Canberra Heat Women Coaches Newsletter #1 - Welcome Heat Coaches!

Canberra Heat Women Coaches Newsletter #1

18 October 2013

Hi All,

While the WAVL competition is on, the WAVL team coaches would like to share with our fellow
 Canberra Heat Academy girls/womens' team coaches all the materials we use for preparation against our opponents and post game analysis of our performance. Since we upload it to a dropbox it's easy to share with everyone. It might give you some ideas for your own teams; or you might be able to give us some ideas from what you see; or it might just add to your enjoyment of watching the games. 

This week, we have:

Round 2 Materials (v University Blues)
  • Scouting videos of our opponent, University Blues from their previous 2 matches and matches of the individuals in club and international games. We have videos of individual receivers, attackers and offensive patterns per rotation.
  • Attack tendencies chart of university blues and statistics
  • Game analysis videos, particularly spiking. We averaged 20 kills per game and need to be getting closer to 15 kills per set. 
Round 3 Materials (v UTSSU)
  • UTSSU Reception offence patterns
  • Reception Attack of UTSSU passer-hitters when they receive the ball first vs when they do not receive the ball first
  • Serving tendencies
  • Middle and outside attack variations
Nic Kaiser (Head Coach)
E: | M: 0417 212 138
Chris "Disco" Davis (Assistant Coach)
E: | M: 0412 516 546
Hugh Nguyen (Assistant Coach/Performance Analyst/Playbook Administrator)
E: | M: 0403 133 756

Kim Magro (Manager)
E: | M: 0419 494 036