CS Ubuntu Newsletter June 2017
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter June 2017

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CS Ubuntu activities
06 June

Dies Symposium + Monthly drinks
08 June 
General Assembly 
28 June

Update from the Board

Dear members,
We've had a hectic month with a lot of great events. Also we have agreed with CCS to start a student council for the minor conflict studies next year! This board is almost done and although we're very sad, we are very excited about our candidate board. Do you want to meet our new board and decide if they're qualified enough to take things over from us? Then come to the General Assembly coming Thursday! At this GA we'll also discuss the last semester and reflect on this Ubuntu year. Besides the GA, we also have our Dies coming up next week! The Activities Committee has worked hard to organize an awesome event so check it out in this newsletter or on our Facebook page! As for the board, we've organized a dinner with former board members and got to meet a few of our 'founding fathers'. We cannot wait to see what's in store for us this last month as board. 

On behalf of the board,

Lisanne Veldt
President of CS Ubuntu


Upcoming CS Ubuntu Events


06 June, Dies Symposium + Monthly drinks

Academy building, Aula at 18:00
Café de Stadsgenoot at 21:00
CS Ubuntu turns 6 years old! Of course we want to celebrate our DIES with you guys, therefore we are organizing a very interesting symposium on forgotten conflicts in which four different experts from the field will shed light on conflicts and countries that are often forgotten or neglected in media, politics, or even by NGO's. This interesting evening will take place on the 6th of June. The confirmed speakers for this evening are: dr. Chris van der Borgh on The Soccer War, Frank Willems from Stichting Zelfbeschikking West-Sahara, Lukas van Diemen from the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization and Pacifique Nininahazwe, a civil society activist from Burundi. 
The evening will take place between 6 and 8:30 pm in the aula of the beatiful Academy Building (Academiegebouw). The event is free for CS Ubuntu members, non-members have to pay €3,-

To make our birthday complete we will have our monthly drinks afterwards in Café de Stadsgenoot. For those who can't make it to the Dies Symposium, we will be there at around 21:00. We hope to see you at the Symposium and otherwise at de Stadsgenoot! 

Lisanne Veldt

08 June, General Assembly 

Drift 25, room 201 from 19:30 to 21:30
On Thursday the 8th of June CS Ubuntu organizes the final General Assembly of the year. And what is truly special about this last edition, is that we will introduce the candidate board-members for the year 2017-2018! Accordingly, they will be voted in, by you, the members. So, it is an event you would definitely want to attend. Especially, if you like to have a say in the organizational aspect of CS Ubuntu! Moreover, we will discuss many things relating to this past year. How did it go? What can we do better next year? We will present an overview of the activities that were organized this year and the plans that were laid out for the future. As a member, you are not only welcome, you are very much needed to make this GA a success!

Roderik Oosterholt

28 June, BBQ

Like always CS Ubuntu wants to end the year with a nice BBQ to celebrate another successful year. It is also a chance to thank our committees for their good work and amazing effort. Therefore this BBQ is free for all committeemembers! Everyone is of course welcome to come, member and non-member and the price for them will be established later by the new board. It will be the first event the new board will organize so if you want to hear their plans or if you're curious to meet them, do join us! It will be relaxed and fun and we hope we have the same weather as the last few days/weeks!! (If the weather does suck there will be an alternative). Hope to see you there! 

Eloy Bakker

A Recap of Last Month's Events

16+23 May, Conflict Academy

On May 23, the Activities Committee organized the first annual CS Ubuntu crisis simulation. Seventeen brave participants tried to negotiate their way out of an escalating crisis. Of course they were not thrown into the deep end. Because a week earlier, they all attended a negotiating masterclass by Rob Boudewijn. So, if you ever need to negotiate a price for a second-hand family mini-van, ask one of the participants, they will surely get you the best price!!!

The fictive scenario they had to tackle was Yemen in 2030. Two cabinets (Houthis vs. Hadis) were negotiating their way out of the conflict. However, some people proved to be cold, heartless, and selfish…and they put their own ambition first ;) This all resulted in several surprising events; Mouad ‘’Al-Sheikh’’ Adi tried to plan a coup, the prime-minster….eh president, or was it prime-minster after all…never mind…high ranking official of the Hadi government was kidnapped, and all participants were wondering what the ‘’currently’’ clues were meaning—they contained links to shady websites like

The day ended where it started, in the beautiful city of Aden, a.k.a. the Sweelinckzaal. Here, both parties came together for a final negation round. However, they would never finish this because suddenly a volcano erupted in Aden, which caused all parties to flee!!! Finally, the day was wrapped up by dr. Lauren Gould from the Center for Conflict Studies. We would like to thank all the participants for making this an unforgettable event. See y’all next year!???

Reinhard van de Steeg

31 May, CS Ubuntu and SV Babel Symposium on Language and Identity: Refugees, Migrants and the Challenges of Integration

From debunking myths on refugees to the stepping stones in integration processes. On May 31st, almost 50 people from all kinds of disciplines in linguistics and international studies visited our symposium on 'Language and Identity: Refugees, Migrants and the Challenges of Integration'. It was a fascinating evening which provided plenty of satisfactory answers on burning questions regarding the discourses on refugees and migrants, debunking myths of, for example, terrorists often being refugees, or refugees being lazy and unwilling to integrate and be part of our society. Special thanks to our guest speaker Zahra, whom herself was a Syrian refugee, and who was willing to provide a painstaking detailed insight in how difficult a refugee's life can be. Distrust in, and prejudice towards refugees made her (and many others) integration process in the Netherlands unnecessarily difficult. It was an informative evening, and despite some sensitive subjects there was a relaxed atmosphere. Afterwards some of us went on to have a drink in the Cambridge bar where former board members were maybe a bit drunk. 

Patricia Spronk

Website & Next Newsletter

As you will most likely know, we have our own website! Check it out at

Expect our next CS Ubuntu newsletter and the last one of this academic year in your inbox in the first week of July. If you have any input, feedback or updates on interesting events, please let us know at We love to hear from you!  For now we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. 
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