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Family Life International NZ welcomes the news that the recorded induced abortions in New Zealand dropped again in 2013 to 14,073.

Dame Colleen Bayer, National Director of Family Life International NZ is enthusiastic about the news released today. “It is wonderful news that less women are turning to abortion as a solution to their unexpected pregnancy.”

However, she is concerned at the number of woman aged 40 to 44 who are having abortions.  637 abortions are recorded for this age group in 2013 - that is up from 590 in 2012.  It is the highest number of abortions in this age bracket since 2010 when 655 were recorded.

“Why do women in their early 40's increasingly feel unable to bring their pre-born child to birth?” Bayer asked. “What is it we can do to assist them in this, their greatest hour of need?”

Family Life International NZ runs three Crisis Pregnancy Centres in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.  The Centres provide free pregnancy tests, accurate information about the options open to women and practical help and support.  Their help extends to women from all walks of life and being outside of the main centres is not a barrier to help.

“Women need to know that there is support for them to bring their baby to birth.  They see that we can support them no matter what their circumstances are and this gives them hope.”

“It is my desire that we will be able to assist even more women and help bring that abortion number down even lower.”

Pregnant women facing an unexpected pregnancy, and who wish to discuss all their options can call 0800 367 5433.


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