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C&R is Celebrating 75 Years of Serving Clients in Delaware

Cover & Rossiter is proud to have had the privilege of serving clients in Delaware for the past 75 years. Founded in 1939 by Clarence A. Cover as the original Wilmington office of McConnell and Breiden of Philadelphia, the firm has established and nurtured trusted and longstanding relationships with many of the area’s most prominent corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, families and individuals.


CoverCares: 75 Days of Service

As a way to celebrate Cover & Rossiter’s 75 years in service, the firm has taken the initiative to partake in 75 days of service.  Because the past 75 years wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the local community, the firm felt it only right to give back. The C&R team has chosen Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware and several other local charities that are close to their hearts, and will be spending time volunteering in the community throughout the remainder of 2014.  


Within the Firm News

Williams Achieves ACI Designation

Eric Williams, CPA, ACIThe firm would like to recognize C&R manager Eric Williams, CPA, who recently achieved the ACI designation, Associates in Captive Insurance. The ACI designation is one of the most widely recognized designations in the captive insurance industry.  He began the process in November 2011, taking 10 classes over the course of that time. The ACI program is run through ICCIE, the International Center for Captive Insurance Education.  ICCIE is a comprehensive education program for captive industry participants, which was developed by the VCIA (Vermont Captive Insurance Association) and is now its own independent entity with Board members and instructors made of up some of the more prominent and respected captive industry professionals.  The program and curriculum is developed in collaboration with the University of Vermont. Congratulations for this esteemed achievement. 

Richman Receives Cover & Rossiter Future CPA Award

On May 6, 2014, Andrew Richman, received the Cover & Rossiter Future CPA Award at the University of Delaware Accounting and MIS Awards Banquet.  Andrew is finishing his sophomore year at Delaware in the Honors Program, pursuing his degree in Accounting and minors in Management Information Systems and Political Science. Andrew has maintained Dean’s list throughout each semester so far. He interned at Cover & Rossiter for the 2014 tax season, coming in early and staying late to help around the office. It was clear from his resume and responses to the essay questions that he was a smart young man and hard worker, but his work in the office the past few months really put him over the edge.  Cover & Rossiter was thrilled to have him on the team and is honored to present him with this Award.

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Pete Kennedy, CPA, CVA

Credit Cards and the Immutable Laws of Nature

Written by Pete Kennedy

I recently completed an audit at a client’s and was headed home for the weekend when I stopped at a convenience store to grab a snack.  The person in front of me was buying a series of store gift cards with a credit card….a business card…from the client I had just left…that had been issued to his supervisor (a female) and not to him. When the clerk noticed the name discrepancy, the person said “It’s OK, I work there, see?” 

Sometimes It's Good to be Last

Written by Pete Kennedy

About a year ago, I attended a conference in New York during which a nationally renowned nonprofit attorney was one of the presenters. On the topic of nonprofit oversight at the state level, the attorney made the shocking statement that she considers it tantamount to malpractice to set up a nonprofit in the state of New York whenever there is any other option. The reason is the onerous regulatory environment. 

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