CS Ubuntu Newsletter November 2016
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter
November 2016


In this newsletter, please find:
  • An update from the Board
  • Save the dates: upcoming events of CS Ubuntu in November
  • Other events that might be of interest for Ubuntu-members
  • Monthly Drinks 
  • In the Spotlight: internship and job opportunities!
  • Some food for thought if you want to continue reading
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Sarah, Shannon & Patricia
CS Ubuntu activities
07 November
Movienight + lecture
14 November
17-20 November
Study trip Paris
07 December
Sinterklaas with Ubuntu!
Update from the Board

Dear Ubuntu people,

While writing this introduction to already our third newsletter (!), I’m trying not to panic thinking about the last deadlines ahead. Like most of you, the last week or so have been busy busy busy, trying to finish the first block of the year in time and with acceptable grades. However, I hope you feel comforted by the knowledge that it’s almost over and an awesome Ubuntu month is coming up to make you forget about these stressful last days. For example, the Activities Committee has launched its very first November Movie Month. And as if that wasn’t enough, the first Ubuntu fieldtrip is also coming up! The Study Trip Committee is working hard on the last plans for our trip to Paris and I’m very excited to see how it all works out! The trip was filled up pretty quickly, so for the people that weren’t able to make it this time, be patient for our big trip in April and in the meantime enjoy the rest Ubuntu has to offer in the upcoming months!

Best of luck to everyone who still has deadlines coming up and to the ones who are already done for this block: enjoy your freedom (while it lasts ;) )!

On behalf of the board,

Lisanne Veldt

President of CS Ubuntu

Upcoming CS Ubuntu Events

07 November, Movie month: academic evening

Drift 23 Room 113, at 19:15

We will be watching the movie The White Helmets, followed by a discussion with guest speaker Dr. Ugur Ungor. This short documentary follows the volunteer force of Syrians that risk their lives to rescue those affected by various acts of violence throughout the country, mainly rescuing civilians from bombings. Following the presentation, Associate Professor at the Department of History here at Utrecht University and Research fellow at the Institute of War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam, Dr. Ugur Ungor, will be answering questions as well as providing some further background into the Syrian crisis, as he has been conducting research there for some time. He will also be bringing with him a group of Syrian Students to broaden the already interesting topics of discussion. This is surely an event that you do not want to miss! Here is a link to the Facebook page, be sure to invite your friends! For members this event is free, and for non members it is kindly asked that they give a contribution of 3 euro. Some light snacks and drinks will be provided. Hope to see you there! For the trailer click here, for more information on Dr. Ugur Ungor click here.

14 November, Movie month: relaxing evening

Room to be announced!      

We're going to see drama film A Perfect Day, which is set in the Balkans in 1995, and follows the story of aid workers attempting to retrieve a dead body from a well before the water for a nearby village is contaminated. This film addresses such issues as UN involvement and local government corruption. Although this film is not a documentary it provides some very interesting topics of discussion! A Facebook event as well as room location and time will be provided sometime in the next week! To get a sense of the movie click here for the trailer.

17-20 November, Study Trip Paris!!

CS Ubuntu is very excited about the first study trip of this year. Paris, the city of love and beautiful architecture, great nightlife and of course delicious cuisine. We will do a lot of sightseeing, visiting the Louvre, Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower. However, the main aim of the study trip is to explore the grim subject of terrorism, and particularly the Paris Attacks. Therefore, many of our day-time activities will be about gaining a better understanding of these attacks. Moreover, we will have a walking tour through Paris and visit a number of different NGO's. The brochure on the Paris trip will be finished on the 15th of November. For more information about the study trip please click here

07 December, Sinterklaas with Ubuntu!

Cafe De Stadgenoot, Utrecht  

Prior to our regular monthly drinks we will organize a Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) evening! Everyone will buy some small gifts, and by means of a fun dice game everyone can win some presents! It will be so much fun. There will be lots of typical Dutch snacks such as pepernoten and St. Nicholas will be present as well. We hope you all have behaved well, as the sweet get sweets! More on this event will be announced soon. Afterwards we will head to De Stadsgenoot for drinks and more fun! We’re looking forward to seeing you guys!


Other events that might be of interest for Ubuntu-members: 

8 November, Debate: The American Presidential Elections

Spui 25, Amsterdam

How could we understand the American Elections of 2016? Five experts analyse the elections from different angles: from distrust and satire to health, wealth, women, democracy and tactics. The American Studies programme of the University of Amsterdam invites you to think about less obvious but more profound implications of this years' election. For more information follow this link.


9 November, Dialogue on Respect 

ROC Midden Nederland, Vondellaan 174, Utrecht

Plein 373 of the Welfare College ROC Midden Nederland is organizing a dialogue on 'respect' during the Week of the Dialogue. Open for everyone who wants to broaden their view on the subject "respect" and is willing to share experiences and dreams. You can sign up here.


12 November, Conference: 'What Will Save the World?'   

The National Opera and Ballet, Amstel 3, Amsterdam.            

The Nexus Institute will be hosting the conference 'What Will Save the World?'. This won't be a dull 'academic' conference, but rather an 'opera of ideas', open to the broader public, on the challenges and issues facing the world today. International scientists, politicians, activists and philosophers will debate both the origins and solutions to today's global crises. Speakers include human rights activist Farida Allaghi, political activist Douglas Mwonzora, peace advocate Mabel van Oranje and many others. Tickets are €30 for those under 31, lunch is included, and if you have 6 or more people interested in going you can get a group discount. Have a look at the event website for more info on the conference or their general website to learn more about the Nexus Institute.


17 November Talk: Yemen, a forgotten war (#watkanikdoen)

Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8, The Hague     

Yemen. One of the world's poorest countries, with a very turbulent history. Yemen is in a deep crisis, but our Western media barely reflects this problem. The Humanity House will talk with Dutch aid workers and policy makers about this forgotten war. Questions as: What could we do to support the people of Yemen? And what would the Yemenis want us to do? What are conclusions of the special humanitarian mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which visited the war-torn country last October? And many more will be answered during this free event. The event is the third part of a series of three meetings organized by het Grote Midden-Oosten Platform (the Great Middle-East Platform). For more information click here.


17 November Debate: War in Turkey, Silence in the Netherlands  

Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8, The Hague     

Turkey. After the coup attempt of last July freedom of expression has been further restricted. Is a silent war raging? And what are Dutch politicians going to do to stop the violence against the Kurds in Turkey? Get the answers to these and more questions during this free event, which is an initiative of Kurds & Friends and PAX. For more information click here.       

28 November College tour: Palestina Right of Return: The Key to Peace

CREA Amsterdam, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, Amsterdam

November 2nd, 2017 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, and to mark the many years of instability and violence there is a presentation with a special guest speaker Salman Abu Sitta, who is a Palestinian refugee himself, presenting solutions based in his many years of research. This college tour will start on November 28th at 8 pm at CREA Amsterdam and you can get more information as well as more up to date information on the rest of the tour that lasts until November 30th. For more information click here.

Monthly Drinks

Last month has been a quiet one when it comes to Ubuntu activities. Therefore no recap of activities in this newsletter. Do not be afraid, many upcoming events are being devised and organized at this moment! For now, let us talk a little about the Monthly Drinks!      

Every month Ubuntu organizes monthly drinks at café De Stadsgenoot in Utrecht. This happening is always a lot of fun. Please note that it doesn't matter whether you have attended other Ubuntu events or not: you can always join us. The monthly drinks offer a great opportunity for both members AND non-members to get in touch with students that have the same interests in topics surrounding International Relations, and of course to simply relax and have fun together. We see new faces at the drinks every month and we are very happy to see you. So, don't hesitate to join us and please feel free to bring friends who might be interested in joining CS Ubuntu! See you next month for a monthly drinks special: Sinterklaas edition!

In the Spotlight

Internship opportunity:    

The Western Hemisphere Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - cluster North America - is able to offer an internship from the 9th of January onwards! Within this cluster relations with Canada, Mexico and the United States are central. Activities for the intern include, inter alia, the preparation of dossiers, answering Chamber- and citizen questions and following the news and media. So: are you a third year Bachelor or Master student and you have knowledge of and affinity with the region of North America? Then they are looking for you! Please find more information on application through the following link.

Job opportunity:      

Telecom shop Belsimpel in Utrecht is looking for a sales consultant! It's a part-time job opportunity. Belsimpel basically stated that if Ubuntu puts forward future employees, Ubuntu receives 200 euros if they're hired within 6 weeks! So please let someone from the board know when you are interested! You can find more information on the vacancy through the following link


Food for Thought

A New Turkey?       

A 100 days after the coup in Turkey the International Spectator presents a comprehensive Turkey-dossier in which eleven prominent authors from the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey consider the future of 'the New Turkey' through nine controversial writings. Turkey expert Joost Lagendijk has the final word on the topic, looking ahead to what could happen in Turkey in the coming years. "If Erdoğan continues his quest for supremacy, it is an almost certain guarantee that his ultimate goal, the New Turkey, will not come." Unfortunately for the non-Dutch speaking students, the articles on 'The New Turkey' are written in Dutch. Please use the following link to find the articles.                


A timeline on the attacks in France

For the people that will be joining the study trip to Paris, as well as for those who are interested in the past terrorism related happenings in France: a timeline on the attacks in France, provided by the BBC.


Website & Next Newsletter

As you will most likely know, we have our own website! Check it out at

Expect our next CS Ubuntu newsletter in your inbox in the first week of December. If you have any input, feedback or updates on interesting events, please let us know at We love to hear from you! :)

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