Harris to speak at 12:45 pm EDT
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Harris Giving Keynote Presentation in Berlin October 31

Jonathan Harris will give a keynote presentation on Friday, October 31 at a conference in Berlin sponsored by the Research Network on Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM) entitled, “Inequality and the Future of Capitalism.” This conference, the largest of its type in Europe, is attended by more than 300 economists working in the fields of macroeconomic theory and policy, and has a well-established reputation of promoting debate between heterodox perspectives and more mainstream approaches. Jonathan Harris’ presentation is part of a plenary session focusing on the teaching of economics following the financial crisis; it includes widespread criticisms of mainstream theory and the way it is taught. The title of the presentation is “New Macroeconomics Teaching for a New Era: Instability, Inequality, and Environment.”  Other presenters in the session are David Colander of Middlebury College and Marc Lavoie of the University of Ottawa. The session will be live-streamed at 12:45 PM EDT (5:45 PM Berlin time) on Friday, October 31. 

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