CS Ubuntu Newsletter May 2015
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter May 2015

In this Newsletter, please find:
  • an update from the Board
  • Save the Dates for the CS Ubuntu events for May
  • A calendar with events that might be of interest to CS Ubuntu members
  • An interview with Emmalien... one of the organizers of the Bosnia fieldtrip!
  • Some food for thought if you want to continue reading
  • A heads up on the next June
Enjoy the read!

Wieke, Leonie, Olivier
CS Ubuntu Activities
01 May:                   Deadline sign up Brussels Trip
11 - 12 May:           Brussels Trip
14 - 15 May:           Nacht van de Vluchteling
20 May:                   Meet the Professionals
Other activities
May:                         Movies that Matter
01 - 05 May:           Haagse Vrijheidsweken
04 May:                   Grenzen van vergeving
08 May:                   UCIS Career Day
20 May:                   Ambassadeursdag PAX
Update from the Board
Starting with a great April Fool’s joke by Olivier, the past month has been full of turmoil and excitement. At a very intimate edition of our General Assembly, we signed our meeting minutes of the first two GAs as well as our Regulations of Order, which are now official. Furthermore, the Board had a meeting with the Dean and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, to present our statement and testimonies and discuss the position and curriculum of the Centre for Conflict Studies. Lastly, our study trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina was absolutely amazing, with 60 hours of train travels, interesting visits, intense conversations and challenging new ideas about conflict, identities and reconciliation in the context of the Balkans. Thanks a lot Emmalien and Leonie for organizing all of it

Now that we’re back in the Netherlands, we are already looking forward to our next trip abroad: a two-day trip to Brussels, organized by the Activities Committee. Meanwhile, the Lecturers Committee has six weeks to go till our very first Dies Symposium and the Cultural Committee is getting us sporty and charitable in this time where discussions about ‘Bed, Bad en Brood’ are putting our principles and theories to the test.  

Walking with us would be awesome, but you can also get ready to run: the call for new Board members for CS Ubuntu  will be out from May 10 to May 25. CS Ubuntu's 2015-2016 Board will be appointed at our last General Assembly of the year, on Wednesday 10 June 2015. Work on the Board takes about 7 – 10 hours a week and offers a great learning experience, new insights into academia and the field of Conflict Studies and Human Rights as well as much fun. Feel free to spread the word and start thinking about your application!

Call for two members for CS Ubuntu’s Selection Committee
Are you unable to serve on CS Ubuntu's Board next year, but would you like to help us out in searching for new leadership instead? This is your chance. As agreed upon by our General Assembly, a Selection Committee will be in charge of the application and selection procedure for new board members, as well as putting forward a Candidate Board. This Committee will consist of two CS Ubuntu members (you!) and two current board members. Meetings of the Committee will take place in week 19 (next week) and week 22. You should also be able to join our General Assembly on June 10, where voting will take place and the new Board will be appointed. So do you have a few hours spare and would you wanna decide on who will take our association to the next level?  Please let us know that you are interested in joining the Selection Committee by sending a brief motivation to Wieke at by May 3. 

Save the Date: upcoming CS Ubuntu events
11 - 12 May, Brussels Trip
The Activities Committee has organized a two-day trip to the capital of the European Union: Brussels! These days are full of fun and visits to a.o. the European Parliament, Human Rights Watch Brussels, Search for Common Ground Brussels and another NGO (yet to be announced). The costs for the trip are €40,- and include a return trainticket from Roosendaal - Brussels, lunch, visits, accomodation and a lot of fun! If you want to join, please send an e-mail with your full name, passport/ID number, nationality and date of birth to
Important: there are only 12 spots available. Deadline to sign up is May 1 2015.

14 - 15 May, 08:00 PM, Night of the Refugee
The Night of the Refugee is a 10 kilometer fundraising walk by night, organised by the Netherlands Refugee Foundation/Stichting Vluchteling. Participants of the Nightwalk will raise money for what is currently the largest humanitarian crisis worldwide: the Syrian conflict. The Netherlands Refugee Foundation provides emergency aid to the victims of the civil war who seek refuge in Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Jordan, and to those who are fleeing from brutal voilence within the Syrian borders. The walk starts in Rotterdam and finishes in The Hague. 

And we can help. By finding sponsors and participating in the walk, we, as Ubuntu, can show refugees that they are not walking alone :) Please let us know if you want to join! We have a team ( that you can join through the NotR website. That is also the way to get sponsors, so it's really important that you sign up on the website too!

20 May, 6:30 - 9:30 PM, Meet the Professionals, Utrecht [exact location to be announced]
The Activities Committee organizes the annual ‘Meet the Professionals’-evening. You’ll be able to ask questions about the careers, internships, studies of different professionals. We’ve arranged six professionals from different organizations to answer all your questions, which are Untold Stories, Save the Children, Cordaid, Free Press Unlimited and the International Criminal Court. The evening starst around 6:30 PM and ends with some drinks around 9:30 PM. Costs are €1,- for CS Ubuntu-members and €4,- for non-CS Ubuntu members.

Announcement: 06 June, 1:00 PM, DIES Symposium: Human Rights in Times of War, Kargadoor
On June 6 we will gather at the Kargadoor in Utrecht to listen to and debate with prominent speakers on the topic of Human Rights in Times of War. The Lectures Committee is excited to confirm informative lectures by Uri Rosenthal, former minister of Foreign Affairs, drs. Anthony Holslag, expert on holocaust and genocide and Saya Abdullah, young representative for the UN. As the lectures committee is working hard to finalize the final details, they will keep you up-to-date on this Facebookpage. In May tickets will be available both online and in the UBB. Keep an eye on FB for further information. Hope to see you all the 6th!

Other Activities that might be of interest to CS Ubuntu members
May, Movies that Matter
Movies that Matter, an Amnesty International, raises awareness for human rights through movies. In the next months, Movies that Matter tours through the Netherlands and screens some very interesting movies and documentaries. Click here for more information about the movies and locations.

01 - 05 May, Haagse Vrijheidsweken, The Hague
For Dutchies: De Haagse Vrijheidsweken is een serie activiteiten over onderwerpen rond vrijheid, vrede, democratie, rechtsstaat en internationale rechtsorde. Van zondag 12 april tot en met dinsdag 5 mei staan ruim 40 activiteiten op het programma. Van debatten, wandelingen en tentoonstellingen tot films, lezingen en concerten. Hier vind je het complete programma in het Humanity House tijdens de Haagse Vrijheidsweken

04 May, 6:30 - 8:03 PM, HagueTalks: Grenzen van vergeving, The Hague
For Dutchies: 70 jaar na het einde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog organiseert HagueTalks een dialoog met jongeren uit Rwanda, Bosnië, Syrië en Afghanistan. Ze reflecteren op het gesprek dat ze eerder hadden met Jules Schelvis, over de mogelijkheid en de zin van vergeving in de context van hun eigen ervaringen. Daarna gaan ze hierover in debat met het publiek. Voor meer en uitgebreidere informatie klik hier.

08 May, 00:30 - 5:15 PM, UCIS Career Day, Achter Sint Pieter 200, Utrecht
UCIS, the Utrecht Centre for International Studies that bundles UU’s five internationally-oriented Master programmes, would like to invite you to its first ever Career Day on 8 May. Professors and students from the programmes MA Conflict Studies and Human Rights, MA International Relations in Historic Perspective, MSc European Governance, LLM Public International Law and LLM European Law, combined their efforts to organize an event where you can learn about professional sectors where your degree will help land you a job after graduation. This day is a unique opportunity to share and broaden your knowledge, to develop new interests, to learn about your chances for a career in your field of interest, and to get to know the professionals. Other than your regular career day, UCIS combines humanities with law to challenge you to think outside your academic comfort zone and to create your own ideas about the international challenges ahead. You find more information and the possibility to subscribe yourself on this website.

20 May, 4:00 - 9:15 PM, Ambassadeursdag PAX, Utrecht
For Dutchies: Op woensdag 20 mei 2015 organiseert PAX weer een Ambassadeursdag. Van 16.00 tot 21.15 uur is er in Utrecht een programma vol inspirerende lezingen, praktische workshops en bijzondere ontmoetingen. Internationale en nationale sprekers vertellen vol passie over hun werk en gaan met je in gesprek over hoe je hen kan steunen. Meer informatie en mogelijkheid tot inschrijven, vind je hier.

Member of the Month: Emmalien Meijer
Emmalien organized, together with Leonie, the awesome Bosnia-Hercegovina Fieldtrip that took place last month. We asked her to share her experiences in and impressions of Bosnia-Hercegovina and the trip itself with us.

1. How did you end up at CS Ubuntu?
Last year, I did a course on genocide within my History major, and I got so interested in the topic that a friend of mine advised me to do the minor Conflict Studies. During one of the first lectures of Conflict Analysis in September, Wieke and Leonie came by to promote CS Ubuntu and to invite everyone for the International Food Night that month. When I heard about the Bosnia Fieldtrip, I was interested immediately and I signed up for the Food Night. There, I liked the atmosphere a lot and got even more interested in the field of Conflict Studies, so I waited no longer and became a member that night. Also, I signed up for the Bosnia Fieldtrip Committee right away.

2. You organized the fieldtrip to Bosnia-Hercegovina together with Leonie. Can you tell us a little bit more about the trip? What did you? What did you find most fun/impressive/stunning in the country/of the trip?
The trip was so much more awesome than I had expected in advance. When we started meeting with the Study Trip Committee in October, things were so abstract. We were all like: oh, it’s only in April, we’ve got lots of time… But time flies by and before we knew it, it was April and we had a tight schedule planned with all kinds of organizations to visit and fun things to do. For me, the visit to Srebrenica was the most impressive during the trip. Here we heard personal stories from a woman who had lost her father during the genocide, and being at that place that I had read and heard so much about. What I really liked was the Total Siege Tour in and around Sarajevo. I heard so much about the city and the war that I didn’t know about, and we had two great guides (‘But then again…’). We also had a lot of fun in the group; I really missed everyone once I got home. So for everyone who missed the trip this year: Be there next year!! It’s a great experience and a LOT of fun!

3. What are your future plans?
Next year, I’m planning to write my thesis and finish my History bachelor I’m also planning on finishing the Conflict Studies minor in period 2 and 3. I’d also like to do an internship, but I haven’t found anything yet. I’m not yet sure which master I would like to do after my bachelor. There’s three that I like: the masters Conflict Studies and Human Rights, the History research master here at University Utrecht and the Genocide Studies master in Amsterdam. But I’m sure I’ll know by next year.

4. What's the best career advice that you ever got?
It may sound like a cliché, but the best career I ever got was from my father. When in high school I wasn’t sure what to do in the future and what job to study for. He told me to not do a job for the money it earns or the status it provides, but because you like to do it and because it makes you feel good. When you’re passionate about what you do and you’re good at it, you’ll find a job eventually. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since and I’ve never regretted it.

Food for Thought
UN human rights expert condemns Dutch refugee deal
You might have become aware of the controversial Dutch policy on refugees that has lately been condemned by Philip Alston, the UN special rapporteur on human rights. Alston has stated the following: 'If the Netherlands is going to turn itself into an island in the middle of Europe which rejects its human rights obligations it is better to come out and say it', Alston said. Find more about this controversial policy here.

Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?
Interesting article written by The Guardian that discusses the question why white people abroad are coined expats and others are called immigrants.'You should expect that any person going to work outside of his or her country for a period of time would be an expat, regardless of his skin colour or country. But that is not the case in reality; expat is a term reserved exclusively for western white people going to work abroad', the newspaper argues.

Escaping the Kmer Rouge
During this TED talk Sophal Ear shares the compelling story of his family's escape from Cambodia under the rule of the Khmer Rouge. He recounts his mother's cunning and determination to save her children. 

Website and Next Newsletter
We are proud to announce we have an official website now, though it is still under construction. People are working on extending the website and giving it a fancy look, but anyway, check it out: If you have any suggestions for the website; feel free to inform us by emailing to .

Expect our next CS Ubuntu Newsletter in your inbox in the first week of June. If you have any input, feedback or updates on interesting events, please let us know at We love to hear from you! :)

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