CS Ubuntu Newsletter October 2016
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter
October 2016


In this newsletter, please find:
  • An update from the Board
  • Save the dates: upcoming events of CS Ubuntu in September
  • Recap of CS Ubuntu events 
  • In the Spotlight: VIDIUS
  • Some food for thought if you want to continue reading
  • A Heads Up on committee spots! 
Enjoy the read!

Lisanne, Eloy, Max & Roderik
CS Ubuntu activities
05 October
Monthly Drinks
08 October
Masters event
Update from the Board

Dear Ubuntu'ers,

I’m happy to be writing you in, already, our second newsletter of the year! We’ve had a great start this first academic month, with an Ubuntu record on the number of members and several interesting social and academic activities. In the meantime, I and the rest of the board have been working on the CS Ubuntu room at the Drift. There’s still a lot that needs to be done but we’re getting there! Furthermore, we managed to fill up four awesome committees: the Activities Committee, the Study Trip Committee, the PR Committee and the Financial Committee. We’re excited to let these committees get to work and start organizing new events. Since these committees need a little bit of time to organize the first events, the beginning of October will be a bit more mellow activities-wise. However, stay tuned because more is coming up!


On behalf of the board,

Lisanne Veldt
President of CS Ubuntu

Upcoming CS Ubuntu Events

05 October from 9 pm, Monthly Drinks
Tomorrow (Wednesday 5th of October) we have our monthly drinks! Everyone is welcome and it will be a great way to catch up with fellow students and complain that there’s too much to do and too little time to do it in! So put your books aside for an evening and get the social interaction and fun you deserve! It will, as always, be at the Stadsgenoot at 9 pm. For the event on Facebook click here.

08 October, Master's event
Next Saturday is Utrecht University’s Master’s Event! While Utrecht University offers a range of interesting master programmes, we will of course be present to promote the Conflict Studies and Human Rights master! Are you interested in pursuing a career within the field of conflict studies, then this could very well be the programme for you. This programme has been judged best in the field by the Keuzegids Master’s Selection Guide 2016 and has been rated as the best programme by Elsevier Best Studies Survey 2016! There are still some spots available for both information rounds and we’ll be present in between to answer all of your questions. For more information on the Master’s event and how to sign up click here.


Recap of CS Ubuntu's Events

13 September, Kick-off event: Drinks and Fun!

Our Kick-off event was quite a success! You came with big numbers bringing your friends and it was really great meeting all the new members and seeing some old members as well! For those who weren’t there, we sat on the terras with about forty people getting to know each other better and just relax and discuss our first week of uni! We hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did and hope you will join our next Monthly Drinks!

21 September, International Food Evening

The international food evening was as always a fun and relaxed event! We met up at Ubuntuhuis (a local organisation for the homeless) where they generously offered us their backyard where we could enjoy the last bit of the good weather and taste some great food! We had all kinds of amazing food; pizza, bitterballen, pancakes, quiche, Chinese steamed beef and chicken and of course two stamppotten. There was some discussion on which stamppot was the best but in the end it was pretty clear that Eloy’s family’s recipe of the raw endive stamppot was the clear winner, but good try Roderik! We’re also happy to let you know that we raised 30 euros for Ubuntuhuis! Thank you all for coming and bringing amazing food, we had a great evening!

26 September, Movienight with Ralph Sprenkels

CS Ubuntu organized a very interesting movienight displaying Matthew Heineman’s documentary film Cartel Land (2015).  This movie tells the story of vigilante groups fighting the Mexican drug war on both sides of the Mexican-American border. The movie was followed with an interesting discussion facilitated by Ralph Sprenkels, a staff member of the Center for Conflict Studies and an expert in the field. We got to link the movie to his real life experience and insight and played around with some conflict studies related concepts while doing this. We found it a very interesting evening and we hope that you will all join us next time! P.S. Credits go to Ruben Kerkvliet for suggesting this movie to us! 

29 September, Pub Crawl

We ended September with a pub crawl on last Thursday night. With our external affairs officer Roderik dressed up as a kangaroo, we painted the town red! Of course we started the night at our regular pub De Stadsgenoot, after which we went on for some shots at Chupito’s! After exploring some of the many bars that Utrecht has to offer, we ended the night, quite intoxicated, at Beurs at the Neude, where we danced until we couldn’t stand anymore. Of course, we couldn’t go home before satisfying our munchies at the nearest kebab place. Thanks to everyone that made this night a blast and hope to see you all, plus everyone that couldn’t make it, next time!


In the Spotlight

This month’s In the Spotlight features… VIDIUS!

Studentunion VIDIUS stands for: Voor Iedereen Die In Utrecht Studeert (for everyone who studies in Utrecht).

Who are they?
VIDIUS was founded in 2011 and was formed by a merger of three student organisations; UUFO, LinQ and USF. All three of these organisations were representing the interests of students to the University of Utrecht but also to the city council and the government. VIDIUS is represented by students of every faculty and it’s board are all students as well, so it’s students for students.
What do they do for you?
VIDIUS is not for study/student associations only, they also provide services for individual students who are members of VIDIUS (membership costs 12.50 a year) which include the following:
  • They sell second-hand bikes for a reasonable price: 95 euros with a two-month warranty (includes a 12.50 membership fee). For more information, click here
  • They offer free legal advice for students (if you’re a member). Especially if you have problems with rent or with your landlord. For more information, check their Dutch site
  • They will be extending their services with at least a rent checker which they will provide an English version for as well.  

Food for Thought

Turkije na de Coupe 

For Dutchies:                            SIB (studentenvereniging internationale betrekkingen) organiseert een lezing over Turkije na de coup op dinsdag 11 oktober vanaf 19:30. Tijdens deze avond gaan ze het hebben over Turkije na de coup, de uiteenlopende percepties over de situatie onder westerlingen en Turken, de gevolgen voor de relatie tussen Turkije en de EU en de gevolgen voor Turken in Nederland en in het bijzonder aanhangers van de Gülen-beweging. Ze hebben Lily Sprangers en Froukje Santing als sprekers. Voor meer informatie klik hier.

Follow the Money

For Dutchies: Follow the Money is een tijdschrift waar leden van Ubuntu korting kunnen krijgen! In plaats van 80 euro per jaar is het nu maar 20 euro! Wat heeft het tijdschrift te bieden?
  • Originele en diepgravende inhoud en de mogelijkheid om tientallen dossiers te volgen.
  • Crowdfunded onderzoek van o.a. Platform Authentiek Journalistiek.
  • Dwars denkende columnisten zoals Ewald Engelen.
  • We confronteren financiële spelers in Nederland met de vaak destructieve gevolgen van hun bedrijfspraktijken.
Klik op deze link om de korting te krijgen en om op de website te komen.

Human Rights Café

Want to get out of Utrecht for once? The Dutch political party PvdA organizes a Human Rights Café on the 21st in Nijmegen called ‘Human rights in the EU: Taken for granted?’. This night will revolve around some pressing human rights issues in Europe, e.g. ethnic profiling in the Netherlands, exploitation of migrants in Southern Europe, the Burkini-ban in France and restriction on press freedom in Eastern Europe. There will be several interesting speakers among which: Kati Piri, PvdA MEP, and Doutje Lettinga, senior staff Safety and Human Rights at Amnesty International. Sound interesting? Click here for more information.

Nacht van de VN

For Dutchies: Monday evening October 24th is the next Nacht van de VN! On this night, that will be filled with interesting lectures and discussions, you will also have the opportunity to vote on the next VN Jongerenvertegenwoordiger! Last year, CS Ubuntu’s very own Aileen van Leeuwen came second place in this well-known competition! Entrance is free, however, make sure to be there on time, or otherwise you won’t be able to get in anymore. For more information, click here.  


Heads Up: Committee spots!

For everyone that is still interested in joining a committee this year/semester we still have some places left! The activities committee and the audit committee are filled but you can still join the Study Trip Committee and the PR Committee. Check out our website for more information on the committees and you can apply by sending us an Email! 

Website & Next Newsletter

As you will most likely know, we have our own website! Check it out at

Expect our next CS Ubuntu newsletter in your inbox in the first week of November. If you have any input, feedback or updates on interesting events, please let us know at We love to hear from you! :)

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