CS Ubuntu Newsletter November 2014
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter November 2014

In this Newsletter, please find:
  • an update from the Board
  • Save the Dates for the CS Ubuntu events for November
  • A calendar with events that might be of interest to CS Ubuntu members
  • An interview with Arthur... from France
  • Some food for thought if you want to continue reading
  • A heads up on the next December
Enjoy the read!

Wieke, Leonie, Olivier
CS Ubuntu Activities
11 November:         Excursion Humanity House
19 November:         Lecture IS(IS)
26 November:         CS Ubuntu Movie Night
Other activities
November 2014 
- May 2015:        
     Movies that Matter on Tour
05 November:          Nacht van de VN
06 November:          Open Europa of Fort Europa?
14 November:          Protest against Leenstelsel
15 - 16 November:    Festival '89
Update from the Board
Autumn has started! Utrecht is looking beautiful with the new trees in front of the new TivoliVredenburg, brown leaves in the parks and the first cute lights in the city centre.
At CS Ubuntu, we had an exciting month. On October 17th, we met with young people from Serbia and Kosovo as well as with our fellow students from the student association for Cultural Anthropology Djembé for ‘Our future Europe’. At the office of Pax in shopping centre Hoog Catharijne, we did speeddating, had a small presentation about the history of the conflict in the Balkans and enacted a peace negotiation process between four fictional countries.

On October 29th, a few of us gathered for the Stories and Stuff-event. We learned which gifts made which Ubuntu member the most happy and went home with some cool new gadgets that were leftovers at other people’s places, such as books, a beautiful bottle and even rollerblades (!). All of this happened in the spirit of Buy Nothing New-month, through which we discovered and discussed the value of stuff, with nice drinks and no money involved.

Cool thing is that three of our Committees had their first meetings and are excited to get started. Expect awesome Lectures from the Lectures Committee, interesting excursions by the Activities Committee and a Book Club, City Tour and Movie Nights by the Social Activities Committee. Hopefully, the Study Trip Committee will make a kick-start soon, too – don’t forget to start save money to attend our Bosnia Field Trip in April. Also, we had a call for the Career Day Committee of the Utrecht Centre for International Studies. Doris Heutink will be put forward to represent CS Ubuntu within this body – congratulations!

More happy news: we made a nice deal with MultiCopy at Drift 5. All students enrolled in the minor Conflict Studies will get a 10% discount on their readers upon presenting your CS Ubuntu Membership Card at the MultiCopy desk in the city centre. This deal is valid for the block 2, 3 and 4 of the present academic year. As such, even if your friends would not want to attend any of our activities, it still pays off to become a member of CS Ubuntu.  Please help us spread the word and get this knowledge on Identity, Boundaries and Violence going.

Invite: CS Ubuntu Book Club
Lastly the Social Activities Committee decided to start a CS Ubuntu Book Club, to enjoy good reads in an informal intellectual environment, together with other conflict studies-passionados. Book Club members will gather once every two weeks to discuss a few chapters of a novel or non-fiction work as chosen by the group itself. Books on the list include 1984 by George Orwell, I am Malala by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai and A Bottle in the Gaza Sea by Valerie Zenatti. Meetings will take place at a cosy location and will last for 1 – 2 hours. Dates will be set amongst those people that are interested. If you are, please let the Social Activities Committee know by sending an e-mail to Jana at 

Save the Date: upcoming CS Ubuntu events
5 November, Rode Hoed Amsterdam,19:00 – 23:30 PM. 
For Dutchies: Nacht van de VN. Ben je geïnteresseerd in de VN? Wil jij weten waar diplomaten en wereldleiders zich mee bezig houden? Droom jij ervan iets te doen met internationale samenwerking? Kom dan naar de Nacht van de VN en praat mee over vrede, veiligheid, mensenrechten en duurzame ontwikkeling. Ondere MinBuZa, OneWorld, UNICEF, ASN Bank, UNHCR en NVVN zullen aanwezig zijn. Naast een overvol programma met interviews, debatten, film en muziek, strijden vier kandidaten die avond om verkozen te worden tot Nederlandse jongerenvertegenwoordiger naar de Algemene Vergadering van de VN of als jongerenvertegenwoordiger Duurzame Ontwikkeling. Tijdens de Nacht van de VN wordt tussen de workshops, debatten en lezingen door de langverwachte uitslag bekendgemaakt. Entree is gratis. Voor meer info zie:
Wij zijn van plan om met een delegatie van CS Ubuntu er heen te gaan. We vertrekken rond 19:00 vanaf Utrecht Centraal met de trein. Wil je mee? Stuur dan een mailtje naar:

11 November, 9.30  AM – 12.30 PM: excursion to Humanity House with lecture by the Red Cross
On 11 November, CS Ubuntu will go to The Hague to visit the Humanity House. At the Humanity House, you can see, hear and experience what it is like to have to survive a conflict or disaster. After a tour of the Museum, we will get a lecture by the International Red Cross on international humanitarian law. There are only limited spots available, so sign up as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to Deadline is November 7. The excursion costs €5,- for CS Ubuntu members and €10,- for non-members.  Please note that we will leave Utrecht by train at 7.59 AM from Utrecht Centraal. Those that do not have a student travel card, can get 40% discount by travelling together with members who do.  More info will follow for those members that sign up. For more information about Humanity House, check out their website:

19 November, 7.15 PM - 21:00 Lecture IS(IS) and Jihadis. Drfit 25, room 3.02
The news reports almost everyday on IS(IS). Most of the times it only highlights places IS(IS) has conquered and the atrocitities that have been committed by these extremists. IS(IS)' mission or vision seems to be underexposed or ignored. The current and the previous lecture committee of CS Ubuntu therefore organizes a lecture on IS(IS), and additionally on jihadis. What is it that IS(IS) exactly wants? Is it still planning to create a strong caliphate or has it lost its way halfway and is it all about death and destruction nowadays? And what about the young jihadis that set course to the Middle-East daily? What drives (young) people to travel to such dangerous countries and devote themselves to IS(IS)? Nick Platje and Jan Jaap van Oosterzee will give us a deeper insight into these phenomena. Don't miss out on this! 
The lecture is free for CS Ubuntu members and €3,- for non-members. Please be on time.

26 November: CS Ubuntu Movie Night
The Social Activities Committee will organize its very first CS Ubuntu Movie Night! :) More information on location and time soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook-page :)

Other Activites that might be of interest to CS Ubuntu members
November 2014 - May 2015
Movies that Matter, an Amnesty International, raises awareness for human rights through movies. In the next months, Movies that Matter tours through the Netherlands and screens some very interesting movies and documentaries. For more information about the movies and locations, see: 

06 Novemer, 8:00 PM: Open Europa of Fort Europa? Humanity House
For Dutchies: 
Hoe kan Europa, met bijna 9 duizend kilometer landgrens en 43 duizend kilometer zeegrens, zorgen voor haar grensbewaking en omgaan met de stroom vluchtelingen die -op zoek naar een beter bestaan- het continent probeert te bereiken? De EU zoekt het antwoord in de gezamenlijke bewaking van haar grenzen via de organisatie Frontex. Maar sinds de oprichting in 2005 is er veel veranderd en probeert een toenemend aantal vluchtelingen Europa illegaal te bereiken, via bijvoorbeeld Lampedusa. Dit zet de rol van Frontex onder druk.
Een programma over de rol van Frontex, belicht vanuit zowel Nederlands als Europees perspectief. De avond wordt geopend met de korte docu Schipbreuk op Lampedusa van filmmaker Morgan Knibbe. Sprekers zijn o.a.Izabelle Cooper (Frontex), Judith Sargentini (Europarlementariër GroenLinks), Danny de Temmerman (Europese Commissie) en Karel Smouter ( journalist en adjunct hoofdredacteur van de Correspondent). Moderator is Ruben Maes (politiek strategisch adviseur en oprichter van Maes/Okhuijsen). More info on: 

14 November, 1:00 PM: Stop het Leenstelsel, Malieveld, 2594AA The Hague
This day there will be a big studentprotest against the "sociale leenstelsel" that Dutch policy makers want to implement. This "leenstel" stops the basic grant for students and so impedes the accessability of the Dutch education. Various study-, student- and youth organisations now, call on everyone to gather November 14th on the Malieveld, The Hague and protest against the implementation of the sociale leenstelsel. If you have not planned anything yet for this day, please join this student protest. The more people, whatever nationality, the merrier! More information can be found on: 

15 - 16 November, Festival '89: Remembering the Cold War, De Balie, Amsterdam.
The revolutionary wave of 1989 changed the European political landscape forever. November 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. De Balie organizes a weekend of lectures, debates, theatre, film and exhibitions to commemorate the dreams and ideals of the dissidents of 1989 and the development of Europe that followed this time of revolution. Politicians, artists, economists and journalists from East and West will share the stage during this weekend. Tomáš Sedláček, Karel Schwarzenberg, Slavenka Drakulić, Ruud Lubbers, Slawomir Sierakowski, Jan Macháček and many others will reflect on the past and discuss present and future with one another. More information on:

Member of the Month: Arthur Feinberg
Hi Arthur! Why did you decide to come to the Netherlands?
Originally from the french Alps, graduated in the swiss Alps, my next destination had to be another mountain region. Something apparently went wrong in the process as I ended up in Utrecht, the flattest piece of land I'd ever seen. Somehow I loved the place when I visited my girlfriend last June: the canals, fantastic biking lanes and a country with a more emancipated mindset. So if I had to reply in three words, I would say: curiosity, regeneration... and love.

What was your first thought when you heard our name 'Ubuntu'?
I was brought to Ubuntu association by Wieke, its current president. Around a glass on a high-floor panoramic bar in Rotterdam, my first thought (apart from which drink to order next) lingered on a possible geek association sharing their latest source scripts for Ubuntu-Linux computers. How wrong I was... or not! The philosophy of Ubuntu OS is to make the scripts accessible to everybody, thus giving a constant and progressive dynamic to the software. Its improvement results of the contributions from a whole community which shares a common passion. The link between Ubuntu, as defined by the Nguni Bantu people, is then clear: “I am who I am because of what we all are”. Same can be said about Ubuntu OS.

Where do you see the links between Environmental Engineering, your field of studies, and Conflict Studies?
Who has not heard of resource limitations or a possible future war over water in the world? The best example I could give is the Jordan river basin. It is one of the causes of the Israelo-Palestinian conflict, water being crucial for agriculture and other economical needs. Some Environmental engineers use the so-called “game theory” to optimize the allocation of water between two or more countries sharing the same transnational river, in order to make it a no-loss game. The benefit for each country is then smaller, but everyone is happy. Conflict studies is in this case just one step away...

What is the best career advice you ever got?
I got it during my diploma ceremony of EPFL (Switzerland). One of the guests that year was Hansjörg Wyss, founder and chairman of Synthes, world leader in human prosthesis, implants and other medical devices. He is by the way a very interesting personality and philanthropist, devoting his life (and wealth) to mining rights and founding national parks in the USA for land conservation. His actions can be related to Ubuntu. In an interview Nelson Mandela explains that Ubuntu philosophy does not reject the enrichment of an individual if he uses its wealth to allow a whole community or ecosystem to improve. That is precisely the accomplishment of Wyss Foundation. During his speech he advised us to simply follow our heart when career is concerned.

Food for Thought
David Sadaris - 6 tot 8 black man
Probably the discussion on Sinterklaas and "Black Piet" has recently caught your attention. Are Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet racist? Should "Black Piet" be turned into "Coloured Piet" or "Stroopwafel Piet" or "Grime Piet?". Or should he just stay "Zwarte Piet"? In this video, the American actor David Sadaris reads the story "6 to 8 black men" and tries to explain the phenomenon of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet in this way.

On Zambia
Recently a new president has been appointed in Zambia. Not thatt interesting at all, you could say. However, this new president, Guy Scott is white, which makes him the first white president in Africa since 30 years. What do the Zambians think of this? And what about the rest of Africa? You read it on:

Robots of War
In this powerful talk, Peter Singer shows how the widespread use of robots in war is changing the realities of combat. He shows us scenarios straight out of science fiction - that now may not be so fictious. Very interesting lecture.

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