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Against the Odds

For my upcoming show in Toronto, with Artist Project 2015, I was asked to submit a short description of my story about becoming a painter against the odds. And here it is:
I come from an old world Jewish family from Los Angeles.  My father's agenda for me was to become a dental hygienist, of all things!
Of course I rebelled vehemently, wanting to go to art school to study painting. My mother painted and was my inspiration and first teacher.
Not knowing what to do I moved to Berkeley, California and did pre med for a couple of years. While in college I took a ballet class. Before you knew it I had a scholarship to the Oakland Academy ballet school. In my fifth year of ballet study I had a dance related injury that made it impossible to dance professionally

Remembering how much I loved to draw and paint, I went back to college to take graphics and illustration. Both teachers insisted I take a painting class because everything I did looked like a painting. So I took a painting class. My painting professor asked why I wasn't in art school and I told him about my family.

The same professor encouraged me to enter my paintings into a competition to win a scholarship to go to the San Francisco Art Institute. I won the scholarship, and was finally able to embark on my arts education at 26! 

While attending the San Francisco art institute and majoring in painting I minored in film making. While working in film I met and studied with film maker George Kuchar and wound up staring in three of his films. 

Wanting to further my education and develop an understanding of business, I moved to New York City. I started a hat design business that was to become successful. While in NYC I rented a painting studio in TriBeCa that ended up being two blocks away from ground zero. It was in this studio my painting thrived and the hat business too! 
Being so close to nine eleven and realizing how short and precious life is. In 2007 I chose to move to Nova Scotia to focus solely on my painting and teaching painting. And so I have.

I believe all experiences inform one another. It is interesting how these parts of my past contribute to my painting.
Oh yes, and before my father passed away a couple of years ago, he told me he understood the wisdom in my choosing to become a painter and in the end gave me his blessing. 


Are you or a friend going to be in Toronto next week?
My show will be at
The Artist Project, Art Fair, Booth 237

February 19-22 at The Better Living Centre in Toronto

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