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February 16, 2023

First Baptist Church in Portales is organizing a mission trip to Latvia in September. The group will leave on Sunday, September 10th and return on Wednesday, September 20th. Mike and Bev Howard are the mission trip leaders. The group will be serving with IMB missionary Audrey Whitfield, who is from New Mexico.

Concerning this trip, the IMB says that it will involve doing literature distribution and evangelism in the city of Riga.

The Latvian culture is a northern Slavic culture. The Latvians are considered contemplative and quiet. Latvians take time to build relationships with newcomers, but once a relationship is established they are fast friends. The Russian speakers are a minority in Latvia making up about 40% of the total population. The Russian speakers are also from a Slavic background, also take time to build trust, and also tend to be more quiet and distanced from newcomers. Americans coming to serve amongst Slavic peoples should be mindful of these cultural tendencies.

People tend to dress more business casual. T-shirts and shorts are great for outdoor activities, but during meetings and other indoor activities dress is expected to be business casual. Personal hygiene is also important to Latvian culture.

Participants are encouraged to pack clothes that can be worn for warm outdoor activities and also for indoor and cooler evening activities. The wind in Riga can be quite strong as the city is situated near the Baltic Sea, so bring a windbreaker or raincoat to be prepared for unpredictable rainy weather and windy conditions.

This trip will involve extensive walking, so if you have a difficulty with a lot of walking or climbing stairs, this assignment is probably not for you. If you have dietary restrictions they will need to know in advance to be sure to accommodate you.

The Howards are hoping to organize a team of 12 people to go on this trip. If you are interested, you may call them at 575-562-9819 or email them at

DNOW 2023 will be held at the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home in Portales on Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st. To learn more, click HERE to go to the information page of our website.

David Aguirre from FBC Portales is coordinating this event. If you have questions regarding this year’s DNOW, call or text David at 565-973-8341.

When you’re ready to register your group you may do so using a form designed for this purpose, which you can go to by clicking 

The Melrose WMU ladies have, over the years, shown love and care for a young man at NMBCH. They throw him a birthday party each year, and this year was a BIG one, the big 15!

There have been several birthday celebrations at the home this month. To be a part of a child's birthday celebration, visit the NMBCH website, and get a list of children and staff birthdays by clicking HERE.

Southeastern Baptist Association recently gifted the children's home with this powerful Hustler mower! Mr. Dwayne Lackey from Protreat Sales and Service in Hobbs delivered it and took the time to demonstrate it’s many features.

The 2023 Capitol Prayer Gathering will return in February as an in-person gathering in Santa Fe. The event will take place at 6:00 P.M. on February 23, 2023. Legislators are invited to attend the event as special guests free of charge.

The Christian Life Committee of New Mexico is also planning for several remote, satellite locations around the state that will participate in the program via two-way audio and video.

Guests and church members may register by clicking HERE or by calling Joy Pittman at (505) 924-2311 any time.

The prayer gathering intentionally focuses upon prayer for state and legislative leaders. No keynote personality will speak. Hosts, name readers and prayer leaders will read Scripture and lead in corporate prayer. While we unwaveringly practice and promote biblically founded convictions about many moral issues, in our prayer conversations with God, we ought to intercede for our leaders and state, as well.

The Capitol Prayer Gathering, funded by the Cooperative Program, is planned and offered by the BCNM’s Christian Life Committee. The event is non-partisan.

The theme for this year's Young Lives Ablaze is GLOW!
The Tri-Area Young Lives Ablaze is set for Saturday, April 22nd, at Parkland Baptist Church in Clovis, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The association will provide the lunch (pizza) and every kid will get a free t-shirt.

The speaker for this year's event will be Pastor Larry Evans (below left) from FBC, Cloudcroft and Joe and Kerry Vivian (below right), who have been featured the past several years. The Vivian's will be doing special object lessons like they have done in the past.
Cody Bilbrey from FBC Elida will lead worship, Amanda Kenyon from Forrest Community Church will lead Bible Study, and T.J. Cathey from FBC Elida, who also does recreation at Kids Mission Camp at Inlow each year, will be leading our recreation on that Saturday. Wayne Boydston, pastor of Parkland Baptist Church in Clovis will lead the decision time for the event.

Young Lives Ablaze is designed for kids 3rd grade through 6th to reach the unsaved and excite the saved to share their faith. Click
HERE to register your church group for this fun-filled, faith-building event!

The following is a report from Baptist Press:

WILMORE, Ky. (BP) – Revival fires may be stirring again at a small college in rural Kentucky near Lexington. Services, filled with preaching, singing and personal testimonies, have been ongoing at Asbury University and Theological Seminary since Feb. 8.

According to university accounts, a similar 144-hour revival broke out at the campus in 1970.

Alexandra Presta, a student at Asbury wrote in The Asbury Collegian, the campus newspaper, on Feb. 8, “Peers, professors, local church leaders and seminary students surround me— all of them praying, worshipping, and praising God together. Voices are ringing out. People are bowing at the altar, arms stretched wide.”

She wrote that in the midweek chapel service campus minister Zach Meerkreebs led an invitation for personal confession and testimonies.

“Wednesday chapel speaker Zach Meerkreebs admitted to those in attendance he didn’t know what the call of confession would look like, but this morning he spoke about seeing God not only as a Father but as a friend. Someone who won’t abandon you. Someone who will be there when you need to cry, mourn, rejoice, dance or anything in between,” she wrote in the Asbury Collegian.

Bill Elliff, founding pastor of The Summit Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas, attended a portion of the services on Feb. 10. 

“Within the first hour, I had moved from a spectator to a humble participant,” he wrote in a blog on his website.

“There are wise leaders from the University who are helping shepherd the moment. I’m sure they have learned from the past movements how to steward this best,” he wrote.

Elliff has been a student of prayer and spiritual awakening and has written more than 50 books on the subjects.

“In some ways, it is a worship-based, Spirit-led, Scripture-fed prayer gathering. It is just what we should be doing all the time: waiting before God, worshiping Him, praying to Him, listening to Him, responding to Him, and being shepherded by wise leaders who see themselves merely as facilitators of God’s activity,” Elliff wrote.

Elliff said the 1,500-seat Hughes Auditorium was full on Friday night (Feb. 10). Reports indicated it was overflowing on Saturday night (Feb. 11).

Graci Bradley, an Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) student from Shelbyville, attended the Friday night service.

“Seeing people from every nation, tribe, and tongue, and from all different generations, was a glimpse of heaven. It was very encouraging to see that everyone was there for one common goal – to give God glory,” she told Baptist Press.

Bradley added, “…it’s my hope and prayer that it doesn’t stop at Asbury, but that it extends all over – we are called to be sent.”


That is a similar theme to the 1970 revival at Asbury, where 2,000 witness teams were sent to 130 colleges to share of their experience. On Saturday afternoon, campus ministers hosted a dinner for college campus student leaders to hear of how they might share in a similar event at their campus.

Elliff called on other believers to pray for what is happening at Asbury and to pray that God would bring it to their church, campus, and city.

“As I spoke to the hotel receptionist this morning, she told me they were sold out of rooms. ‘We were not prepared for revival,’ she said. May it not be true of us,” he wrote.

Don't forget!!!

This training opportunity is provided by the Baptist Convention of New Mexico, under the direction of our state Children’s and Women’s Ministry Strategist, Katy Parker. It will feature training on how to conduct a Vacation Bible School, plus training on how to carry out an effective Children's Ministry in a local church. The event will conclude with a meal at 6:30 p.m. provided by the state convention.

VBS & General Kids Ministry Training Sessions (select what you want to participate in once you arrive): Directors Training; Bible Study Training; Missions; Music; Crafts; Recreation; Community Engagement; Leading a Child to Christ; Recruiting and Coordinating Volunteers; and More!


Glennda Cook is one of our New Mexico missionaries serving with the International Mission Board in Taiwan. She has asked us to pass along some special prayer requests. She explains: "There are several churches in Taiwan facing very serious upcoming decisions. The result of these decisions can affect the future of these churches and their ministries. Please pray for the church leadership and the decisions made."

1. Pray for wisdom and patience, for grace.

2. Pray for the pastors to make right decisions, for the benefit of the churches rather than themselves.

3. Pray that the decisions will bring honor and glory to Christ and His Kingdom; people will be drawn to these churches.

4. Pray for peaceful changes resulting from these decisions.

5. Pray that these decisions will help these churches become strong, healthy churches reaching their communities for Christ.

The National Goal is $70 million.  The Week of Prayer for North American Missions is March 5-12, 2023.

You may be wondering how you might help the survivors of the recent devastating earthquakes in Central Asia. Hopefully, you will find the following information helpful.

Prayer Resources

Please continue to lift up the huge needs, both physical and spiritual, of the earthquake survivors. Send Relief is an agency of the International Board. They have created a downloadable prayer guide and slides for you and your churches, available through this link


Volunteer Needs

Send Relief is responding through local partners on the ground to meet immediate needs. Currently there are not opportunities for volunteer groups from the U.S. to join them. However, if you would like to fill out this volunteer interest form, the Send Relief team will retain your contact information and reach out to you if opportunities to serve become available. 


Donations / Supplies

At this time, they are not able to accept goods or supplies donated from the U.S. Interested persons are encouraged to give financial resources to support efforts directly on the ground. If you need assistance with inquiries related to other resources, direct them to and someone from the Send Relief team will follow up. 

Financial Gifts

If you would like to give financially in a way that directly impacts people devastated by the earthquakes, please send monetary gifts through Send Relief. Click the yellow Give Now button found on the page you will go to when you click here.


Thank you for your heart to serve us and the peoples we love. Let’s pray together that through this tragedy many lost people will experience the love of Jesus and choose to follow Him.

Parkland Baptist in Clovis invites you to the following special event:

Dress a Girl Ambassador, Donna McFadden, has recently made a connection with Annie Dwinnell from Florida. Some time ago, Annie and her husband traveled in their motorhome to accompany some friends as they made their move from Florida to Arizona. On their way home, their RV broke down in Deming, New Mexico. As the Lord would have it, Annie met a lady in Deming while they were waiting on their motorhome to be repaired, and they got to visiting.

This unknown lady is a member of Bethel Baptist in Deming which, not long before, had hosted Donna McFadden for a Dress A Girl New Mexico Sewing Party. She introduced Annie to Dress A Girl New Mexico, sharing some information about the ministry with her, including the website address. When Annie returned home to Florida, she looked up the website and visited the "How To Make A Dress" page. Annie made her first dress. She then called Donna to tell her about how excited she was about the ministry and of her intention to invite some friends to join her in making dresses.

Annie and her friends are meeting weekly now to sew dresses. She sent Donna some pictures of some of their work (see below) and informed her that they will be sending dresses overseas with a ministry called Crossing Cultures. David Nelson, who is with this ministry, is a member of their church and will be going on a mission trip this month. He will be traveling to various countries, with a special focus on Liberia.

The first suitcase (pictured below) was delivered in January to FBC Logan for Mary Catherine Judd, for her granddaughter to take to Kenya on a mission trip. The suitcase holds 119 dresses and weighs 49.11 pounds. The ministry also provided $100 to pay the airline for the cost of taking an extra suitcase.
Carolyn Duncan, whose husband, Sam, is pastor of Conchas Baptist, is a regular participant in a group that meets at Donna McFadden's home every Wednesday to work on craft projects, including some Dress A Girl New Mexico projects. She recently requested 50 dresses for girls and 50 shorts for boys to send to her grandson, Nathan, who will take them to Namibia to give to an orphanage there. Carolyn is pictured below with 50 dresses provided by the ministry. Donna is at work getting her 50 shorts as well.

Operation Christmas Child is a favorite ministry of Dress A Girl New Mexico. Calvary Baptist in Portales sent 600 shoe boxes through Operation Christmas Child last year. Recently, Donna delivered 400 dresses for girl's boxes and 130 pairs of shorts for boy's boxes to Calvary. She will be delivering more shorts as they become available and more dresses if the church requests them.
To learn more about Dress A Girl New Mexico, check out their website by clicking HERE.
Click HERE to register for this year's conference.

Dave and Donna worshiped with El Divino Salvador in Bethel this past Sunday morning and with Iglesia Bautista Calvario in Clovis on Sunday evening. At El Divino, they attended Sunday school as well as worship. In between, each class (from kids through adults) stood before the church and read the passage for their lesson on that day. Pastor Candelario preached from Acts 12:5-12 and Luke 11:1 about how God answers prayer and that nothing is impossible with Him. At Calvario, Dave and Donna enjoyed worshiping with the people and hearing pastor Pilo Delgado preach from Psalm 32:8-9. Pilo and his family attend El Divino on Sunday morning and then Calvario on Sunday evening. Dave is pictured above with Pastor Candelario on the left and Pastor Pilo on the right.

This week, Dave worked on the association newsletter and the association website. He also had some work done on his computer and prepared for the "Don't Blow Up Your Ministry" webinar, which ended up with 60 participants registering for the event. He also had one on one visits with a pastor and a couple of ministry leaders this week.
Click HERE to check out the Good Books section of our website. We also have a Spanish version called Buenos Libros which you can check out by clicking HERE.
The book of the week this week is God: Knowing Him and His Names, by Bill Bright and is recommended by Dave McFadden, Tri-Area DOM. It is listed in the Good Books section of the Tri-Area website under the category of God in the Theology section.


People have many different perceptions of what God is like. Some see Him as an indulgent grandfather or a divine Santa Claus. Others see Him as a vengeful dictator. Many people fear God because they have a distorted understanding of His character. God not only wants you to view Him correctly, He wants you to know Him intimately.

How you view God and His involvement in your life touches every facet of who you are. Everything about your life — your desires, motives, attitudes, words and actions — is influenced by your perception of who God is.

God’s character is of the highest integrity. He is morally perfect in every way, so He will always do the right thing. He is holy, absolutely truthful, righteous and just. He will never betray your confidence.

And God is totally committed to His relationship with you, so you can experience the many blessings of His gracious goodness. He is loving, merciful and faithful, and He never changes. He will always do what is best for you.

Allow the truth about Him and His marvelous character to transform you. Only then will you experience God’s best and become all He wants you to be.

Click HERE if you want to purchase this booklet from Other book sellers may have it available, too.

University Baptist Church Portales is hiring childcare workers to care for children birth through 3 years old (mostly on Sundays).

Call 575-356-4501 or email to obtain an application or ask questions.

Forrest Heights Baptist Church Clovis is needing volunteers to help with their Children's Sunday school program.

Call 575-791-3612 if you have interest or want to learn more.

Emmanuel Baptist Church Portales is needing to fill a worship leader position, a youth leader position, and a children's leader position.

Call 806-240-2445 if you have interest or want to learn more. 

For January 2023

Please make any checks payable to the Tri-Area Baptist Association and mail them to 1100 W. Mañana Blvd, Clovis, New Mexico 88101.

Join our text team which allows you to receive requests for prayer. The purpose is to pass along prayer needs submitted by our churches. Requests are sent to you via text message.

You can join our Prayer Team by simply texting your name and the message, “I want to join the prayer team,” to 575-607-5495. Our DOM will then send you an invitation to join the team.

Have an event coming up at your church? Email us at: or
send us a text message at 575-714-7788.

February 2023 -
20th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
20th - Sandia CPR Advisory Team meeting
23rd - Capitol Prayer Gathering
27th - Youth Ministry Summit Albuquerque
27 - 28th - State Evangelism Conference

March 2023 -
4th - VBS/Children's Ministry Training FBC Portales
5th - 12th - Week of Prayer for North American Missions
7th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
8th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
20th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
31st - Tri-Area DNOW

April 2023 -
1st - Tri-Area DNOW
3rd - Tri-Area Executive Board meeting
4th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
11th - La Puerta Advisory Team meeting
12th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
17th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
22nd - Tri-Area Young Lives Ablaze

May 2023 - 
2nd - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
6th - Church Financial Workshop with Gerald Farley
10th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
15th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon

June 2023 - 
1-4 - Ute Lake Camp Meeting
5-9 - BCNM StuCamp 1.0 Sivells
6-9 - Hispanic Family Camp Inlow
6th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
14th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
12-16 - BCNM Kids Camp Inlow
12-16 - BCNM StuCamp 2.0 Sivells
13-14 SBC Annual Meeting New Orleans LA
19-23 - Indian Family Camp Inlow
19-23 - BCNM Kids Camp Sivells
19th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
26-30 - BCNM StuCamp 3.0 Inlow

July 2023 - 
4th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
12th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
10-14 - Worship4Life Camp Inlow
17th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
17-21 - Children's Music Camp Inlow
24-28 - Children's Mission Camp Inlow

Got a question about any of the above events? Call Dave at 575-607-5495.

New or updated requests appear in bold type.

Pray for the success of the CPR initiative between Sandia Baptist in Clovis, Tri-Area, and the BCNM.

Pray for Foundations of Faith Dairy Ministry.

Pray for our pastorless churches: Iglesia Bautista Belen in Clovis, FBC Melrose, and FBC Tucumcari.

Pray for our church plant in Portales, Iglesia Bautista Cristo es la Puerta.

Pray for the Christian Challenge ministry at Eastern.

Pray for the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home and their search for a new President/Executive Director. 

Pray for all our pastors and other ministerial staff and leaders.

Submit a resume by sending it to the following mailing address:

First Baptist Church
Senior Pastor Position

321 E Center Street
Tucumcari, New Mexico  88401
First Baptist Church
Senior Pastor Position

102 W. Wisconsin

PO Box 335
Melrose, New Mexico  88124

Iglesia Bautista Belen
Senior Pastor Position
820 N. Reid
PO Box 2046
Clovis, New Mexico  88102

Sign up to receive a monthly prayer list from International Mission Board missionaries who have ties to New Mexico. You can do so by simply emailing Karen Pilgreen and requesting to be added to her email list. You may do so by clicking HERE.
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