CS Ubuntu Newsletter May 2018
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CS Ubuntu Newsletter May 2018

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CS Ubuntu activities
14 May

Symposium: Venezuela Crisis, Regional Disaster?
28-29 May 
Conflict Academy - South Sudan
11 June
Dies Symposium 
13 June 
Monthly Drinks

Update from the Board

Dear members,

The month of April has been a big one for CS Ubuntu. A group of curious and enthusiastic students journeyed to Southern Europe together with Professor Mario Fumerton to visit the Basque Country and Catalonia. Especially in Catalonia, we experienced first hand the striking contrast between the narrative of activist and political independence movements and the counter-narrative of the delegation of the Spanish government. Want to know more? Read the concise report on our adventures below!

Also, the board member applications for the board of 2018/2019 have been evaluated, and we are incredibly excited to announce that an incredibly promising new board has been put together! More details on this will come out during this month, so stay tuned for updates!

This also means that the end of our board year is almost in sight, but luckily, there is still a great variety of activities coming up! See the upcoming activities below for information on activities for both May and June due to our Dies week! 'Dies Natalis' is Latin for ‘birthday', and since CS Ubuntu’s birthday will be on June 9th, we are excited to celebrate this during a week of festivities from June 11 to 15. Also, keep in mind that we have moved the Monthly Drinks a week (13 June)!

Furthermore, the date for the last General Assembly of the year has been changed to Wednesday, June 20th. The agenda and other information will follow later, but for now: save the date!

Hope to see you at one of the events soon!

Best wishes,
on behalf of the board,
Anouk Pietersen
CS Ubuntu President 2017-201

Upcoming CS Ubuntu Events

14 May: Symposium- Venezuela Crisis, Regional Disaster?

Study associations Urios and CS Ubuntu have come together in a joint effort to create a symposium to shed light on the crisis in Venezuela. Due to the collapsed economy, hundreds of thousands flee the country as hyperinflation and shortages leave citizens unable to get food or medical attention, affecting the entire region. Protests and riots have become common headlines.

The symposium will provide insight into the socio-economic situation of the country and place it into historical context. It will further take a closer look at the effect this has on geopolitical relations between neighbouring regions, such as Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire. Finally, it will address the upcoming elections and what consequences the election may have on Venezuela’s current situation.

Check out our Facebook event for more detailed information on the event and all guest speaker via this link:  
Hope to see you there next week!

Date: 14th of May 2018
Time: 18:15, walk-in starts at 18:00
Location: Janskerkhof 2-3, Room 0.13

28-29 May: Conflict Academy 2018 - South Sudan
foto van Catherine Barker.
This year’s conflict academy takes place in future South Sudan. The South Sudanese government struggles to maintain order across this still new nation and seeks to benefit from their lucrative oil resources. Meanwhile, the Neur White Army carries out revenge attacks under the loose control of the rebel organization SPLM-IO, for governmental for racially motivated discrimination. With natural disasters wreaking havoc among locals and wealthy oil conglomerates lobbying for more lenient land permissions, this is not an easy or safe conflict to resolve. Will this year’s participants manage to do so? We will let you know!
We look forward to welcoming our guest speakers Lauren Gould and Rob Boudewijn. Lauren Gould is assistant professor Conflict Studies at our University, she will introduce the contextual situation in South Sudan through her PhD research on the region's conflict. Rob Boudewijn, Senior Fellow at the Clingendael European Studies Programme and an expert in negotiations, will engage in negotiation training to provide you with the necessary negotiation strategies. 

This year’s two-day event looks like it will be an exciting and challenging academy! 

11 June: CS Ubuntu Dies Symposium - Trump's Grand Strategy on Afghanistan: "We are not nation-building again" 

In the summer of 2016, Trump announced his U.S. strategy on Afghanistan: “We are not nation-building again. We are killing terrorists.”

This has led to an upsurge in airstrikes on Afghan soil and a call for more troop-contributions in the Resolute Support Mission (RSM) in Afghanistan. How do other coalition partners and organization in the international community deal with this shift? What affects does this have on their work, and on the current situation in Afghanistan?

If you are curious to find answers to all of these questions you are more than welcome to join us for the Dies Symposium organized by CS Ubuntu where 4 guest speakers will give their perspective on the topic.
Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page for more upcoming info!

Date: 11th of June 2018
Time: 19:15, walk-in starts at 19:00
Location: Utrecht Academiegebouw (Utrecht University Hall),Domplein 29 3512 JE Utrecht

A Recap of Last Month's Events

14-22 April: Big Study Trip -  Euskal Herria & Catalunya 

So, the big study trip is over ☹ we had the perfect combination of educational activities and fun times (aka beach and sangria times). Our group got great insight into both sides of the conflict in both regions through visiting museums, organisations, and professors which gave us a better perspective on the conflicts as a whole. We also had amazing weather and a fabulous group of people which is always a bonus 😉

After arriving in Bilbao, we quickly went on a guided tour and learned about the history of the city. The next day we headed out to Guernica, the famous town of the Pablo Picasso painting and the Spanish civil war bombing. We learned about the history of the town, the Basque culture and ate some nice Pintxos. On our free day, we visited the nice coast and beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and relaxed for a bit enjoying the sunny weather. After an exciting morning in the Guggenheim Museum, we took off for Barcelona! In Barcelona, we visited the famous tourist spots, chilled out at the beach, did a biking tour as well as learning from different parties involved in the Catalonian independence conflict. After some lovely evenings full of eating Tapas, watching a Flamenco show and having time to explore the city by yourself there is only one thing to conclude: the trip was a huge success!

If reading this is making you green with envy then keep on eye out for the study trips next year or better yet, join the study trip committee for next year and you can have as amazing a time as we did! 😊

26 April: Visit to the National Military Museum

On Thursday the 26th of April, an Ubuntu delegation visited the National Military Museum in Soesterberg for a healthy shot of Dutch militarism. Besides visiting the regular exhibition and learning about the Dutch military escapades of bygone centuries, we also had the chance to visit a temporary exhibition about the Dutch mission in Uruzgan that reflected on our militaries efforts in establishing peace and security in the area and a special exhibition about William of Orange, often hailed as the ‘Father of the Dutch Nation’, and his education in the Netherlands. All in all a fun and educational afternoon.    

Website & Next Newsletter

As you will most likely know, we have our own website! Check it out at

Expect our next CS Ubuntu newsletter the second week of June 2018! If you have any input, feedback or updates on interesting events, please let us know at We love to hear from you!  For now, we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. 
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