CS Ubuntu Newsletter September 2015
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter September 2015

In this Newsletter, please find:
  • An update from the Board
  • Save the Dates for the CS Ubuntu events for September
  • A calendar with events that might be of interest to CS Ubuntu members
  • An interview with Franka, a CS Ubuntu member who was also involved with another study association
  • Some food for thought if you want to continue reading
  • A heads up on the start of the new academic year!
Enjoy the read!

Sam, Emmalien, Jana
CS Ubuntu activities
24 September:      Meet the Minors Pubcrawl
01 October:           Committee Kick-Off Meeting                                                                              

Other activities
10 September -
31 October
:      Exhibition 'Moving People', Humanity                            House
16 September: Women in media in the MENA region,                            Humanity House
21 September:  Vredessymposium 'Investeer in                                  vrede'

Update from the Board

Hey, hello, hi there… To some of you we say – nice to see you again! To many others we say – nice to meet you! After a summer that, like all summers, went way too quickly, we feel a little alleviated of our nostalgia for the warm weather by the thought of giving you all a very warm and heartfelt welcome.
It is great to see that you are still involved in, thinking of becoming involved in, interested about, or even just mildly curious for CS Ubuntu. As the last couple of months have proven us, Conflict Studies and all that comes with it, is more and more relevant for our everyday lives and society. At CS Ubuntu we aim to be a bridge between the academic outlook on conflict studies, and that everyday reality of human conflicts and human rights. To this end we strive for a combination of knowledge sharing, capacity building and career orientation, by providing conflict studies- related activities in an international social setting.
One such activity is the Meet the Minors Pubcrawl that will take place on 24 September. Not only does this evening give you the opportunity to meet Conflict Studies minor students – who can give you an honest and unique insight into the minor – , but it will also be a chance to meet or reconnect with fellow Ubuntu members, while having a nice drink.
After this month, on 1 October, we invite you for the Committee Kick-Off meeting, where we will both enjoy some international cuisine while being introduced to CS Ubuntu’s committees. This is your chance to sign up for them and leave your mark on CS Ubuntu and its awesome activities!

So pick up your pen and mark the dates. Also, hold on tight for the rest of the year, because we have much more in store for you! CS Ubuntu’s first lustrum, after all, will be celebrated in style!

Save the Date: upcoming CS Ubuntu events
24 September 19:30, Meet the Minors Pubcrawl, several pubs
Have you recently started your minor Conflict Studies and are you wondering what to expect from it? Or are you considering taking the minor and want to know what it's like? Then come to our new event 'Meet the Minors Pubcrawl'! While hopping from pub to pub, we will present to you three (former) minor students who will tell you everything there is to know about the minor. Besides getting more
 info on the minor, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know some Ubuntu-members, or to get back in 
touch with the Ubuntu people you met over the past year(s).There will also be contact forms if you're 
interested in becoming a member, so don't hesitate if yo like us and want to become a member right away!           Oh, and did we mention the first drink 's on the Board?

If you're planning to come, or if you want more info, please send an e-mail tinfo@csubuntu.nlThe location of the pubs we'll visit will be announced later via Facebook and e-mail.
Hope to see you there! 

01 October 19:00, Committee Kick-Off Event, Drift 
To kickstart the new academic year with you - and eat some good food while we're at it -  we organize a Committee Kick-off Event on Friday 1 October! Whether you have great ideas about how to shape CS Ubuntu's new  academic year, want to be a committee member or just want to know more about us and our activities, this is the night you shouldn't miss! This night will also be one during which you'll get to taste food from all kinds of cultures, preferably bringing some yourself, too! Tonight you will have the chance to sign up for our committees, get to know CS Ubuntu and its members, and become a member when you're not yet one. This event is all free, but please let us know via when you're joining us, and if you're bringing food or not. Also please let us know whether you have any sort of diet we should take into account (vegetarian/allergies, etc.). 
New committee members, and all others, we can't wait to see you on October 1st!


Other Activities that might be of interest to CS Ubuntu members
10 September - 31 October, Exhibition 'Moving People', Humanity House, The Hague
'Moving People' is a street art project that draws attention to refugees worldwide in an artistic way, aiming to generate more sympathy and solidarity concerning refugees. In the exhibition the stories of the refugees who modeled for the sculptures are told, but it also shares a lot of other information about refugees worldwide. Want to know more? Check it out here.

16 September 19:00, Hague Talks: Women in media in the MENA region, Humanity House, The Hague 
Women in the media in the Arabic region: how about their role? That will be the question during these Hague Talks. Where the Arab Spring previously dominated the news, today Syria, ISIS and terrorism prevail. How have these social changes and events in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA-region) influenced the role and position of female journalists? Two inspirational female journalists from Libya and Jordan share their personal stories. For more details and more upcoming Hague Talks, click here.

21 September 14:00, Eirene-NL Vredessymposium 'Investeer in vrede', The Hague
For Dutchies: Een aantal prominente Nederlandse vredesorganisaties organiseert op de Internationale Dag van de Vrede in Nieuwspoort een vredessymposium getiteld: ‘Investeer in Vrede’. Het vredessymposium bestaat uit twee onderdelen. Er wordt een Vredesmanifest gepresenteerd dat gericht is op de politiek. Daarnaast is er specifiek aandacht voor vredesmissies waarin geen wapens worden gebruikt en burgers een grote rol spelen. Vredeswerkers uit conflictgebieden vertellen over de successen en de uitdagingen van hun werk. Als je meer over dit symposium en de sprekers wil weten, klik dan hier.

Member of the Month: Franka Wegkamp 
Franka has not only been a member of CS Ubuntu last year during her minor, she was also a board member in Versatile, the study association for Social Sciences. We asked her about her experience in having joined two study associations. 

1. How did you end up at CS Ubuntu?
Last year in September I started the minor conflict studies. In one of the first lectures of Conflict Analysis I got introduced to CS Ubuntu. I did not become a member right away however, mostly because of my busy schedule. However, when I saw on Ubuntu’s Facebookpage they were going to ‘De Nacht van de VN’ (Night of the United Nations) I thought I would be fun to come with, so I became a member after all. Unfortunately we weren’t able to join the UN night, as there was an enormously long queue when we arrived, even though we were half an hour early! So instead we had some beers at Leidseplein.  Although the evening didn’t go as planned, it was still fun to get to know the board and some members of Ubuntu.

2. You are also an active member with Versatile, the study association to your bachelor. How have you combined that with your CS Ubuntu membership?
In the previous academic year I’ve been on the board of study association Versatile, which is the study association of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (Algemene Sociale Wetenschappen). I filled the position of treasurer and to say it was a busy year is an understatement! Combining the minor with being a board member has been quite challenging. Activities, meetings and doing your weakly tasks takes a lot of time, which makes it difficult to other stuff.  So I wasn’t able to visit many activities of Ubuntu, unfortunately. However, the activities I have been to were highly interesting! Hopefully, I will have some more time this year, so I can make up for the activities I had to cancel on.
3. What are your future plans?
This year I will be focusing mainly on my bachelor thesis, luckily I have the liberty of choosing my own subject, this makes choosing however also more difficult. Besides writing my thesis I am also following a minor in law. So I will start this year with a freshmen’s course on law, even though I’m going in to my fourth year haha. After graduating I will probably go on a gap year, during which I want to do an internship, loads of traveling and the necessary bit of working. Hopefully that will give me some insights on which master I want to enroll, as for now I am still in doubt about what to choose.

4.What's the best career advice that you ever got? 
Find something you really like doing and work hard for it. Not sure if it is the best career advice I’ve ever gotten, but I’m sure it is really important to keep in mind. As long as you do the things that make you happy and you put in hard work, you’ll always find your way.

Food for Thought
De Afrikadag 2015 is op zoek naar vrijwilligers!
For Dutchies: Op zaterdag 7 november vindt de jaarlijkse Afrikadag plaats. Met zo’n 1500 bezoekers, sprekers en vrijwilligers is dit het grootste publieksevenement over Afrika en internationale samenwerking in Nederland. Dit jaar zijn de spotlights gericht op de nieuwe spelers op het Afrikaanse continent, waaronder China en andere Aziatische landen. Ook zal er aandacht uitgaan naar het thema ‘Financing for Development’. 
Om de Afrikadag mogelijk te maken, werkt de FMS samen met allerlei partners en organisaties. Het evenement kan echter niet georganiseerd worden zonder hulp van enthousiaste vrijwilligers. Wil jij ervaren hoe het is om een grootschalig evenement te organiseren en helpen de Afrikadag 2015 tot een succes te maken? Neem dan contact op met Sam Lansink: .

Helen Durham, 'The Limits of War' - TEDxSydney
In her years as an international human rights lawyer, Helen Durham has learnt that even in the worst conflicts, basic human values can prevail. In this passionate talk, Dr Durham argues that even wars must have limits. A true must-see, click here to watch it!

PAX - High time todiscuss protection of Syrian civilians
The Syrian 'Clear the Sky' initiative cried out that it is high time to discuss protection of Syrian people. PAX wrote a discussion paper on the need to protect Syrian civilians better. A similar version in Dutch was published as an Op-ed in the Volkskrant. With the war expanding and more and more Syrian civilians fleeing their home country, this discussion paper takes a stand in the ever growing international debate surrounding the Syrian crisis. You can download its PDF version  here.

Website and Next Newsletter
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