CS Ubuntu Newsletter December 2017
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter December 2017

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CS Ubuntu activities
10 December

AISU's Writing Marathon 
11 December
RCSD & CS UBUNTU present: Human Rights in Times of Conflict

12 December
PAX Balkan Borrel
13 December
CS Ubuntu & AISU present: 
Right to a Safe Nation

14 December
Guided Tour at 'Wij Zijn Hier' 
10 January
Monthly Drinks

Update from the Board



Dear members,

December is a month of festivities. For CS Ubuntu, it has also been a time of get-togethers. We have collaborated together with the Red Cross Studentdesk Utrecht, the Amnesty International Studentgroup Utrecht and the organisation ‘Wij Zijn Hier’ in Amsterdam, to construct the CS Ubuntu Human Rights Week. 

The week kicks off on UN Human Rights Day (10 December), which also marks the start of a year-long campaign of the celebration and awareness-raising of the Declaration, which turns 70 years old next year. As study association of Conflict Studies ánd Human Rights, CS Ubuntu is hosting a whole week on this theme.

From writing amnesty requests, to visiting an undocumented refugee housing project, to experiencing humanitarian law dilemma’s with experts from the field, to learning about International Law through a lecture on the Yugoslavia Tribunal at PAX - this week offers the ideal chance to dive into the concept of Human Rights, its linkage to conflict and its contemporary usage and struggles. See below for information on all the events below!

Furthermore, as CS Ubuntu prepares for the new year and activities are prepared for the second semester, some dear committee members will leave us to go on, or go home from, exchange. Therefore, new positions are open! 

Do you want to become part of an international, interdisciplinary yet informal community and help organising extracurricular events for bachelor and master students interested in conflict studies, international relations, and human rights? Sign up information below! 

If you want more information, or to meet other members, feel free to waddle by the boardroom (Drift 21, 2.06) or stop by an activity. We see new faces regularly, it’s never too late to say hi.

Wishing everyone best of luck with juggling deadlines and festivities,

On behalf of the board,

Anouk Pietersen
CS Ubuntu President 2017-2018 

We are looking for new Committee Members!

Because there are some people leaving in Januari, some of our committees are looking for new members. We need two people for our Conflict Academy Committee (Deadline monday 11 december!) and two for our Activities Committee. For more information or applications for these committees you can send an email to or check out our wesite.

Furthermore, the Lecture committee is looking for new members, more information will be posted on facebook soon.

Upcoming CS Ubuntu Events

11 December: Red Cross Studentdesk Utrecht & Ubuntu interactive symposion on Human rights in times of Conflict

On December 11th, CS Ubuntu and the Red Cross Studentdesk Utrecht present an intimate and interactive symposium on International Human Rights, with a focus on human rights in situations of armed conflict. 
What would you do if a hospital houses 'terrorists', but also aid workers and children? What does international humanitarian law dictate? What happens in practice?
Our first speaker is none other than Jos Soliman, Red Cross expert in humanitarian law, who will discuss these complex topics in the form of an interactive dilemma lecture. 
Our second speaker is Belinda de Gaag, spokesperson for the Red Cross. She will tell us particularly about her experiences with civilians as victims of crisis and conflict, and the case of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
12 December: PAX Balkan Borrel!

In the course of the Human Rights Week the Activities Committee organized an event together with PAX, a peace initiative: the Balkan Borrel! The event takes place in light of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) closing its final cases by the end of 2017. At the Balkan Borrel, we will discuss the future of the war crime trials in the Western Balkans with experts of the field.
But what’s a Borrel without drinks? Afterwards we will continue the discussion in a more informal setting over a glass of cold beer.

13 December: AISU & CS Ubuntu: The Right to a Safe Nation

Dear CS Ubuntu members, the Lecture Committee, in collaboration with the Amnesty International Studentgroup Utrecht, has prepared a special event in light of the Human Rights Week: The Right to a Safe Nation. This event will focus on the difficulties that refugees confront since the departure from their home country up until their daily life in The Netherlands. The night will be split between institutional policy and refugee storytelling, this way, we will hopefully be able to grasp what the real flaws of the system are and what refugees are really looking for in host countries, in this case, The Netherlands. At the end of the night, we have planned a small “borrel”, for students and refugees to get to know each other and share experiences.
Join us to live an unforgettable experience!
Unfortunately, we have limited spots so make sure to sign up as soon as possible. To register you can follow the link below. 
See you all there! 
14 December: Guided tour at 'Wij zijn Hier'

In course of the Human Rights Week, we are going to Amsterdam on December 14th to visit the organization “Wij Zijn Hier” (eng.: we are here). They are a group of undocumented refugees, who do not get housing provided by the government, but are also not allowed to work, resulting in homelessness and poverty. Five years ago, they created their project to make this precarious situation many refugees are in, visible to the public. We will get a guided tour by Wij Zijn Hier, where they will tell us about their current situation, show us their improvised homes, and answer our questions.

Meeting point: Utrecht Centraal, 1 p.m. The tour will last until approximately 5.30. Afterwards, we will probably go for some drinks to talk about the experience.

If you want to join, fill in this form:
There are only 15 spots, so be quick to sign up!

A Recap of Last Month's Events

10-12 November: Small Study Trip to Ypres & Bruges


On the weekend of the 10th to the 12th of November, CS Ubuntu went on its annual Small Study Trip! It was a trip of firsts - not only was it the first time in our association’s history that we visited our southern neighbours, we had not one but two destinations! It was also the first time that we undertook a trip by car. You read that correctly, we rented two vans to take our 16 participants safely to our numerous wartime sites (thanks again to the participants who helped with the driving!). But all of this is nothing compared to our trip's itinerary, which we've summarised (or attempted to) below.
Upon our arrival in Bruges on Friday, we visited the famous College of Europe, where Europe’s future diplomats and policy makers are being educated. There we received a thorough presentation on the Masters programmes offered and a small insight in what life at the Bruges-campus is like. Afterwards, we met with a delegation of the Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (New-Flemish Alliance), a nationalist political party that fights for their understanding of a Confederal Belgium in which the Flemish region has more autonomy. We then visited the famous Halve Maan Brewery, where we were given a nice tour (and learned much about the beer-making process). We even got to try their delicious unfiltered Zot Blonde. The day ended with a nice (but extremely difficult) pubquiz, organised by the Study Trip Committee, in our hostel.
On Saturday the 11th of November, better known as Armistice Day, we hit the roads again to visit the City of Peace: Ypres. We started the day with a visit to the famous Tyne Cot Cemetery, one of the biggest WWI-memorials that the Commonwealth Realm possesses. The importance of this did not go unnoticed, as we could not park next to the cemetery due to a visit by the British Royal House! After this special visit, we went to the Yorkshire Trench, Hill 60 and the Hooghe Crater -all right outside of Ypres- in order to see remnants from the battlefields of WWI. In the afternoon we visited the In Flanders Fields Museum, before closing the day with a viewing of the Last Post-ceremony. Although commemorated daily, on this special day the ceremony included several parades by the British Military and the Yorkshire Police Force. After this was over, we headed back to our hostel in Bruges to unwind.
On Sunday, we enjoyed a nice brunch in one of the cosy restaurants in the city centre. For the afternoon we were treated to a walking tour through the beautiful Bruges by our lovely, and super knowledgable, guide Sarah. Finally, after a crazy weekend, we had some free time to relax before the drive back to Utrecht. It was a great weekend for all involved, but for the Study Trip Committee it's full steam ahead planning the next trip. Watch this space! 


20 November: Lecture: Dutch Mission in Mali

Despite the terrible weather, a lot of people showed up for the Mali event last week to listen to Volker Hauck and Leon Jacobs. Volker Hauck explained about his research and the complexity of the conflict resolution process and the actors involved in the conflict. Leon Jacobs gave us the perspective of the UN and an insight in the major difficulties and dangers UN forces face every day in the field. We learned a lot from the knowledge and experiences they shared with us, we hope you did as well. Have a look at some of the pictures of the evening and stay tuned for the upcoming Ubuntu lectures in December!

27, 29 & 30 November: Boardroom Week

From the 27th to 30th of November, we hosted our first boardroom week! To showcase some of the possibilities of our room, we had three days full of food, drinks and fun. The first day was our festive opening, many visitors came to enjoy free brownies, snacks and bo(a)rdgames. Furthermore we installed a TV on which you could play mariokart. On Wednesday we opened an Ubuntu library in which all of you could quietly study and enjoy free coffee and pepernoten. The last day, our closing day, was a movie marathon! Our room was transformed into a home cinema were we watched several documentaries and movies. All in all, it was a great success. Feel free to visit our room at Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00 to 17:00 (Drift 21 2.06)!

Website & Next Newsletter

As you will most likely know, we have our own website! Check it out at

This was the last newsletter of 2017, expect our next CS Ubuntu newsletter the second week of January 2018! If you have any input, feedback or updates on interesting events, please let us know at We love to hear from you!  For now we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. 
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