Soaps+ by teen entrepreneurs! Brew better coffee!
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Soap, Lip Balm & Shea Balm

Body-care products made by teen entrepreneurs

Now available at Local Foods

Ruckus Entrepreneurs is a program offered through Concordia Place - a nonprofit that focuses on creating growth and opportunity through economically inclusive early childhood, teen leadership and senior wellness programs. The Ruckus program provides entrepreneurial training and paid internship opportunities that educate teens on the fundamentals of running a socially responsible business. Since 2010 the program has employed and educated hundreds of teens - in 2015, alone, 83 teen jobs were created through the program!

The teens work together to develop and distribute all natural body care products like the Honey n' Oats face and body bar, It's Mint Thyme lip balm and La La Lavender shea balm. Through this experience teens learn how to be innovative, humble, collaborative, adaptable and committed while networking their way to bright futures.

The teen entrepreneurs are conscious about how their products affect the environment and their community. They maintain a garden, from which they harvest herbs that are combined with pure essential oils in their handcrafted products. They source local, sustainable and organic ingredients whenever possible. Through their Buy One Give One (BOGO) gift project, the teens match their sales with product donations to organizations serving those in need.

Local Foods is now carrying their line of olive oil soaps, relaxing shea balms and soothing lip balms. Treat yourself! Come pick up some Ruckus body care products - just look for the cool artwork adorning their labels.
Photo courtesy of Metric Coffee

Brew Better Coffee

A Chemex Coffee Brewing class with Ben Houtkamp of Metric Coffee

Saturday May 21 10:00 - 11:00 AM

An in-depth class for the coffee enthusiast looking to:
  • Strike the perfect coffee-to-water ratio
  • Achieve the proper level of coarseness for your grounds
  • Discuss growing conditions around the world
  • Sample two blends from different regions and compare/contrast their flavors
Tickets are just $5 and include the demo and tasting.
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