The CSAC Bulletin for June 23, 2016
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June 23, 2016

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Top Headlines
 - Mandatory Union Orientation Bill: Significant Challenges for Public Employers
 - No Place Like Home Update

Policy Reports
 - Latest Monthly Finance Bulletin Provides Good News
 - California Supreme Court Clarifies Standard for Misuse of Public Funds
 - CSAC Opposes Airbnb Hotel Tax Protection Bill
 - Congress Preparing to Move Aviation Extension
 - House Adopts Major Child Welfare Reform Bill
 - Significant Progress Made on Two Problematic Bills
 - “Small Cell” Wireless Bill Pulled
 - Resources Trailer Bill – Food and Agriculture/Fish and Wildlife

 - Other Bills of Interest

 - From Our Blog: Opioid Epidemic - Counties on the Front Line
 - CSAC Institute Offers Hot Summer Courses in July

Mandatory Union Orientation: Significant Challenges for Public Employers
A bill that was gutted and amended this week, AB 2835 (Cooper), would require state and local agencies to provide mandatory orientations to newly hired public employees within two months of hiring. While the concept may seem innocuous, the bill actually comes with a host of onerous requirements that would create serious legal, logistical, and administrative issues for counties, along with the core issue of threatening basic and fundamental management rights. CSAC, along with many other public agency stakeholders, strongly opposes this bill.
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No Place Like Home Update
AB 1618, the No Place Like Home Program, is expected to be amended either today or tomorrow and heard by the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee on Monday. CSAC will review any new amendments to the measure to ensure they are consistent with the framework negotiated by CSAC and county organizations and adopted by the committee on June 15.
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Latest Monthly Finance Bulletin Provides Good News
The latest revenue information is available from the Department of Finance, and the numbers illustrate positive news for the state’s fiscal health. General Fund monthly revenues are tracking $7 million (0.1 percent) above budget, and year-to-date revenues are $78 million (0.1 percent) above budget projections as well. Personal income tax returns, sales and use tax receipts, and insurance tax revenues are all tracking above budget estimates, while corporation taxes are lower than expected due mostly to a technical timing issue of when refunds were sent out. Another positive highlight is that Prop 63 mental health services account received $5 million more than estimated this month.
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California Supreme Court Clarifies Standard for Misuse of Public Funds Convictions
A recent California Supreme Court decision has clarified the scope of activity that can be prosecuted as the misuse of public funds by public officials. The case involves a school district superintendent who was convicted under Penal Code section 424 for increasing the compensation for a contract employee without Board approval. Section 424 prohibits the misuse of public funds by public officials who are “charged with the receipt, safekeeping, transfer, or disbursement of public moneys.”
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CSAC Opposes Airbnb Hotel Tax Protection Bill
While SB 133 by Senator McGuire is well intentioned, unfortunately it falls short and is premature in its efforts to regulate transient occupancy tax (TOT) collection from online short-term vacation rentals, such as those offered through platforms like Airbnb. In fact, SB 133 creates more harm than help by insulating the online platforms from aspects of local agency audits even if the city or county chooses not to participate in the optional program or changes their TOT ordinance at any point.
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Congress Preparing to Move Aviation Extension
Fuel Tax Grab Unresolved
With the latest extension of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spending authority slated to expire on July 15 – and with Congress still a long way off from finalizing a multi-year reauthorization bill – key lawmakers have been actively discussing the need to pass another extension.  While several short-term and long-term options have been floated, committee leaders appear ready to embrace a proposal that would keep aviation programs running into 2017.
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House Adopts Major Child Welfare Reform Bill
Earlier this week, the House or Representatives approved on a voice vote a major child welfare finance reform measure (HR 5456). The legislation, entitled the Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016, is designed to prevent children from being placed in foster care by providing at-risk families with early-intervention services. The bill also aims to reduce the number of youth who are placed in congregate care settings.
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Significant Progress Made on Two Problematic Bills
We are pleased to report two new neutral positions on measures that we have opposed since January of 2015. Recent amendments in response to county concerns have allowed CSAC to adopt a neutral position for both.
  • AB 1836 (Maienschein) regarding Lanterman-Petris-Short Act Conservatorships
  • AB 1300, (Ridley-Thomas) regarding 5150 holds.
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“Small Cell” Wireless Bill Pulled
AB 2788 was pulled from committee this week as the author, Assembly Member Mike Gatto, indicated that it would not move forward this year. CSAC and its local government and planning partners quickly expressed our strong opposition when the proposal was amended into a different bill last week.
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Resources Trailer Bill – Food and Agriculture/Fish and Wildlife
CSAC is supporting provisions of SB 839 and AB 1611 that would make a correction to clarify language relative to invasive plant species. Food and Agriculture Code section 52334. Adopted in 2014 through enactment of Assembly Bill 2470 (Salas), prohibits a city, county, or district from enacting local ordinances regulating any plant, crop, or seed without obtaining prior consent from the Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). 
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From Our Blog: Opioid Epidemic - Counties on the Front Line

This was originally printed as an opinion piece in the Bakersfield Californian.
By Leticia Perez
The recent confirmation that legally prescribed opioids caused the death of the iconic musician Prince has become an all too familiar tale for families across the nation. From the penthouse to the pavement, from the superstar to our children, this addiction can be deadly. Every 19 minutes we lose an American to opioid overdose. We must respond aggressively to this epidemic.
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CSAC Institute to Offer Hot Summer Courses in July

The Institute Summer-Fall semester kicks off with some great classes in July, including four new classes: County-Tribal Relations; Medi-Cal 2020; Intergenerational Leadership; and the Maturity Factor+Emotional Intelligence. PLUS we are bringing back the popular Communicating Complex Information. Check out the details below and register today. These classes will fill quickly! Read on for details!

Download the Course Schedule for more details on all the classes offered by CSAC Institute and Register Now. Classes open to all county staff and elected officials. Classes are an affordable $129 each and include class materials and lunch. Discounts for multiple registrations.
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Other Bills of Interest
A roundup of bills from all policy areas of interest to counties that are not included in this week's Bulletin articles.

Administration of Justice Bills of Interest
California Agriculture Cargo Theft Crime Prevention Program
AB 2805 (Olsen) – Support
As Amended on March 17, 2016
Law Enforcement: Immigration
SB 1289 (Lara) – Oppose
As Amended on May 31, 2016
Vehicle Violations
SB 881 (Hertzberg) – Oppose
As Amended on May 2, 2016
Telecommunications: Warren 911 Emergency Assistance Act: Notification of Rural Outages
SB 1250 (McGuire) – Support
As Amended on June 20, 2016
California Disaster Assistance Act: Inland Regional Center
SB 1385 (Leyva) – Support
As Amended on March 29, 2016
Jails: Body Scanner Searches
AB 1705 – Support
As Amended on June 8, 2016
Jail Industry Authority
AB 2012 (Bigelow) – Support
As Proposed to be Amended
Proposition 47: Sentence Reduction
AB 2765 (Weber) – Support
As Amended on May 19, 2016
Unmanned Aircraft Systems
SB 807 (Gaines) – Support
As Amended on June 21, 2016

SB 868 (Jackson) – Support
As Amended on May 31, 2016
Local Law Enforcement: Supplemental Services
SB 872 (Hall) – Support
As Amended on May 19, 2016
Construction Contracts: Indemnity
SB 885(Wolk) – Oppose
As Amended on June 16, 2016
H.E.A.T Watch Program
SB 1064 (Hancock) – Support
As Amended on May 31, 2016
False Advertising: Substantiation of Claims: County Counsel
SB 1130 (Wieckowski) – Request for Signature
As Enrolled on June 20, 2016
County Jail Milestone Credits
AB 1597 (Stone, M) – Support
As Enrolled June 17, 2016
Employee Relations and Administrative Services
CalPERS Benefits for Reinstated Employees

AB 2028 (Cooper) - Watch
As Amended June 13, 2016

Workers’ Compensation Reform 
AB 1244 (Gray) - support
As Amended June 22, 2016

Housing Land Use and Transportation
General Plans
SB 1000 (Leyva) – Support
As Amended on April 12, 2016

Second Unit Bills
SB 1069 (Wieckowski) – Oppose Unless Amended
AB 2299 (Bloom) – Oppose Unless Amended

Density Bonus
AB 2501 (Bloom) – Pending
As proposed to be amended
Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources
Solid Waste
AB 45 (Mullin) – Oppose
As Amended January 21, 2016
Coastal Commission
 AB 2616 (Burke) – Oppose Unless Amended
As Amended May 31, 2016
Medical Cannabis
AB 1575 (Bonta) – Support if Amended
As Amended on June 22, 2016
 SB 1317 (Wolk) – Oppose
As Amended  June 20, 2016
Government Finance and Administration

Monthly Property Tax Collection System
Assembly Bill 2691 (Holden) – Oppose

Health and Human Services

Data Collection
AB 2425 (Brown) –Oppose

Foster Children
SB 1336 (Jackson) – Oppose

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