Ministers fellowship at Noon
6th - Church Financial Workshop with Gerald Farley
10th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
15th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon

June 2023 - 
5-9 - BCNM StuCamp 1.0 Sivells
6-9 - Hispanic Family Camp Inlow
6th - Portales Area Ministers fellowship at Noon
14th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
12-16 - BCNM Kids Camp Inlow
12-16 - BCNM StuCamp 2.0 Sivells
13-14 SBC Annuyal Meeting New Orleans LA
19-23 - Indian Family Camp Inlow
19-23 - BCNM Kids Camp Sivells
19th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
26-30 - BCNM StuCamp 3.0 Inlow

July 2023 - 
4th - Portales Area Ministers fellowship at Noon
12th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
10-14 - Worship4Life Camp Inlow
17th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
17-21 - Children's Music Camp Inlow
24-28 - Children's Mission Camp Inlow

Got a question about any of the above events? Call Dave at 575-607-5495.
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Join our text team which allows you to receive requests for prayer. The purpose is to pass along prayer needs submitted by our churches. Requests are sent to you via text message.

You can join our Prayer Team by simply texting your name and the message, “I want to join the prayer team,” to 575-607-5495. Our DOM will then send you an invitation to join the team.

New or updated requests appear in bold type.

Pray for the success of the CPR initiative between Sandia Baptist in Clovis, Tri-Area, and the BCNM.

Pray for Foundations of Faith Dairy Ministry.

Pray for our pastorless churches: Iglesia Bautista Belen in Clovis, FBC Melrose, and FBC, Tucumcari.

Pray for Emmanuel Baptist Portales, who is needing to fill a worship leader position, a youth leader position, and a children's leader position.

Pray for our church plant in Portales, Iglesia Bautista Cristo es la Puerta.

Pray for the Christian Challenge ministry at Eastern.

Pray for the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home and their search for a new President/Executive Director. 

Pray for all our pastors and other ministerial staff and leaders.
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