CS Ubuntu Newsletter May 2017
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter May 2017

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CS Ubuntu activities
03 May

Monthly drinks
16+23 May
Conflict Academy 
31 May
Symposium on Language and Identity

Update from the Board

Dear members,

Only two more newsletters to go this academic year! This newsletter should be a good one though. I know I'm looking forward to the awesome review of our trip to Cyprus. A trip that did not only involve interesting visits to NGO's and insight into its conflict but also sunny beach chill-outs and cocktails. Big shout out to our Study Trip Committee! Furthermore, look forward to some scoop on our last, great events, including the Conflict Academy and the Language and Conflict symposium in cooperation with Babel. Lastly, as you might have seen, the search for new board members is up and running! There's still some time to apply so consider a position for yourself and don't be afraid to ask one of us if you have any questions. Now, I won't hold you from reading this newletter any longer. Enjoy!

On behalf of the board,

Lisanne Veldt
President of CS Ubuntu


Upcoming CS Ubuntu Events


03 May, Monthly drinks

Café de Stadsgenoot at 21:00

As usual, we will be having our monthly drinks again this month! Join us on May 3 from 21:00 onwards for drinks, fun, and catching up with your CS Ubuntu friends after recess! You’ll also hear all the stories from the field trip to Cyprus, or maybe you are lucky enough to be telling them yourself. If you've never been before but are interested, don't hesitate to come by, you're always welcome! If you'd like to bring a friend that would, of course, be fine too as our monthly drinks are always open to everyone. We hope to see you there! For our Facebook-event, click here.

Emmalien Meijer

16 + 23 May, Conflict Academy 

Interested in solving a conflict, saving a country, refining your CV, and experiencing the most accurate university-level conflict simulation in Utrecht? Then join one of the most exciting and unprecedented event of CS Ubuntu: the Conflict Academy. The Conflict Academy is a two-day event where you will be part of a diverse team solving a complex conflict scenario with realistic actors, real-time updates, personalised technology and lots (and lots) of surprises. 

Details of the conflict itself will be confidential until Day 1 (May 16, 18.00 – 21.30) of the simulation, with a briefing from our team on the scenario, the actors, the technology and the game itself. On that same day, EU consultant Rob Boudewijn will teach us the craft of conflict negotiation. On Day 2 (May 23, 10.00 – 18.00), participants will be divided in teams acting fast to solve the crisis for an entire day (lunch is included in the fee).

And hurry up…. you only have until May 7 to apply…. Good luck!

Click here to apply.

P.S. Participation is compulsory for both days and will entail a fee of 5 euros for members and 10 for non-members. 

Marie-Christine Mircea

31 May, Symposium on Language and Identity

Boothzaal, Uithof. 19:00-21:30

This year linguistics study organisation Babel and CS Ubuntu join forces to organise a symposium on Language and Identity: Refugees, Migrants and the Challenge of Integration! This event will take place on Tuesday May 31 from 07:00 PM until 9:30 PM. The location will be the Boothzaal, which is located at the Uithof in Utrecht. The entrance fee will be €5,00 for members and €6,00 for non-members. Expect guestspeakers with academic backgrounds in i.a. linguistics, integration and identity making, as well as a few experts that will be talking about their personal experiences on the challenges that come with having to migrate to a foreign country, and particularly how learning a new language effected their identities. More information will be announced soon! 

P.S.: we are currently looking for one additional (former) refugee and/or migrant that is willing to talk about her/his experiences. If you know somebody or perhaps might be willing to come talk yourself, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to, or Babel (

We are looking forward to seeing you! 

Patricia Spronk

Cyprus Special by Reinhard

After a period of intensive preparation, it finally became real. On April 16th, the crew of CS Ubuntu travelled—under the safe guidance of mama Anouk and papa Eloy—to the magnificent island of Cyprus. Our luxurious Transavia aircraft brought us in roughly 4 hours to our destination. A notable detail: during traveling all of us stayed within the allowed 10 kg cabin luggage. However, some of us are still surprised how Luuk was able to fit all his stuff in just his backpack!???

Our HQ for this trip was Hotel Larco. This place would always be there if our crew was tired, if we needed a swim, or just needed a place to play ‘’Werewolves’’. The first night was short, but memorable. Mario, Roderik, and Reinhard decided to eat the famous ‘’Mezze’’. This includes the whole menu of a restaurant in small portions. These three soon found out that a Mezze is more food than you can possibly eat!

The first day was an easy one. The whole crew explored Larnaca by bike. The destination of this tour was the Hala Sultan Mosque. Was this interesting? Yes! Was it the most interesting? NO! We found out that Cyprus—and especially Larnaca—has been invaded by street cats. The group fell in love with these creatures of cuteness. Lisanne even decided to join the Facebook group ‘’Friends of Larnaca cats’’. Rumours say she plans to return after her presidency at Ubuntu, and become full-time caretaker of her beloved cats. The rest of this day was spent at the beach. The crew chilled out and played volleyball.

The following two days were the ‘’study’’ part of the trip. The crew visited the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. This was the first day we made use of Cyprus’ perfect public transportation. This is sarcasm for spending one and a half hour in a warm bus, with barely any leg-space. In those two days, the group visited four organizations, ADHR, Home for Cooperation, PRIO, and the NGO Support Center. Here, contacts were made, hands were shaken, and future internships were secured. If you will be in Nicosia in the following years, don’t be surprised if you run into one of the Ubuntu members.

While both mornings were dedicated to the organisations, the afternoons were more adventurous. On Tuesday, we fought ourselves into the North of Cyprus [OK, we just showed our passports]. Here we dived into the more Turkish oriented culture. The next day, we met with Andreas—who is also an UU student. He showed us around the buffer zone, and told us about his experiences as a soldier there.

During the evening on one of these days [your reporter forgot the exact day], the crew visited the Lebanese Maqam Al-Sultan restaurant. Here, the unity of the group broke! When it comes to food, our crew is just as divided as Cyprus. A struggle of meat eaters vs. the non-meat eaters took place. For a moment we thought that the UN beachkeepers [pun intended] would have to leave their luxury hotel in Nicosia. However, the decision to order both a normal and a vegetarian Mezze bound the group together.

The late evenings were spent playing the infamous game ‘’Werewolves’’. This was not without problems. Since only four people knew the specifics of the game, some people played kinda obvious [Next time sit still Roderik]. The unluckiest one was Luuk, who was the first person to be voted out on both evenings.

Our next day trip went to the archeological city of Paphos. The crew explored the Medieval fort, where we took our legendary team photo. The beautiful surroundings turned out to be the perfect setting for the ‘’Tinder guys’’ of the group. Mario and Roderik took the moment to show-off their best poses. The whole crew is still curious if this is ‘’working out’’ [no pun intended]. 

The intensity of the trip was not without victims. On Friday the crew travelled to the Troodos Mountains. However, Lisanne, Mario, and your reporter were damaged by the intensity of the previous days, and chose to protect the HQ. However, the group met in the evening to go to a fish restaurant. Here, Roderik’s eating habits went to the next level. We know he can eat a lot, but here he managed to eat a whole lobster!!! Another notable fact:  Jonna, Marthe, and Anouk decided to play with the fish head from one of their dishes [no fish were harmed during this process].

After a long week, weekend was finally there! On Saturday Eloy switched his father role for that of a tour guide. He gave us a pleasant tour around the older part of Larnaca. Then, the group went to the famous MacKenzie beach. A well-deserved afternoon on the beach after a week of hard work! Swimming, playing volleyball, and drinking a beer [Daniël’s favourite drink!] were all part of it.
The day ended again in our favourite Lebanese restaurant. Here, almost a new conflict broke out amongst the group members. Your reporter was ‘’turned’’, and decided to join the vegetarian Mezze group. However, the presence of pleasant entertainment [read: belly dancers] prevented this.

Sunday was the day of leaving the Cypriotic paradise! But not before we went back to a place where we had eaten before. You might wonder what was so special about this place…Well, Marthe [Did someone already say she is really happy…like always!] desperately needed to see a guy again that she fell in love with the first time!!!! We are not sure yet, but we expect her to visit Cyprus again in the near future.
During the flight back most of us were really quiet…never say that a study trip is not intensive! After a 4 and a half hour flight in the Transavia box we safely landed at Schiphol airport. We were tired but satisfied!


Official board room opening extravaganza

Drift 21, room 2.06

25th of April saw the official unveiling of the new and improved board room (Drift 21, room 2.06!) to the public. We had a Cyprus-themed brunch complete with all kinds of Cypriotic foods, both Greek and Turkish. After this successful opening, the board room will now be open to existing or prospective members of CS Ubuntu every Tuesday and Wednesday between 11:00 and 16:00. So come on by and take a look and enjoy some refreshments before, in between or after classes! We look forward to seeing you there!

Max Wolterink

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