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March 2, 2023

Due to wind damage to FBC Portales,
this training has been moved
to Calvary Baptist in Portales.

Saturday, March 4th
3:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Johnny Funderburg, Lead Pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Clovis, has announced his retirement. Johnny has served at Highland for over 5 years, having become the Senior Pastor of Highland in 2017. He had served as Senior Pastor at four previous churches in Texas and Missouri before coming to Clovis. Johnny and his wife, Pam, are planning on staying in the Clovis area.

Currently, the staff of Highland are assuming preaching responsibilities for the church. The church is in the process of electing and organizing a search committee. 
Don't miss this year's Tri-Area

Two Tri-Area churches have registered their groups.
Do you need to register your youth group?

DNOW 2023 will be held at the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home in Portales on Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st. To learn more, click HERE to go to the information page of our website.

David Aguirre from FBC Portales is coordinating this event. If you have questions regarding this year’s DNOW, call or text David at 565-973-8341.

When you’re ready to register your group you may do so using a form designed for this purpose, which you can go to by clicking 

Submit a resume by sending it to the following mailing address:

First Baptist Church
Senior Pastor Position

321 E Center Street
Tucumcari, New Mexico  88401
First Baptist Church
Senior Pastor Position

102 W. Wisconsin

PO Box 335
Melrose, New Mexico  88124

Highland Baptist Church
Senior Pastor Position

2201 N. Main St.
Clovis, NM  88101

Iglesia Bautista Belen
Senior Pastor Position
820 N. Reid
PO Box 2046
Clovis, New Mexico  88102

Amanda Goins has been hired by Emmanuel Baptist Church in Portales to serve as their new Children's Ministry Director. Amanda was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas and moved to Portales with her parents in 1998 with the intentions of only being there for about a year, but God had different plans. She met and married her husband, Jason in 1999. She and Jason have 3 children, Machaela, Damian and Ashlynne.

Amanda has been employed at JP Stone Community Bank in Portales for the last 18 years. She has been a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church for 15 years and has been involved in the Children’s Department during different seasons throughout those 15 years.

Amanda says she loves being part of the Children’s ministry and Portales. She is excited and grateful for this new opportunity God has given her. We welcome her to this new opportunity and pray for God to bless her ministry at Emmanuel.
The theme for this year's Young Lives Ablaze is GLOW!
The Tri-Area Young Lives Ablaze is set for Saturday, April 22nd, at Parkland Baptist Church in Clovis, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The association will provide the lunch (pizza) and every kid will get a free t-shirt. Groups need to register by Thursday, April 20th.

The speaker for this year's event will be Pastor Larry Evans (below left) from FBC Cloudcroft and Joe and Kerry Vivian (below right), who have been featured the past several years. The Vivians will be doing special object lessons like they have done in the past.
Cody Bilbrey from FBC Elida will lead worship, Amanda Kenyon from Forrest Community Church will lead Bible Study, and T.J. Cathey from FBC Elida, who also does recreation at Kids Mission Camp at Inlow each year, will be leading our recreation on that Saturday. Wayne Boydston, pastor of Parkland Baptist Church in Clovis will lead the decision time for the event.

Young Lives Ablaze is designed for kids 3rd grade through 6th to reach the unsaved and excite the saved to share their faith. Click
HERE to register your church group for this fun-filled, faith-building event!

The 2023 State Evangelism Conference was held last week at Sandia Baptist Church in Albuquerque. Several Tri-Area folks were in attendance. Those who could, joined our DOM for dinner at Eloy's Mexican Restaurant on Monday night before the conference began. The conference began on Monday at 5:45 p.m.

Worship was led by the group, "Evidence" (pictured below).

The first guest speaker was Willie McLaurin, Interim President and CEO of the Executive committee of the SBC (below left). He also spoke Tuesday morning. Also speaking Monday night was Jamie Dew, President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (below right). He also spoke Tuesday evening.

Bryan Galloway (below left), with the International Mission Board, Spoke on Tuesday morning. Another representative of the International Mission Board, Henry Phan (below right), spoke on Tuesday evening.

Some of those from Tri-Area churches were Carson Fraze (FBC Portales, left); Barry and Becky Walker (FBC Portales, center); Wayne (Parkland Clovis) and Brandon (Highland Clovis) Boydstun (upper right); and Dag Sewell (Calvary Portales, bottom right). 

Others attending were Dana Phillips (NMBCH) and Serenity Richard (FBC Portales, upper left); Connie Dixon (FBC Elida) and Dave McFadden (FBC Portales, upper right); Derek Dawson and David Aguirre (FBC Portales bottom left); and Hershel Dixon (bottom right).

Also there were Beau and Melissa Lamb (FBC Santa Rosa, upper left). Beau also led one of the break-out sessions at the conference. Also from FBC Santa Rosa were Ralph and Wanda Harrison (upper right). Michael and Michelle Erwin attended from FBC San Jon (bottom left); and BJ Brooks came from Central Clovis (bottom right).

Free audio files of each message and break-out session for this year's Evangelism Conference can be listened to or downloaded by clicking HERE.

Listed below are the number of items that Sandia is seeking to collect to fill 400 backpacks for Sandia Elementary school. We will update the list as items are donated by individuals, partners, or churches. Partners and churches will be listed by name, while individual donations will simply say "individual". Items that are checked and in bold have been donated. You may donate a specific item or simply make a contribution that the church can use to purchase what they need.

If you think you want donate, contact Dezra Turvaville at 575-760-3986.

Backpack no wheels (small pre-K & K) - 87 - BCNM
Backpack no wheels (med 1 & 2 grade) - 124 - BCNM
Backpack no wheels (3, 4, 5 grade) - 186 - BCNM

Binders 1 inch - 87
Binders 1 1/2 inch - 124
Bottle of glue - 434
Coffee Filters pkg - 25 pkgs - Parkland
Composition Notebook - 372
Composition Notebook (Primary) - 25
Colored Pencils (12 pack) - 372 pkgs
Crayon (24 count box) - 620 boxes - FBC Elida

Dividers - 62 pkgs
Dry Erase Markers (box of 4 assorted) - 273 boxes = 1092 markers
Dry Erase Markers (box of 4 Black) - 62 boxes = 248 markers - Parkland

Extra Set of Clothing (preschool boy) - 13 (pants, shirt, socks, underwear)
Extra Set of Clothing (preschool girl) - 13 (pants, shirt, socks, underwear)
Folder (with pockets and brads) - 1364
Gallon size Ziplock bags - 25 boxes - Sandia
Glue Sticks - 1586
Highlighters 4 packs - 155 pkgs = 620 highlighters
Highlighters 4 pack Yellow - 62 pkgs = 248 highlighters
Index Cards (3 x 5) pkg - 248 pkgs
Markers (Washable) pkg - 434 pkgs
Nap Pad 1 inch - 87
Notebook Paper Wide pkg - 434 pkgs

Pencils pkg - 434 pkgs = 5208 pencils - Calvary Portales
Pencil Pouch - 124
Pens Blue - 620
Pens Green - 620
Pens Red - 744
Pink Erasers - 55
Pull-ups pkg - 25 pkgs - Sandia
Scissors 5 inch round tip - 124
Scissors 5 inch sharp tip - 248
Spiral Wide Ruled - 1116
Supply Box Plastic - 372
Ruler 12 inch - 248
Water Bottles (reusable) 8-12 oz - 154 - Sandia
Water Bottles (reusable) 12-24 oz - 248 - Sandia
Wet Wipes pkg - 25 pkgs - Sandia
Up-coming Concerts

This concert had to be rescheduled due to electrical outage.  The new date is Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. at Central Baptist Clovis.

Central Baptist Church and Great Big Family Productions present the "Songs & Stories Tour" featuring Dove Award winning band Sidewalk Prophets.

This night is truly one of the most intimate concerts Sidewalk Prophets has assembled. Watch the band tour as a trio, with each member playing multiple instruments throughout the night, and lead singer Dave Frey shares powerful & inspiring stories from life, and the road. The set includes the band's popular radio hits, deep album cuts, and brand new never performed music.

Check out their YouTube videos!

To purchase tickets, click


Two videos designed to provide an overview of Tri-Area's church planting process and the CPR (Church Partnerships for Revitalization) Initiative have been added to the Association's website. The purpose of the videos is to inform interested persons about our process for church planting and for assisting churches in need of revitalization. You can watch either of the videos by clicking on either of the links below:

First Baptist Church in Portales is organizing a mission trip to Latvia in September. The group will leave on Sunday, September 10th and return on Wednesday, September 20th. Mike and Bev Howard are the mission trip leaders. The group will be serving with IMB missionary Audrey Whitfield, who is from New Mexico.

Concerning this trip, the IMB says that it will involve doing literature distribution and evangelism in the city of Riga.

The Latvian culture is a northern Slavic culture. The Latvians are considered contemplative and quiet. Latvians take time to build relationships with newcomers, but once a relationship is established they are fast friends. The Russian speakers are a minority in Latvia making up about 40% of the total population. The Russian speakers are also from a Slavic background, also take time to build trust, and also tend to be more quiet and distanced from newcomers. Americans coming to serve amongst Slavic peoples should be mindful of these cultural tendencies.

People tend to dress more business casual. T-shirts and shorts are great for outdoor activities, but during meetings and other indoor activities dress is expected to be business casual. Personal hygiene is also important to Latvian culture.

Participants are encouraged to pack clothes that can be worn for warm outdoor activities and also for indoor and cooler evening activities. The wind in Riga can be quite strong as the city is situated near the Baltic Sea, so bring a windbreaker or raincoat to be prepared for unpredictable rainy weather and windy conditions.

This trip will involve extensive walking, so if you have a difficulty with a lot of walking or climbing stairs, this assignment is probably not for you. If you have dietary restrictions they will need to know in advance to be sure to accommodate you.

The Howards are hoping to organize a team of 12 people to go on this trip. If you are interested, you may call them at 575-562-9819 or email them at

The National Goal is $70 million.
The Week of Prayer for North American Missions is March 5-12, 2023.

Parkland Baptist Church in Clovis recently held a MarriedLife Live event. Around 50 people paid $20 per couple for a steak dinner and a fun evening.

The theme of the evening was "communication". After dinner, the evening activities began with some games, led by Youth Pastor, Aaron Boydstun. Aaron secured some courageous volunteers to do the games in front of the crowd. Each game was designed to illustrate the difficulty of communication.

After the games, Worship Pastor, Roy Martin, led a band in sharing some love songs with the folks. 

After the band shared several songs, Pastor Wayne Boydstun shared some encouraging thoughts regarding the importance of communication in marriage. 

At the evangelism conference this week, Dave met with Ed Greene, the director for New Mexico Baptist Disaster Relief. They spoke about Tri-Area hosting a training event soon. This training is in the works and will be held at Central Baptist, Clovis sometime in March.

Dave and Donna worshiped this past Sunday with Iglesia Bautista Belen in Clovis. They enjoyed the worship led by Suriel Lerma (pictured above left) and then the message brought by Lorenzo Palacios (pictured above right). They felt warmly welcomed by the people and enjoyed being with them.

On Monday through Tuesday, Dave attended the State Evangelism conference at Sandia Baptist Church in Albuquerque. He returned home on Wednesday. Dave enjoyed connecting with different folks from Tri-Area who also attended the conference, as well as with BCNM staff and other pastors from around New Mexico. After returning home, Dave was still able to make a couple of connections with pastors and ministry leaders.
Click HERE to check out the Good Books section of our website. We also have a Spanish version called Buenos Libros which you can check out by clicking HERE.
The book of the week this week is Genesis: Beginning and Blessing. R. Kent Hughes, and is recommended by Dave McFadden, Tri-Area DOM. It is listed in the Good Books section of the Tri-Area website in the category, Books of the Old Testament, under Genesis.


The book of Genesis contains some of the most beautiful and well-known stories in the Bible: the garden, the flood, the tower of Babel, and the lives of the patriarchs. But these are more than just good stories. They lay the groundwork for God’s relationship with humanity and for his plan for our salvation, making Genesis foundational to understanding everything else that happens in the Bible.

Genesis reveals much about human nature and the nature of God. From the actions of the first man and woman, we see where our rebellious, sinful nature originates. And through the whole book we see the hand of a sovereign God who is loving and merciful, but also just and holy. Time and again in Genesis, God showers his grace upon undeserving humanity, giving us our first tastes of God’s enduring faithfulness that shines throughout the entire Bible.

R. Kent Hughes, respected pastor and author of many other commentaries in this series, takes readers back to the beginning of the Bible and moves through Genesis with careful exegesis. He explores the superbly crafted structure of the book as well as the weighty themes it contains. For those who preach, teach, and study God’s Word, this exceptionally detailed work will reveal much about the beginnings of God’s great story.

This book is part of the Preaching the Word commentary series.

Click HERE if you want to purchase this book from Google Books. Other book sellers may have it available, too.

University Baptist Church Portales is hiring childcare workers to care for children birth through 3 years old (mostly on Sundays).

Call 575-356-4501 or email to obtain an application or ask questions.

Forrest Heights Baptist Church Clovis is needing volunteers to help with their Children's Sunday school program.

Call 575-791-3612 if you have interest or want to learn more.

Emmanuel Baptist Church Portales is needing to fill a worship leader position, and a youth leader position.

Call 806-240-2445 if you have interest or want to learn more. 

For February 2023
Please make any checks payable to the Tri-Area Baptist Association and mail them to 1100 W. Mañana Blvd, Clovis, New Mexico 88101.

Join our text team which allows you to receive requests for prayer. The purpose is to pass along prayer needs submitted by our churches. Requests are sent to you via text message.

You can join our Prayer Team by simply texting your name and the message, “I want to join the prayer team,” to 575-607-5495. Our DOM will then send you an invitation to join the team.

Have an event coming up at your church? Email us at: or
send us a text message at 575-714-7788.

March 2023 -
4th - VBS/Children's Ministry Training Calvary Portales
5th - 12th - Week of Prayer for North American Missions
8th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
14th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
20th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
31st - Tri-Area DNOW

April 2023 -
1st - Tri-Area DNOW
3rd - Tri-Area Executive Board meeting
4th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
11th - La Puerta Advisory Team meeting
12th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
17th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
22nd - Tri-Area Young Lives Ablaze

May 2023 - 
2nd - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
6th - Church Financial Workshop with Gerald Farley
10th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
15th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon

June 2023 - 
1-4 - Ute Lake Camp Meeting
5-9 - BCNM StuCamp 1.0 Sivells
6-9 - Hispanic Family Camp Inlow
6th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
14th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
12-16 - BCNM Kids Camp Inlow
12-16 - BCNM StuCamp 2.0 Sivells
13-14 SBC Annual Meeting New Orleans LA
19-23 - Indian Family Camp Inlow
19-23 - BCNM Kids Camp Sivells
19th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
26-30 - BCNM StuCamp 3.0 Inlow

July 2023 - 
4th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
12th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
10-14 - Worship4Life Camp Inlow
17th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
17-21 - Children's Music Camp Inlow
24-28 - Children's Mission Camp Inlow

Got a question about any of the above events? Call Dave at 575-607-5495.

New or updated requests appear in bold type.

Pray for the success of the CPR initiative between Sandia Baptist in Clovis, Tri-Area, and the BCNM.

Pray for Foundations of Faith Dairy Ministry.

Pray for our pastorless churches: Iglesia Bautista Belen in Clovis, FBC Melrose, Highland Clovis, and FBC Tucumcari.

Pray for our church plant in Portales, Iglesia Bautista Cristo es la Puerta.

Pray for the Christian Challenge ministry at Eastern.

Pray for the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home and their search for a new President/Executive Director. 

Pray for all our pastors and other ministerial staff and leaders.

Sign up to receive a monthly prayer list from International Mission Board missionaries who have ties to New Mexico. You can do so by simply emailing Karen Pilgreen and requesting to be added to her email list. You may do so by clicking HERE.
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