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 Yoga with Natalie & Sacred Mantra Evening with Illumina -
Sat Sept 20th, 6.30-9pm

Weekend Retreat - October 3rd-5th

Radiant Woman Workshop - Rhythms &Cycles
Sat Nov 22nd (2-5pm)

Sat Nam Beautiful Soul,

I hope that whatever you've been up to, you've had time to frolic, play and have some adventures in the Sun. And if you are wondering how to deal with life after Summer, then there are plenty of things on offer to help lift your spirits, from the return of weekly classes, a beautiful retreat, and a special yoga & chanting evening (see here for the science of sound & mantra and the impact on your body/mind).

My summer didn't quite turn out as I planned. A good reminder that "life is what happens while you are busy making other plans
" (John Lennon).

On impulse I went to the European Kundalini Yoga Festival in France and it was one of the most mind-blowing experiences I've had, including 3 days of intense meditation (White Tantric Yoga) which is a bit like a high powered cleansing of the subconscious mind that would normally take years. And boy does it bring stuff up! Including a surprising amount of anger, some unidentified grief, and unreasonable joy :).

After the festival I started to notice anger and irritation coming up. I noticed how controlling and judgemental I was, and how unnecessarily tetchy I was being with my ever patient partner (bless him) when we did house stuff. Yes, it seems all of this was lurking in my shadows, disowned by me.

The good news is that noticing it is part of the process of transforming it, and then using the information it gives me to expand and become more aware, rather than leaving it in the shadows and allowing it to manifest in less healthy ways (like bossing my husband around :). And it's given me the courage to say some things I was scared to say about what I really wanted or didn't want. And as always it is a reminder that loving myself despite these things takes constant practice!

The post-festival physical (I got my first cold in years) and emotional "cleansing"  along with the weather all conspired to keep me at home for quite a bit of my break, and for that I am feeling grateful.

So I am really looking forward to returning to teaching next week and holding events that can help us connect with each other, find peace, purpose, and healing, and in turn transform this planet into a happier and more peaceful place to be. Imagine that for a moment?

What's Next?

So the next thing on is Yoga with me & Sacred Mantra with Illumina  on Saturday evening, 20th September.

It would be really wonderful to see you there for this special event. Lila was my first Kundalini Yoga teacher and with her partner they are Illumina.

It's a really beautiful experience to sing and chant mantras together so I hope you'll come and try it out for yourself. It is also a powerful way to open your heart which also expands your Aura (the heart's electromagnetic field has the largest impact on your Aura ) and it is very difficult to be depressed when you Aura is expanded!

More details and booking click here.


Would you like to Find Clarity? Feel Peace? Heal? or maybe have some individual coaching on any aspect of  Kundalini Yoga or help setting up a home practice?

I offer a blend of modalities depending on what you would like to address, including Gong/Sound healing, Energy Healing with Access Bars, Coaching, along with specifically chosen Kundalini Yoga meditations, pranayama (breathing) and postures (kriyas) that can help with just about anything.

For more details and to discuss possibilities please feel free to call me on 07963 951193.

Outdoor Yoga has started - sort of!

I am hoping we will get some more warm weather in September so stay tuned. It will probably on Saturday mornings, 10.45am at Dulwich Park.

£10/class - please bring everything you need to do outdoor yoga (mat/towel/blanket or lie on mother earth, sunnies,hat).

Please sign up to facebook, twitter or check "today's updates" on my website to get the updates.

Retreat Weekend:October 3rd-5th at Holycombe Holistic Retreat Centre
 Amazing ALL Inclusive price of £295
(or £250 for those sharing a bed)

Yoga to Restore, Release & Relight your Fire


PLEASE CLICK HERE  for a flyer with details, rough outline, costs, accommodation, transport etc

Everybody Welcome!

"The retreat was truly magical, beautiful and transformational... the way it all came together was really harmonious, the programme that you devised was thoughtful and seemed perfectly designed to take us all on a journey of discovery which felt inclusive to everyone, whatever their level of previous experience in Kundalini. Also, you and Karen are so calm and bright and wise and funny and kind, which is of itself incredibly inspiring and energising. The place we stayed at was immersed in positive energy, and set in such beautiful surrounds, and along with the lovely food we enjoyed, it could not have been a better experience and there isn't anything I feel you could have done to improve on any aspect of it. I think the finest recommendation will come from the change that others can see in me since I came back. I feel it was an incredible privilege to have been able to experience this retreat, and it is definitely one of the most positive things I've done for myself (and those around me)."


ALL START AGAIN from Monday September 1st

Monday: 10-11.15am @ West Dulwich All Saints Church - restarting Sept 1st
Tuesday 7-8.30pm @ West Dulwich  All Saints Church (details here ).- restarting Sept 2nd
Thursdays 8.15-9.30pm @ Aspire West Dulwich Health & Wellbeing Centre (details here) - restarting September 4th.

Fusion Students @ Dulwich Leisure Centre: See you Mondays 7.30pm & 8.35pm, Wed 9.15-10.15am

JAGS Beginners Class - Saturday 8.45-10am


Until I see you...

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You
All Love Surround You
And the Pure Light Within You
Guide Your Way On

With Love,
Natalie/Dev Sujjan Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Personal Coach & Healer
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