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Finding Purpose

I recently found a photograph that reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago, while on a mission project in the Dominican Republic. The experience took place on one of the hottest days of the year with no signs of cooler weather in sight. However, despite the incredibly hot weather, the team of volunteers I was with were all busy and happily working together. While we were working, the pastor from the local church arrived and pulled me aside with an expression of confusion on his face.
“How is this happening?” he asked with a tone of urgency and shock. “All of your volunteers are working together so efficiently, and they seem incredibly happy!” The pastor went on to explain about his struggle to unify his church members. They seemed to always be complaining and were in a constant argument about what church remodeling projects they should take on—whether to aim for a new kitchen or more sinks (sound familiar?). The church was divided, and it hindered their effort to carry out ministry and outreach within their walls, as well as throughout their community.
When the pastor saw our group of volunteers working so efficiently, he was impressed and asked how we were able to get our group to work without complaining. “It’s about the purpose of the group,” I told him. “When you have a clear goal for your team and align them to accomplish that one goal, it's hard to get distracted by the small or irrelevant stuff.”

My hope is that during this interesting time we are in, you can take a moment to think about how important it is to carry out our goal to serve others. You may not see the value in signing a card or drawing with sidewalk chalk, but when we work together cohesively you might be surprised at how effectively and efficiently, we can bring hope, care, and love to our community. Who knows, it might change your entire perspective or, unexpectedly, it might draw the attention and interest of others to join our mission.

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video below featuring our new CHE Ambassadors and the exciting ways you can join in our collective efforts to engage others around us.
E. David Lopez
Engagement Opportunity

Student Missions Opportunity
Student Missions is still offering international mission options for next school year. Click here to read the SM COVID-19 Response Plan. Additionally, Student Missions and the CHE are partnering to develop new longterm domestic service opportunities in areas such as housing insecurity, community relief, child/adolescent mentorship, community-based medical services, and outreach to Native American and refugee populations.
If you are interested in serving internationally or domestically for one quarter or the whole school year, email

CARE Weekend
2 pm Saturday, May 16 - Zoom
Join this week for a Zoom seminar about what the Bible has to say about service and how it connects to our lives  

Provided by: CHE CARE Team and Professor Mathilde Fry

Zumba Exercise Class (back by popular demand)
6 pm Tuesday, May 19  - Zoom
Join Dean Ponce for a night of Zumba.

Provided by: CHE Ambassador Dania Estrada-Castanaza and Amanda Ponce

Protective Masks Project
Discover, Gather, and Recruit. Find out more online at:
Provided by: CHE Ambassador, Josiah Buster
Thank you for participating this past weekend. Join us each Saturday at 2 p.m. for the weekly CARE Weekend!
Global Campus Podcast
The Global Campus podcast by the Center for Humanitarian Engagement is now available on Apple iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcast. The latest guests include Walla Walla University's Aaron Nakamura, Lissa Clark, and Jon Nickell.
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