CS Ubuntu Newsletter December 2014
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter December 2014

In this Newsletter, please find:
  • an update from the Board
  • Save the Dates for the CS Ubuntu events for December
  • A calendar with events that might be of interest to CS Ubuntu members
  • An interview with Doris... who works for UCIS
  • Some food for thought if you want to continue reading
  • A heads up on the next Januari
Enjoy the read!

Wieke, Leonie, Olivier
CS Ubuntu Activities
04 December:          Light Tour and Sinterklaas
08 December:          Meet the Lecturers
09 December:          Bookclub
10 December:          Meet the Masters
12 - 13 December:   Conference: Remote Control
15 December:          General Assembly
December:               Sign in for ICC excursion
Other activities
December 2014 
- May 2015:        
     Movies that Matter on Tour
02 December:          Journalism in Central America
10 December:          Amnesty International
                               Writing Marathon
18 December:          Serious Songwriters
18 - 24 December:    3FM Serious Request 
Update from the Board
Time flies when you are having fun! Here are some of the highlights of what happened in November:

Up first, we had a meeting with the staff of the Centre for Conflict Studies on 3 November. At their monthly research seminar, we presented our plans for the coming year and got some helpful feedback from these skilled Conflict Studies scholars. 

On November 11, we had our first excursion of the year to Humanity House in the Hague. During our visit, we got to experience what it is like to be a
 refugee and had an interesting lecture by volunteers from the International Committee of the Red Cross on sexual violence. Afterwards, some of us went to a photo exposition in the The Hague City Hall, while others went on exploring this ‘international city of peace and justice’ that is only a 40 minutes train ride away. 

The Lectures Committee got us a full house with their event on the Islamic State. An intriguing documentary was screened, after which our speaker from Pax introduced us to some of the complexities with regard to jihadism and what his colleagues on the ground are doing to deal with that. Meanwhile, the Social Activities Committee hosted its first Movie Night and held the first meeting of their CS Ubuntu Book Club.

Obviously, there’s never a dull moment at the CS Ubuntu Board either. Olivier has been working hard on CS Ubuntu’s budget and will be meeting with all Committees’ Treasurers soon. Leonie and her partner-in-crime Yorick have been working on our new website. Lastly, Wieke is on top of the preparations for the December General Assembly, where we hope to see many of you! We also held our mid-term evaluation after six months of being in charge of CS Ubuntu’s leadership. 

The first three weeks of December are seriously packed with all sorts of events you wouldn’t wanna miss. Scroll down to our ‘Save the Dates’-section, hit the ‘attend’-button on Facebook and write the activities down in your planner to not miss out. Should you have any feedback on previous events or ideas for the future, please let us know by sending an e-mail to or by sharing your thoughts at our upcoming General Assembly. 

CS Ubuntu will have its Christmas holidays from 22 December to 5 January. 
In other words: season’s greetings and see you in 2015!

Save the Date: upcoming CS Ubuntu events
4 December, 6:30 - 9:30 PM, Light Tour and Sinterklaas Celebration, Domtower, Domplein 9

Enjoy Sinterklaas with CS Ubuntu! On the 4th of December, one day prior to ‘pakjesavond’, the Social Activities Committee will get us in the mood for some real Dutch festivity fun. The night will start by a city tour discovering the ‘Lumen’ light art in Utrecht. Afterwards, we will go to a warm room at Drift where we will have hot chocolate, pepernoten and poems. We will play some intercultural games and can exchange ideas about how traditions shape identities. Please bring one or two presents, wrapped in gift paper, of maximum €3,- in total to experience the Sinterklaas feeling yourself. For everyone who is interested in trying the best fast food of the city in front of the Dom tower before we go on tour, we meet in front at 6 PM. Those who already had their dinner can meet us at 6.30 PM at the Dom tower.

8 December, 7:30 - 9:00 PM, Meet the Lecturers, Café Broers, Janskerkhof 9
The lectures committee invites you to its event 'Meet the Lecturers'. On Monday December 8th the committee gives you the opportunity to chat with staffmembers of the Centre for Conflict Studies while enjoying a drink and some muzak at Café Broers.
Chris van der Borgh, Nora and Luuk Slooter will be happy to answer all your questions
 (at least... most of them) - ranging from questions on their personal careers, to questions on their opinions on current developments in the world, to their favorite traveldestination... You name it! It's a nice opportunity to get an insight into what is is to be active in the field of Conflict Studies! :)

The event is free of costs and CS Ubuntu pays your first drink. Please send an email to to subscribe yourself to the event - in this way the committe knows how many people to expect. We hope to see you all on Monday 8th in Café Broers!

9 December, 8 – 9.30 PM: CS Ubuntu Book Club reads 1984 by George Orwell, Reception Utrecht Library, Drift 19
At the second meeting of the CS Ubuntu Book Club, hosted by the Social Activities Committee, we will plunge deeper into the topics of 1984 by discussing the next chapters of the book. George Orwell’s vision of an omni-present and ultra-repressive State is given shape and substance by his astute play on our own fears. In what ways do our contemporary societies resemble (t)his idea? If you missed the first meeting: no problem – you can join in now. We will meet at the reception of the Utrecht University Library in the city Centre.

10 December, 7:30 – 9:30 PM, Meet the Masters, Drift 23, room 010
CS Ubuntu’s activities committee organizes the annual ‘Meet the Masters’-evening. We invited three students currently enrolled in Conflict masters. The goal of this evening is to introduce the masters in an informal environment. The evening will start with some general presentations of the Master students about the Masters itself, the social environment, their thesis etc. After that there will be time for questions and a short break. After the break we will end this ‘Meet the Masters’-evening with a workshop/panel. We invite everyone to come with us afterwards to Florin for some drinks.

12 - 13 December, Conference “Remote Control: Violence/Containment/Technology”, Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, Instituto Cerevantes, Domplein 3, Utrecht.
The Centre for Conflict Studies and the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University invite you to a conference "Remote Control: Violence/Containment/Technology". Contributors include: Stephen Graham, Mark Duffield, Patrick Crogan, Rivke Jaffe, Ine Gevers, Marieke de Goede, Georg Frerks, Joost Raessens, Jonas Staal.

Surveillance technology has become a central means of governance, political domination and social ordering. A central characteristic of contemporary technologies of surveillance is the way they rely on digitally mediated and technologically controlled remoteness. Remoteness in all its modalities (e.g. as distancing or outsourcing), has become a characteristic feature of our machine-defined social life. This conference aims to think through the analytical, political, ethical and epistemological consequences of technologies of remote control, warfare and policing. It brings together case study analysis and theory-building with alternative experiments, new vocabularies and repertoires of contention.

Full programme can be found at

The event is free of charge but registration is *mandatory*. Please register by email:

The Social Activities Committee is currently exploring whether we can combine this conference’s happening with a small CS Ubuntu music and talent night to do some fundraising for this year’s Serious Request.  If this is going to take place, we will definitely make sure you are aware of it. Do save the date and let us know if you have any creative capacities that could contribute to a joyful ending of what promises to be an interesting academic meeting of minds.

15 december, 6:30 PM, General Assembly, Drift 23, room 1.13
All CS Ubuntu members and supporters are invited to our first General Assembly of the year. This is where you can keep the Board accountable, ask questions, share your ideas with fellow members and help build our association. At the General Assembly, all four Committees will present their plans and budgets for the coming year. Additionally, Doris Huitink will tell us what is happening at the Utrecht Centre for International Studies and it’s Career Day Committee, in which she is representing our society. More awesomeness: at the GA, our new website will be launched. Be there or be square on 15 December at Drift 23, room 1.13. Food and drinks will be present. Please send a line to so we know we can count on you. CS Ubuntu members will receive the meeting’s agenda in their inbox shortly.

29 January, Excursion ICC and the Binnenhof, The Hague
During the reflectionweek of January (so no uni or exams yeah!), CS Ubuntu’s activity committee organizes an excursion to the International Criminal Court and the ‘Binnenhof’ in the Hague. The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal and has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. The Binnenhof (Inner Court) houses the States General of the Netherlands, the Ministry of General Affairs, and the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. The Binnenhof is the eldest Houses of Parliament in the world that's still in use.

The costs are €8,50 for Ubuntu-members and €10,- for non-Ubuntu Members. Moreover thare only twenty spots available. If you’d like to attend this excursion, send an e-mail to: The ICC needs the participants’ full names and passport numbers, so it is important you sign up long in advance.

Other Activites that might be of interest to CS Ubuntu members
December 2014 - May 2015
Movies that Matter, an Amnesty International, raises awareness for human rights through movies. In the next months, Movies that Matter tours through the Netherlands and screens some very interesting movies and documentaries. For more information about the movies and locations, see: 

02 December, 7:00 – 10:00 PM, Human Rights Café – Journalism in Central America, Stichting CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, Amsterdam
Everyone knows the images of IS(IS) beheading various journalists this year. Yet these beheadings are not IS(IS)- or Middle East-specific – they are everywhere. In 1982 for example, four Dutch journalists were killed during the civil war in El Salvador. Peace Brigades International therefore invites you all to its ninth edition of the Human Rights Café,  which focusses on journalism in Central America.
This night’s lecturers are Dina Meza (Honduran human rights-activist), Albana Shala (Free Press Unlimited) and Maria Verhoeven (Amnesty International). They will lecture on the dangers journalists face in Central America, the danger of being a journalist in these countries, and freedom of press. Dina Meza will also lecture on her personal experiences as journalist in Honduras. 

The event is free for students (don’t forget to bring your studentcard) and €5,- for non-students. Drinks and snacks are included.

10 December, Amnesty International’s Writing Marathon, Keizersgracht 177, Amsterdam
On the 10th December, International Human Rights Day, Amnesty International organizes a so called 24-hours “writing marathon” to raise awareness for human rights and human rights violations. On this day, people from all over and in the world will be writing letters for people who are being detained, ill-treated, threatened, or tortured.
You can participate in this event when you want and for how long you want to write. Moreover, you can write a letter at home, online, or at one of Amnesty’s locations (Amsterdam, Weert or Zwolle). The more people the merrier! 
Please sign up for this event at: 

18 December, 9:00 PM - 01:00 AM, Serious Songs, Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8, The Hague
On 18 December Humanity House organizes a benefit concert in order to raise awareness for 3FM Serious Request (see below), during which various "Serious Songwriters", solidary with 3FM Serious Request, will perform. Bu organizing this fundraising event, Humanity House hopes to draw attention to female victims of sexual violence and to raise money for 3FM Serious Request. Entrance is free, but Humanity House likes you to make a small donation to 3FM Serious Request. For more information and the evening's line-up, see:

18 - 24 December, 3FM Serious Request: Hands off Our Girls, Haarlem

Serious Request is a benefit event hosted the week before Christmas each year by Dutch radio station 3FM. The project, begun in 2004, collects money for Red Cross initiatives. During 3FM Serious Request three DJs live in a glass house for six days on a juice-only fast. They broadcast on the radio throughout the whole 6 days but it's also being transmitted on television.While the DJs are in residence, they play songs requested by listeners or visitors. When requesting a song, listeners are expected to donate money to the project; Dutch celebrities also donate money and auction their possessions.

This year Serious Request collects money for the victims of sexual violence. The glass house will be stationed in Haarlem from 18 - 24 December. Worth listening, worth visiting, but definately worth sponsoring! 
For more information on 3FM Serious Request, see:

Member of the Month: Doris Huitink
1. Hi Doris! How did you end up at CS Ubuntu?
Hi! In the third year (2012-2013) of my bachelor communication and informationstudies I decided to do the Conflict Studies minor. During the first lecture, the Ubuntu board invited all of us to become a member, so I did. I thought it would be a great way to get to know this field of study more - besides the courses - and to know which actors are the most important ones when thinking about my future career. 

2. What is UCIS and what have you got to do with it?
UCIS is the new Utrecht Centre for International Studies. Its aim is twofold: to give the UU a more international character and to attract more international students to the UU (and hopefully keep them in Utrecht as well). In the first place it focuses on the four UU masters that are internationally oriented: international public law, European law, conflict studies and human rights and international relations. Later on we might actively include bachelor programmes as well. One thing that UCIS wants to do to establish its name is a Career Day in May that includes those four fields of study and tries to link them in order to make this day a worthy addition to the regular individual career days. I will be the CS Ubuntu representative in the Career Day Committee and will be working hard the next few months to organize an interesting and informative Career Day. 

3. It's Human Rights Day on December 10th. How will you commemorate and celebrate?
Currently I am a temporal member of the Human Rights Coalition Utrecht, which organizes an event in Het Huis Utrecht on December 10th to celebrate human rights, to discuss and to inspire. We will focus on local human rights, small daily things that are mostly overlooked in the international human rights debate. It will be about things like web-access for everyone, also the blind, access to public transport, also for disabled people, and the right to be who you are and not having to hide your true identity in communities like churches, friends and family. Talking and thinking about these issues will be my way of celebrating and commemorating. 

4. What's the best career advice that you ever got?
That's a hard question because it is not something that is really exceptional or unique. People have always told me to do what I want, because when you are truly motivated to do something, you can. One thing that I discovered for myself is that you need time to know what it is that you want. I took a gap year between bachelor and master and that time is now really helping me to overthink choices, look further, ask myself critical questions and it prevents me from rushing in to things I might regret later. 

Food for Thought
What Can Five Wet Monkeys Teach Us About Creativity (and Racism)?
Col. Casey Haskins, an accomplished military officer and professor at West Point Academy, argues that one of the biggest obstacles to creativity is a reliance on the status quo. "We do lots of stuff that we have no idea why we do it, and we don't even bother to examine it, and in some instances, that does harm," explains Haskins. Very interesting experiment, which becomes even more interesting when you keep the phenomena of racism or xenophobia in mind while watching this short video:

South Africa's Dirty Slavery Secret in 2014
The shackles of the slave trade may be long gone, but tens of thousands of people in South Africa are still being subjected to modern day slavery right under our noses – and most perpetrators are getting away with it.
 Human trafficking in South Africa is real and it’s happening right now. 

Brandpunt Documentaire: De lange arm van Kagame
For Dutchies: Werkt ons land actief mee aan schijnprocessen in het bevriende Afrikaanse land Rwanda? Tientallen Rwandezen die hier al jarenlang wonen dreigen ons land te worden uitgezet. Verdacht van deelname aan de genocide van 1994: toen honderdduizenden tutsi’s door hutu’s met kapmessen werden afgeslacht. Maar de bewijzen tegen de nu in ons land opgejaagde verdachten, zijn flinterdun, meldt een gezaghebbende klokkenluider in Rwanda. En hij staat niet alleen. Fons de Poel over hoe het bevriende Rwanda zijn lange arm uitstrekt. 

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